Monday, 30 June 2014

Balance Me Extra Care Radiance Face Oil*

Hey All

I'm almost at the end of an amazing two and half weeks off work. This morning was an early one for us as we had to pack up our tent and leave Glastonbury after an amazing few days but it's safe to say we missed cleansing our faces and I couldn't wait to get back wash my face and get back into a proper skincare routine. 

My skin is feeling really dehydrated after 2 and a half weeks of sun, drinking and not taking proper care of my skin. My skin had been suffering pre holiday and after tweeting to ask for advice Balance Me kindly offered to send me some bits to try to improve it. I was keen to try more from their range especially as I love their rose lip balm!


As someone with oily combination skin oils are usually something I tend to avoid but as it's started to feel dehydrated to I figured it was a good time to try one. This one is aimed at all skin types so I was hoping it would sink in easily.




I love that balance me is created in the UK, it is great to support UK industries. It's also another company that don't use parabens, sulphates and many more! I love that it doesn't use petroleum too. I'm someone who doesn't like Vaseline and don't find it beneficial! 


The balance me radiance oil can be used as a moisturiser or as an extra boost. I've been using it as an extra boost in the evenings alone as I don't like to apply oils in the morning. It sinks into my skin easily and doesn't feel too greasy. My skin does feel more oilier in the mornings than normal which is why I don't use it in the mornings. I had been also suffering with minor breakouts. Since switching my skincare to include this and a scrub my skin is looking much clearer and also more glowing. I've not been wearing foundation as much which is always welcome in the summer.



It is a glass tube with a roller ball. I tend to roll this directly onto a freshly cleansed skin but not near spots to avoid spreading bacteria into the roller ball. It easily comes out and is rubbed into the skin without wasting product. I do find with dripper bottles I do tend to put too much on. The Frosted glass bottle has also meant that it stays looking clean.

Have you tried facial oils?

What's your favourite?

Love M



Saturday, 28 June 2014

Beauty Rehab

Hi there!

I'm back with another instalment of my quest for space and freedom. My stash has got to the point where I am overwhelmed and although I'm clearly addicted and have cut my spending down dramatically, I still have drawers, cupboards and suitcases full of products. It's quite frankly ridiculous and I've cleared out crappy stuff that I've hoarded for no reason, got rid of doubles to family members and powered my way through tonnes of amazing products (which you can see following this link).

It's still an overwhelming amount of stuff but it has been cut down from its original size, here's my latest load of empties for you to browse!


Aussie 3 Min Miracle - 100% love this product, continuously repurchasing!
Scrub of Your Life - Another good one from S&G, would repurchase on a 3 for 2 deal
Burt's Bees Buttermilk Lotion - Weird smell, nice and moisturising but wouldn't repurchase
Origins Modern Friction - So much love for this stuff! Expensive but lasts a long time and works wonders


Murad Refreshing Cleanser - Lovely cleanser but didn't always cleanse all my make up off
Origins Make a Difference Serum - Lovely but just doesn't last long enough for me
Vichy Normaderm Promat - Mattifying but seems to have disappeared off shelves?
Clarins Bath and Shower Concentrate - Not a fan of the smell but was very concentrate so lasted well, wouldn't repurchase though
Una Brennan Rose Miracle Facial Oil - Nice product, removes make up well but needs a few pumps of oil to remove everything and is too expensive for such a small bottle for me personally.


Clarins HydraQuench Cream - Super thick and hydrating, but £35 for 50ml might be too much for me at the moment
Philosophy Snow Angel - Lovely smell but it was just a gift, wouldn't repurchase
Redken Color Extend - this was a sample and not big enough really to know long term colour protection effects, but was light and I barely noticed it on my hair so wasn't crispy or sticky
Sally Hansen InstaDri Top Coat - This is a pretty good topcoat, I'd consider repurchasing when my Essie one has run out


Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser - This is my 3rd tube and I've bought a 4th! Enough said.
GHD Heat Protector - Not sure if these truly work but any protection is better than none! Have repurchased a cheaper one
Ted Baker Body Lotion - This was so thick it was hard to get out the tube and hard to absorb too, wouldn't repurchase
Alpha H Liquid Gold - This definitely works and I'm a bit gutted to have finished it, would repurchase if I can find a deal!


