Saturday, 28 February 2015

Eyeliners as Eyeshadows

Hello there!

Since I had my tablet for Christmas I've been next level obsessed with Pinterest - I always loved it for browsing when on the bus and lunch breaks but now I've got a bigger screen to scroll through it's a beautiful thing.

One thing that keeps popping up is the use of eyeliners as eyeshadows, see what I mean by the image below, taken from Pinterest:

I don't know about you but I've got PLENTY of eyeliners kicking around that I just don't use enough. For example, I've purchased both of these sets recently:



Beautiful colours with the best, most blendable and pigmented formula in the business - Urban Decay's 24/7 liners. I was trying to workout how on earth this could work, can you really use eyeliners as eyeshadow?

Sure, colouring in your eyelid is easy but does it stay? Does it blend? Does it actually look good?

I had to find out:



I started off with my usual base make up and coloured in my eyelid with Mugshot. This is a 'light metallic taupe with a slight pink shift'. It's a great base colour and was easy to cover and blend.

I then applied Moonspoon to the outer corners to give some more definition. Moonspoon is a metallic grey with a silver sparkle:


I then applied my absolute fave liner after that - Perversion. It's the most amazing blackest of black pencil liners that no other can compare to. I thought it was a hype thing but I really cannot get over how good it is.

I've worn this to work and it looked no different to using my Naked palettes and also took the same amount of time to put on and blend.

With regards to how long it lasted, without any primer it stayed the same length as eyeshadow normally stays. I haven't tried it with primer but I imagine that the primer will work its usual magic and make the look stronger and last considerably longer too.

I also couldn't resist but have some fun with the colours that I have too, I feel like work needs a neutral palette but after work there are no rules!

I used Faint all over my eyelid - this is described as a matte warm taupe. It's definitely a great neutral colour as the eyeshadow version from the Naked Basics palette is a favourite of mine.

I then applied Vacancy - a bright metallic teal - on my lower waterline and lashline and blended it in.


I really love this colour! You cannot go wrong with a shock of bright teal on the lower eyelid and its such an easy way to go from day to night with minimal effort.

What do you think about using the eyeliners as eyeshadows? What about bright colours on the lower lashline to go from day to night?

L xxx


Friday, 27 February 2015

Fitness Friday: Balance and Stretch

Good morning!

After a few setbacks recently due to work requiring me to go away I have been making a massive effort to make up for my week off exercise. My first day back was hard, really really tough but I pulled through it and 'got back on the horse' so to speak. 

One thing I've really been enjoying recently is my Body Balance class. It was one of my fitness resolutions for the year, to try out a yoga/pilates type class and Body Balance is a combination of yoga based moves mixed with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates so fits this perfectly.

Les Mills Body Balance 56 Poster

Stretching after a workout is one of my favourite things - after a really tough workout there's nothing better than stretching into those muscles and feeling the burn. Not only that but it's also great to have 5/10 minutes to yourself at the end of a workout to just think about everything and nothing, holding some stretches requires minimal brain effort and you can just relax into them and allow any residual stress to float away.

I always stretch at the end of a class (it makes me really angry when people walk out before the stretching!) and sometimes when I'm working hard in the gym I look enviously at the people lying out and stretching on the mats having completed their own workouts.

I don't know why I didn't try a balance type class before but I've wholly embraced it, even though my flexibility is something that needs major work and my muscles shake throughout the whole class!

Aside from the Les Mill's Body Balance class that I now do every other week there are also many other classes dedicated to stretching. Yoga, pilates, tai chi, even combination classes such as yogalates.

Cassey Ho - Founder of Blogilates
YouTube is also great for finding videos when you can't make it to a class and channels from people such as Blogilates and Tone it Up are great for this.
The above image shows Cassey Ho the founder of Blogilates and she is beautiful! I can definitely see the benefits of having a strong core in everyday life but for fitness and exercising it's a must and I really need to work on mine!

Have you tried a Body Balance type class? Do you have any other classes similar that you would recommend?

I'm so glad I've finally tried it out and hopefully over time I'll see improvements in my flexibility and core strength, though maybe I'll need to start going more regularly!

L xxx


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Smashbox, Ojon and Bumble and Bumble Event

Hey All

Last weekend L and I headed off to our local boots for a Smashbox, Ojon and Bumble and Bumble event. We were both really excited as it's been a while since we've been to a beauty event with each other as circumstances lately mean we have both been mega busy.

We've both tried the Iconic primer from smashbox and drooled over the Full Exposure palette so were excited to go and see more of the products in action.



It started off by showing us the Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry Cream. Neither of us really use many hair products like this so were intrigued to see it. It's fair to say we were all very impressed with the results. A small amount of the cream was rubbed into dry hair (the model in the photos below has curly almost crimped like hair until it was blow dried as you see below!) then the hair was blow dried straight using just hands.


It was so quick and eliminated frizz so well. It seems perfect and we can't wait to try it. They also do three different types we are both eyeing up the repair one.

We've both used the Ojon oil before so it was great to hear more information on it. L can't wait to try the Rare Blend Rejuvenating oil as this is a lighter texture than the original so won't make hair greasy and M can't wait to try the Rare Blend Moisture Therapy to help with dryer ends. We resisted these on the day but will be back to pick them up soon.



