Saturday, 12 May 2012

Review: Giles Deacon for New Look Lipgloss

 When I heard Giles Deacon was doing a make up range for New Look, I was more than a little underwhelmed.

I love New Look, it's perfect for buying every day clothes, party dresses and it's most definitely shoes and accessories galore!

But I wasn't sure that the make up range would be of any good quality so I didn't give it a second thought if I'm honest.

However, after seeing a few pictures I decided to go and take a look in store and I was more than impressed!

The prices are ridiculously cheap, the packaging simple but still pretty and the products themselves a beautiful range of colours that anyone would be happy with.

I picked up this lipgloss, called Stop! and also the Bobbi Brown esque blusher palette in the brown colours.
(Review coming up shortly!)

I couldn't believe how pigmented the colour of this lipgloss was, so much colour!

It has the normal sponge applicator to apply the gloss which isn't rocket science but I felt it did the job pretty well. You could always apply it using one of your own brushes instead!

On the left below I've shown a picture of the colour as it comes off the sponge, and on the right it's more blended in (sort of!) to show you how much the colour shows up even if you don't use much.

I think this colour would suit most people, it's a very pinky red that you can load up or just dab a bit on however you please.

And was only £2.99! Amazing!

Have you bought any of the Giles Deacon for New Look products? 
Is there any in particular you wanted to try out?

(If you come back tomorrow there will be lovely surprise for you if you do.... ;)

L xxx

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