No7 Face Wipes - Always buy these with the vouchers when they come around. I know face wipes aren't ideal but after a drunken night out its exactly what's necessary and for those times when you need to remove a few layers of product before washing your face properly.
Duac - Technically not a product you can buy as it's only on prescription but if any of you have skin problems I would 100% recommend you ask your doctor to try this. It's not a long term solution as it can thin your skin but it has permanently cured my acne.
Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy - This is a lovely hand cream I would recommend for anyone with dry hands that need a little more than the average hand cream

Have you tried any of these products? Would you repurchase or give them a miss?

L xxx


Thursday, 26 June 2014

MAC Eyeshadow Refill in Satin Taupe

Morning all!

After M bought me Sable for my birthday I have been eagerly looking at all of the MAC eyeshadows trying to decide what others I want to add into my palette.

After attending the Urban Decay event a few weeks ago, I bought a few things and at the time Debenhams had a spend £50 and get 750 points so it would have been rude not to spend the full £50........cue me snapping up another eyeshadow pan. This time it was Satin Taupe that caught my eye.



MAC describe this as a taupe with a silver shimmer. It's darker and more cool toned than Sable and luckily for me all of the colours in my palette are all different and all still blend together.



The colour is absolutely gorgeous, you can see without flash above it looks like a cool toned taupe and perfect for applying to your crease and blending out for a day at work look.

When taken with a flash like the photo below you can see the silver shimmer in it and how it would be great to use on a nude smokey eye for a night out.


Added to my palette (the top right eyeshadow) it fits in perfectly with the other colours that I own and you can see exactly why I bought it!


This was my eye make up the other Saturday, I applied the colour on the outer corner of my eye lid and then later on added on some considerable eye liner for the evening!



I love how this eyeshadow can be used for day and night depending on how you wear it and its such a versatile colour. some people prefer to use matte colours for day time and only shimmers for evening but I do love a bit of shimmer in the day too!

What do you think of this colour? Would you buy it too?

What other colours do you have in your palettes? What would you recommend?

L xxx


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Everyday Make up Routine FOTD using Naked 3

Hey All

As you read this L and I will hopefully have arrived at Glastonbury and be in the queue. We will stop speaking about it soon but we are just sooooo excited to go to our first festival!

Today I wanted to share with you my everyday go to make up look. This is one I do if I have enough time to tackle the dreaded cat eye in the morning. I tend to go for the liner if I'm meeting someone or doing something after work. Please ignore my brows they were being grown out pre wax!

Since I got naked 3 I use it almost everyday. I wasn't sure about the pinky tones to it at first but I really love the way they look on my skin tone and think they'd suit many tones. They also have some amazing matte neutrals that are so easy to use everyday.




I tend to go with a matte crease colour then shimmer colours over the lid and deeper colour through my outer v. For this look I used limit and nooner mixed and blended out through the crease with a bit of dust and liar on the lid and the used factory and blackheart and add some darkness to the corner.


As always for me the gel liner is maybeline. I'm on my third little pot of it. I just can't find another to compare. For mascara it's my ever faithful maybeline colossal volume. Another old faithful! And on the brows is my eylure brow pencil. 


For skin I'm loving using Illamasqua skin base. It gives such a light flawless finish and lasts all day.     


The cheek combination is one I've not been able to find a better mix of. My Liz Earle healthy glow bronzer and Benefit dandelion blush. For highlighter I'm loving the one from the naked flushed palette as it's a bit better for day time than Mac MSF as it's less sparkly.                


For concealer I'm still loving my Nars Radient Creamy Concealer. It offers amazing coverage, lasts all day and my little tube is still going since before Christmas. I think it's running low now but seen as it gets used a lot I'm impressed it's last so long.


On the lips is Mac Brick o la. This is one of my favourite all time lipsticks. It's an amazing soft red and not so in your face if you don't want to wear a bright red to work (personally I love bright reds but I know some people find them OTT for work!). It is an amplifed formula so lasts really well and is opaque in one coat.

What are your everyday favourites? Do you get stuck in a make up rut? I'm definitely in one at the moment! I think I need to take my naked palettes off myself for a bit!

Love M



Tuesday, 24 June 2014

L'oreal Feria Pasel Toning Conditioner Pastel Pink Panther

Hey All

It's been a hectic few days for me. I arrived back from Cyprus yesterday at 4.30am which was 6.30am for what I was used to. The day passed in a busy blur after trying to sort out bits for my niece's birthday on Thursday and grabbing some last minute bits for Glastonbury.

Today seems to be racing by and I still need to pack, trial putting the tent up and see my grandad who is coming for me in half and hour. 