Next we were shown Smashbox. It was great to get hands on with the products and try so many. We ended up with such soft hands after trying on the primers. The luminizing primer gave a great glow and will be amazing for summer nights, while we both love the hydrating and light versions which left the skin feeling so soft.

They have such a huge range of primers it can be really overwhelming to see them on the shelf but going through them individually was really helpful to see which does what, especially learning about their Primer Water which sounds like a must have!




The star of the show had to be the Double Exposure palette it has the most amazing colours and the potential to be a great all rounder. It has the nudes you'd want for everyday with some great blues and purples for smokey eyes. A great thing about the double exposure palette is that the shadows can be used wet.

Most of the time I'm dubious about this as when you wet shadows they tend to get that film layer on top you then need to scrape off. With these you can get loads of water on the brush and in the eyeshadow, apply it and then the shadows dry up and are back to  normal. Below shows how amazing the blue looks wet.

The 15 hour wear hydrating foundation is another thing we can't wait to try. We find no matter how much we love a foundation we always think there is better. With Smashbox all the products are tried in a studio on a set for lasting ability. It's a medium buildable coverage that feels great on the skin. This one could be a winner.


The eyebrow kit looked so good, it has a wax and two powders to create the brow that you want, from an ombre brow to changing your look dependent on day or night. This was one thing that L couldn't leave behind!

M is currently on a make up spending ban so had to resist purchases this day. Roll on 20th May!

Luckily we had a few goodies given to us so that we can try out some of the Bumble and Bumble products and Smashbox.




What are your favourite products from Ojon, Bumble and Bumble and Smashbox?

There's definitely a growing wishlist for us!

Love L and M



Wednesday, 25 February 2015

NOTD: Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish - Pit Stop

Hi there!

It has been a long time since I bought a nail polish - mostly I've bought so many that even with new colours coming out I've always got something similar. 
Lately though the '2 for £7' deal in Boots got me good, I've always wanted to try more of the Gelly Hi Shine range and the Speedy Quick Dry was another range that caught my eye.

I've been wearing lots of nudes the last few months and that doesn't seem set to change, it makes it so much easier at work and I think they look chic whatever you're wearing - also there's a massive range available!


This shade is called Pit Stop - it's a light grey colour that I don't have so far in my vast collection, surprisingly, and I couldn't leave it behind.



I love the Speedy Quick lids - the racing checkerboard lid is very clever and I love that they translated this into the names of the polishes too. There are others called Full Throttle and Lap of Honour, and Eat My Dust is a gorgeous coral (can never ignore the corals!)


So how does it look on?

This is with 2 coats applied plus top coat.

I can't decide if this polish was too thick, it is quite thick which i normally like - with my average application skills thicker polish is easier to control and as long as it's done slowly it can work fine.


However you can see from the picture above that on my index finger nail there is a little patch where it goes thinner. This may just be my shoddy techniques at application but it's a little annoying.

That said though, it is a great colour and perfect for me for work. I really like it.



It will definitely get a lot of use from me, particularly due to its fast drying capabilities.

This did dry a little bit faster than a normal polish, though i didn't think there was too much difference. Any decrease on drying time is extremely preferable though and I did seem to be able to get base, 2 coats and then top coat done in a quick pace.

Have you tried the Speedy Quick range? Do you live wearing nude polishes like me?

I saved metallics and pinks for the weekends!

L xxx


Monday, 23 February 2015

Life Lately

Hey All

It's been a while since I've done a life post. As I don't post as much on here when I do I tend to share my latest new product so I thought it was time for an update.

A few weeks ago I went on an amazing holiday to Iceland. I'm planning on doing a few travel type posts on it as it was the best holiday ever and I put a lot of research into so thought it would be good to share some tips. Here's a few of my favourite photos

When we got back from our holiday it was 6 nations seasons. It's the time of the year L and I become enemies (as well as my OH now!). This is the first year in a long time L and I haven't watched the Wales v England match together. As it was a Friday night and I had a kickboxing competition the next day I decided to watch it in the my house. I still managed to drink a bottle of prosecco! Ooops, I was celebrating though. I love six nations and going out to watch the matches! L and I are preparing a day and night out for super saturday!



The result of my kickboxing competition was my first injury! A baby black eye, I was lucky mine wasn't as bad as some others. I am totally in love with this sport. It's been a long time since I've felt like I have a hobby I enjoy and I'm so glad I found this one. I got Silver at this competition so was pretty pleased!



I've been trying to get myself sorted again with meal prep. I used to be great at it when I lived in my own flat but I've let myself slip lately so have been getting back on it. This was an amazing sausage and mash, I boiled the potatoes over purple cabbage so they went purple. When I have kids I'm going to be remembering this trick. Mojitos have definitely been a theme over the past few weeks and I've finally mastered a pretty good one. I prefer mine with spiced rum hence the colour of it! (maybe I should bring back a cocktail friday post to share this one!)


I feel so lucky to live in such a pretty city! This is in one of the many arcades. I love sitting outside of the arcades with a cup of tea. I usually end up in barker tea house they have such an amazing selection and the silver tips is the best! I definitely needed the treat this weekend after a busy week in work which included teaching some fourth year students! Scary.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Back to the grind of work!

Love M


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