Thursday, 25 February 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick and 24/7 Lip Liner in Rock Steady

Hello all!

I'm sure you've all seen the adverts and the hype, I was 100% not exempt from this and of course I had to buy more items from the Gwen Stefani range.
Me and M have both bought the palette, so you can read that review by clicking here.

This post is alllllllllll about the new lipstick and lip liner, I picked up the Rock Steady colour and it has not disappointed!



First of all let's just look at the packaging - not only is it both monochrome and metallics which are my absolute favourites but the geometric patterns are also beautiful!

I am not ashamed to say that I still have all of the boxes, although I will have to get rid of them soon!



Rock Steady is described as a 'deep wine red cream' which is pretty accurate. I turned up at the shop and had no idea which colour I was going to get, it was a busy Saturday and I had 10 minutes.....

I wouldn't say that this was a bad choice by any means, but going by my previous purchases I probably should have picked up a different colour! This basically means I already have my eye on Spiderweb and Wonderland, fingers crossed they will still have some when pay day comes around....and I can justify it.... ;)



Not only am I impressed with the packaging I also love the little details that go into making the products from Urban Decay, like the UD stamp on the lipstick bullet below, it's a nice touch!



The Rock Steady liner was just like all the other liners I have ever bought from UD - amazing pigmentation, super creamy and very easy to apply.

The photos below show my rushed application as soon as I had bought it, I couldn't wait any longer as I was too excited! The first photo shows just the liner:


The photos below show the lipstick, a deep wine red is certainly the correct description and I really like the finish on this lipstick. I think matte lipsticks have their place but the cream type are my favourite!



So what do you think?

Have you picked up anything from the Gwen Stefani range? Do you love UD as much as we do??

Fingers crossed I can pick up the others before they sell out!

L xxx


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Miss Patisserie Walnut Stone Face Mask

Happy Sunday!

I hope you have all had lovely weekends, I've had a pretty quiet one. Mainly due to the awful weather and it being the end of the month - no money left!
I have had a pretty good pamper session though, and what would a pamper session be without a face mask??


I picked up the Walnut Stone Face Mask from Miss Patisserie just before Christmas. I had seen it in the shop and heard lots of good things so I snapped it up!

This mask contains Rhassoul clay from Morocco to brighten skin. It also contains kaolin clay and walnut stone for exfoliation and to stimulate circulation. I can hydrate my skin as much as possible but I always need a mask or scrub to help keep my skin looking bright and smooth, and luckily for those of us with dry skin the kaolin clay doesn't draw any oil from the skin so stops it drying out further.



All you need to do is mix up to 1 tablespoon of the mixture with a few drops of water and ta dah, you have your mask!
I really like the fact that you make this mask up fresh every time you want to use it, and thanks to the lavender oil it smells really good too.


So when it's all mixed up and on the face what does it look like?

Well it's not thick like other masks, and it actually feels quite thin on your skin but that isn't really a problem as sometimes it feels like your skin is coated rather than being cleaned.

2015-12-21 22.44.22

It's also not as scary as some masks!

The Walnut Stone Face Mask comes in at £7.70 for a pot, I've used it 3 or 4 times and its not even half way yet so I'd say that's pretty good. I also really like that you make it up each time by yourself so it's fresh every time. My skin feels much cleaner and the tiny bits make sure it's all scrubbed clean too!

Miss Patisserie also has two other masks in the range; The Mineral Mud and the Pink Clay. The Mineral Mud is the next thing on my list to help with my oily T-zone, it still isn't going anywhere even though I'm 27!

Hav eyou tried the masks from Miss Patisserie? What do you think of making your masks up yourself?

L xxx


Monday, 15 February 2016

Travel: Places to eat in Copenhagen

Hey All

Another travel post from me on my travels to Copenhagen you can see what to do here and where I stayed here. Now my favourite part....eating! I love food and on holiday it's a great excuse to gorge more than normal. We arrived on the first day at around 6-7ish so headed straight out for food. We went to a burger place but it was just ok so I won't go into that.