I just wanted to share with you my new hair and though I'd review the product I used too. I promised my brother's now wife I would have normal hair for their wedding so a few weeks ago had it put back blonde. You can see the colours my hair has been recently here. I'd been eyeing up the toning conditioners for a while and thought they'd be great for Glastonbury as I could have normal hair again for their wedding reception in a few weeks as they only last 3-5 washes. Perfect for anyone who just wants a non permanent change.


I was a bit concerned and I'm still not sure it's right as on the bottle it said soft rose not pastel pink panther. The toning conditioners are only for use on dyed blonde hair. On highlighter hair the highlights take the colour and depending on how bleached the hair is depends on how the bright the colour is. My hair was done over two weeks ago so I left the conditioner on for 15 minutes.


My hair colour before

They are so simple to use. Wash your hair, put the product on directly from the tube and leave for 15 minutes and rinse. I was concerned my hair would be dry and need more conditioning but it was actually really soft feeling.


My hair before wasn't white blonde so I wasn't expecting it to come out the colour on the box. I'd love it if it did. I'm pleased with the colour and it has taken really evenly all over bar a patch by my ear. I'm not sure if this is my not applying it properly there or the product. My hair is tempermental with dyes so I'm glad it came out how it did.



Ignore the mess of my hair, I let it dry naturally!

I love the soft pastel colour of it and can't wait to try the lilac in the range.

Would you consider a temporary change using these?

Love M



Sunday, 22 June 2014

Festival Must Have Products

Hey All

We thought we'd share the top beauty and skincare products we'll be taking to Glastonbury with us. We've both never been before but have been doing a lot of research and these are the bits we won't be leaving home without*.

First things for me is sun cream! Glastonbury has little shelter so even if it's not the sunniest I'll be slapping on the sunscreen to be on the safe side. For me I love Piz Buin. I used to be sensitive to sunscreens and this is one I know I'll be ok.

Factor 50 for the face. (£6.79 from click fragrance) and 15 for the body. The lazy person in me loves a spray! (£9.00 from click fragrance).

I don't think any girl would go to a festival without dry shampoo. I'm lucky and my hair doesn't get too dirty but I won't be going without my batiste. (£2.99 from Superdrug)

We decided no matter how much we like our Naked palettes we aren't risking them going to glastonbury! We have the MUA versions so in case we decide to wear eyeshadow we'll be sharing these! (£4 from superdrug)

Along with the few bits of make up we will be slapping on some fake tan before we leave. Milk bottle legs is not the look to go for even if it's raining! Fake Bake have a great range of tanning products and the Airbrush Instant Self Tan is perfect for a layer of colour the night before we leave. 

It costs just £14.30 from here which is a massive saving of almost £14 off the RRP, magic! Even better that it has two tanning agents for a better colour, is easy to apply with the spray and fast drying.

What are your festival essentials?

M xxx

Hello there!

I've been scouring the shops and internet for products and kits to take to Glastonbury to keep my bag as light as possible but not miss out on fun make up products and essential skincare items.

First up was this amazing Make Up Removal Travel Kit (priced at £13.70 here) from Clarins.

It contains Eye Make up Remover to melt away your eye make up, Cleansing Milk to soften skin and remove grime, and Toning Lotion to refresh the skin. It's great for normal or dry skin and the travel sizes (30-50ml) will save so much space in your bag for either more stuff or to be compact and concise, either way is a winner!

Another festival essential....body spray. There is nothing worse than being a smelly individual although it can be hard to find a body spray in a plastic bottle (no glass at Glastonbury! poor cows wouldn't appreciate that) that smells decent. We've been smelling bottles for weeks and can only find super synthetic scents in the plastic bottles but Victoria's Secret have been life saving! 

The Amber Romance spray can be found here priced at £9.84 for 250ml. The notes can be seen below, it sounds perfect for daytime wear!

Top Notes: Cherry, milk and sugar.
Middle Notes: Aloe vera, chamomile and sweet notes.
Base Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, amber and musk.

Lastly, after ensuring I can remove the grime from the day and that I smell like a dream even after a few days without showering, it's time to consider make up. I'm a big fan of eye make up and for me, I don't EVER leave the house without mascara, and if I've got time some eyeliner for definition event better. Eyes are the window to the soul and all that yes?

I've heard a LOT about Model Co and their Fibre LashXtend mascara has definitely hit my radar for the amazing looks it has given people with fibres in the mascara. This set found here comes in at £8.95 for the mascara AND an eye pencil which is such a bargain!

Model Co ensures you will get voluptuous clump-free lashes which are smudge and tear proof whilst providing the ultimate in false lash effects. The eye liner defines eyes too for the ultimate party look in two easy products! Festival glamour in two easy steps!