Our first breakfast we went for was to The Living Room, it was a really nice little cafe with small rooms so you didn't feel over crowded with amazing pastries and sandwiches! Also a great chai latte!


We'd heard a lot about the hotdogs so for lunch after we'd be to the Rundetaarn we grabbed street food from Hanegal. This was a really tasty hotdog. Amazing sausage, three different sauces, onions and gerkins!! If you're going definitely try one of these!



For Dinner that evening we headed to Mother we'd seen amazing photos of the pizza and had to try it. It was really busy so we queued a bit for a table but we were able to sit in the bar while we waited and the food was definitely worth the wait. I had prosciutto ham bruschetta to start and pizza for main. It was one of the nicest pizzas I've had outside of Italy! A must visit in my opinion!


As you stroll down the main shopping street Stroget, there are a few churros and waffle stands! They are amazing. We had churros and they were lush. Freshly cooked with chocolate sauce! Yum, you could have topped them with ice cream but it was too cold for us!


We visited a few other food places but these were our favourites. Jenson Bofhus was where C's friend in Copenhagen took us for lunch. This reminded me of beefeaters in the UK but it was reasonably priced. We also visited MAD which was an american diner type place for breakfast but I did think for an american diner portions were small but it was tasty. A bakery we loved on stroget was Lagkagehuse. We ate so many pastries over there and most shops were good but we really enjoyed these!

Have you visited Copenhagen? Would you eat in these?

Love M



Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentine's Day for Couples and Friends and Last

Hey All

So the big Valentines Day tomorrow. I've never really been someone who feels the need to go OTT with the celebrations. I thought I'd share some last minute ideas and what I'm getting up to.

Last year I ditched C and L and I went and visited friends. I think a date with a friend is a great way to spend it and through uni my housemates and I would always buy each chocolate and go for a meal or have a girly night with ice cream and films.  You can't beat digging into a tub if ice cream. I always think of strawberries for valentines day and love a tub of Strawberries and Cream Haagen Dazs. As kids haagen dazs was always a massive treat and definitely be fought over. I'd always pick the baileys one as I thought I was being naughty have boozey one.


For C and I this year we'll ve travelling back from seeing friends so we've grab the Marks and Spencer dine in deal. It's such great value and makes having a 3 course dinner at home hassle free. Plus how good does this dessert look. I'd definitely recommend grabbing it. It's great for friends or partners.


C and I don't really do presents but I wanted to get him something. I loved this book and thought it was a great way to remember all the little thinga we do. This could easily be made today with some last minute photo printing and a book. I gave it too him early as I was excited and he was really touched by it.



What are you getting up to this Valentines Day? Do you celebrate?

Love M



Urban Decay Revolution Sheer Lipstick in Liar

Morning all!

I have a lovely quiet weekend planned, as a single girl Valentine's Day isn't high on my priorities so I will be spending my weekend catching up with everything I need to. I have so much to do and am really looking forward to doing everything I want to, and probably continuing pancake day well into the weekend too!

Without further ado, let's get onto the main reason for the post: Urban Decay Revolution Sheer Lipstick in Liar.



I tried this lipstick after receiving a tester sachet when repurchasing my favourite liquid liner from UD. I think these testers are awesome, they give you such a great opportunity to try new colours and see if you like them or not.
On this occasion I have only tried the one so far but it's having a 100% success rate - I've bought it!



The Revolution Lipsticks are defined by UD as 'Creamy, Badass Luxury' and I would have to agree. The packaging is badass and the range of colours are too, the lipstick is super luxurious and leaves your lips covered with pigment and hydrated.
Their Pigment Infusion System helps to deliver the super colours they have available, and in this range there are 20 - I want (NEED) them all!

The composition of the lipsticks includes jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter and it shows, they barely touch your lips and the colour is there without any effort. This also stops your lips from drying out and the colour lasts so much longer.



So what colour is Liar? It's a pinky-brown nude, its very warm in colour and has a creamy and luminous finish.

It's really wearable and is perfect for work, weekends and anything in between. I've been wearing it a lot and it seems to work for every occasion. You can see it on me in the images below:


2016-01-10 13.19.30

I really like the finish, it's polished and has a good sheen but it looks natural. I feel like it warms my face up too and is so easy to slick on it and lasts so well that I find myself using it often.

2016-01-10 13.19.51

So what do you think? Have you seen Liar, have you tried it?

What do you think of Urban Decay;s Revolution lipsticks?

I've been really impressed with the colour range, the pigmentation and the lasting power. You can pick up one of these lipsticks for £15.50, which is a pretty good deal I think!

L xxx


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Whirlwind Trip: Italy - Reggio Emilia

Good morning!

It's been a little while since I've posted last - things are always busy but they have been particularly crazy recently. I've been thrown back into the deep end at work after the Christmas holidays and I've been trying to exercise, eat well and keep up with a social life as well as travelling as part of my job. It's been mental!

My latest trip was a pretty last minute one to Italy - it was a whole new experience where I had to give a training course to people who didn't speak much English and I had to drive a left hand drive car on Italian roads, I was terrified!


The work part was pretty boring so I'll leave that out - but as ever with trips abroad my first stop off was breakfast and duty free at the airport!

I stopped off for some poached eggs and a pot of tea - knowing I was likely to be eating some pretty unhealthy dishes over the next few days I tried to keep away from the pancakes....



I had a very short browse around duty free and picked up my favourite Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and a new lipstick from Urban Decay - post coming very soon!

Then it was time to get on board, the weather was absolutely beautiful and I had clear skies all the way from Heathrow to Bologna. This has never happened before and as I haven't been on many flights I still absolutely love planes - my face is practically glued to the window the entire times and being able to see the coast on the South of England followed by the Alps in the image below was something I won't forget for a while.


This picture doesn't do them justice at all - the amount of snow was stunning and I wish I'd taken more photos as this was just at the beginning!

I was quite proud of my plane snaps until I saw that Tim Peake had taken a photo on the exact same day of the exact same place, his is without question so much more amazing than mine! I would 100% recommend following him on Facebook even if you're not bothered about space, his photos are beautiful and awe inspiring. Just look at his image below!


But let's get back to my trip - I'm in Italy, what's the first thing I want to eat?



Pizza is my favourite food, but as I'm intolerant to bread and dairy it's one of those things that I have to limit and save for a treat. However in Italy the base is so thin and the cheese is proper mozzarella and it doesn't affect me at all - HOORAY!!!!!

In celebration I ate the entire 12 inch pizza for lunch and then ordered the same again the next day. The work was a challenge but this pizza single handedly sent me to my happy place and I didn't leave that cloud nine for at least 12 hours.


Another evening I had a beautiful hazelnut dessert, I couldn't tell you what it was to be honest (my Italian is limited to hello, goodbye and thank you) so I saw the 'cioccolato' and knew it would be good. I wasn't disappointed and the warm melted centre was amazing.

I also wanted to eat pasta whilst I was in Italy. I mean let's be honest my priorities were pizza, pasta and gelato. I went with my aim and I ticked them off one by one!

The pasta below doesn't look like much. It arrived and I wondered what on earth I'd ordered, it looked boring, bland and dry.I could not have been more wrong and the parcels were stuffed with pumpkin and so absolutely wonderful I find them hard to describe.


I didn't talk for the full 20 minutes that I was eating them and I was torn between stuffing my face and savouring every mouthful - I need to find somewhere in the UK that makes this and I will spend allllllllllllllllllllllll of the money to eat this again.....and again....

The pasta was followed up with a dish that is particular to the region that I was visiting; Beef in Balsamic Vinegar. Balsamic vinegar is from the region that I was visiting, there are two different styles; one from Modena and the second from Reggio Emilia where I was staying.