On top of this we've stocked up on some serious packets of baby wipes, beroccas and a few bottles of vodka and cans of cider! If anyone has any additional tips let us know. We'll be packing all of today and hoping we don't have any last minute panics!!

L  xxx

*This was a sponsored post, our first ever actually! Click Fragrance have some great products at awesome prices, we've already made a list for after festival fever. Although this was sponsored our opinions are genuine because let's face it, who doesn't love a bargain?! You can check them out in all their wonder here


Friday, 20 June 2014


Goooooood morning!

I have been lusting after Havaianas for such a long time now. They're an iconic footwear brand for the summer and I have FINALLY got my hands on a pair.

My brother bought me these for my birthday and after mentioning to my mum that a gold pair would be must have travelled along the grapevine some time!


Needless to say I was very happy when I saw this box on my birthday! With a trip to Thailand planned for the end of the year and an ever decreasing bank account I am extremely grateful for presents like this which will contribute to my future plans!



I absolutely love the packaging that they come in, its so colourful and happy looking, the perfect packaging for a summer product!
Inside were the havaianas that I'd been dreaming of.....the metallic gold ones that would just go perfectly with anything. I love that the sole of the flip flop is so thick and the plastic bit that goes between your toes isn't too big or too small that it will rub your toes and be uncomfortable.


I cannot wait to wear these on my holiday, they will go perfectly on the beach with a bikini and a kaftan, denim shorts and shirt, and one of my many summer dresses! They'd be the perfect accompaniment on the beach, at the pub and meeting friends for casual drinks in the evening. 


Do you have a pair of Havaianas? Do you have a favourite colour or pattern?

There are so many to choose from I think I'll need to make a sneaky purchase to add a bright pink or orange or red to my collection.....don't you??

L xxx


Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hey All

A lack of posts from me this week as I'm busy sunning myself in Cyprus.  I was hoping to blog more whilst I was out here but super slow Internet and google, blogger, flickr and hotmail all requiring verification texts and things just aren't working.

After arriving super late on Sunday night we grabbed a quick pint and went off to bed!


On Monday I woke up put on the bikini and slapped on some sun lotion from my mum. Immediately after the legs sting and I've now got a nasty rash still covering them. Thankfully I packed some la roche posay anthelios xl which seems to be ok. Monday really wasnt my day.  Let's blame a lack of sleep. After deciding to ignore advice on wearing flip flops to the bar as the stones were hot, I thought walking along the water edge would be the best thing so my feet didn't burn. For a clumsy person not a great idea. Que me taking a rather dramatic fall into the pool and smashing my leg against the side. At this point I'm beautiful covered in a rash with massive bruises developing to add to it I got burnt.


After dinner we all went for some drinks.  My oldest brother was staying with us this night (night before the wedding) so when he put his girls to bed he was free. It was lush to drink was my brother's and dad. We enjoyed a fair few and got asked to keep the noise down ooops.

Tuesday arrived along with the big day and the reason we were out her.  We all woke up with slightly fuzzy heads! My brother seemed reasonably relaxed although he did start to pace.  After picking up his daughter's the beautifying starts. It was a hectic two hours. My hair and make up, my mum's make up and my little niece's hair and nails. My dress luckily covered the giant bruise.



Seeing my big brother get married after 14 years with his partner was amazing. I did cry as she walked down the aisle. It was an amazing day lot's of champagne, cake and amazing food.


Their amazing view from the wedding venue



Yesterday was a chill out day and my dads father's day surprise. We took him parasailing. The rest of us spent the hour chilling in the sea. I seem to have attracted my sister in laws niece and nephew and every time we see them they now want me. I do love little one's but days spent with them remind me I love giving them back!


My oldest brother (much to my mum's worry and dad's dislike, he walked away as he couldn't watch!) took me cliff jumping for the first time. It was amazing!!! I loved the rush. It was only about 12ft though so he's scouted out higher for us today! I'm such an adrenaline junkie but it was scary jumping and having to push yourself forward so you don't hit rocks.  Bring on the higher jumps!


Another evening with great food and pina coladas. We've not done a family holiday abroad in probably over 10 years so it's been really great to spend so much time with everyone. No arguments so far.

This evening me and dad are going wine tasting before some of us head into ayia napa for an amazing fish meze around the harbour.

The next few days for me include a pirate ship, water world and beauty treatments.

So far the holiday has been amazing. I already don't want to leave.

love M


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