It doesn't look anything special but the beef was perfectly cooked and on the rare side, and marinated in the balsamic sauce. I'm not sure I would have chosen it but it was advised to me by my Italian colleague and it was very good.

One evening after the pizza I was so full I couldn't have dealt with eating a meal - instead I went for a walk at a shopping centre and conveniently found a gelato store...


It would have been rude not to have a bowl with three scoops right? So I chose chocolate (obviously!), pistachio and the stracciatella which is a milk based ice cream sometimes flavoured with vanilla that contains shavings of chocolate. It didn't disappoint and I was super happy I'd managed to eat everything from my list.

With all of the food I needed to sample, I thought it was about time I went for a walk! So I drove into the centre of Reggio Nell Emilia and had a wander around, not really knowing where I was going.


A favourite thing of mine about Italy is that there are so many beautiful buildings everywhere, the images above and below show a random church that I walked past and it was beautiful. So good to see parts of it being restored too.



I finally made my way over to the main star of the show, the Reggio Emilia Cathedral. This was also beautiful and had all the details lit up, the Piazza itself was busy with so many people wandering through - and of course a few statues to balance it out!



Considering the work part was pretty busy, the food and the sight seeing was really good. And I picked up a few bottles of genuine balsamic vinegar straight from the region itself! With the red label it means it has been matured for a minimum of 12 years before selling - at 8 euros per bottle my family had better be grateful too!

Where have you been lately? Have you been to Italy, or anywhere near Reggio Emilia recently?

I have never been to Italy and not enjoyed myself, the food alone would put it top of my list!

L xxx


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Meet Harry Hopper and Dumbledore - Tips For Getting Rabbits

Hey All

I think I've mentioned before that I moved in with C last October, since moving in I've really wanted a pet, C was as convinced but I finally persuaded him to allow me to get a rabbit on one condition. I read a book he bought me on looking after rabbits and we didn't rush into it. To be honest I'm glad he was like that as it meant we really thought things through before jumping into it. I thought I'd share a few of the tips for first getting a rabbit on here in case anyone is considering it!

I'd had rabbits as a child but don't remember a lot about caring for them (pretty sure mum did that) and what they ate etc. C bought me Rabbit and Me by Emi Lau from amazon (link here) and made me read it before we got one. It was actually a really good book and if you're considering getting a rabbit I'd fully recommend it. It includes information on indoor and outdoor, how to get rabbits, adoption, feeding, bonding and more and has definitely helped us with them. 


After reading the book we decided if we were getting one we may as well get two as our landlady said they needed to be outdoor rabbits but could be in with us in an evening. We've heard a lot rabbits can be lonely so we wanted to get them a buddy and we opted for two bonded boys so we wouldn't have to go through bonding them and not have baby rabbits. We are going to get our boys neutered. We decided that if they'll be happier for it we should and with boys it can help prevent them fighting. 

So here are Dumbledore and Harry Hopper, Dumbledore is a lionhead rabbit and Harry is a crossbread.



So here are our boys in there new home on the first day. After a few hours in there we covered the whole bottom with hay for them now too. We got them the feelgoodUK bunny ark hutch as it has an extension you can add on to it which we loved the idea of for when they get bigger. We also liked that the upstairs is totally sheltered and a hideaway for them in the winter. We've raised them on palettes now as well so they are totally off the ground.


One thing we were glad we had the book for was bonding with the rabbits and there first few days. We decided to leave our rabbits for 3 days in there hutch so they could get used to there new surroundings and chill out. We plan to train ours to use a litter train so they can freely have the run of the downstairs but it's all about baby steps. As our hutch is quite large it came in a big box which we kept and used for their first indoor introduction. We put there toys in it and some food and let them enjoy the space. We then left them for another two days in the hutch and put them back in the box to play as before. The third time we decided to let one side down. We both thought they'd hop right out but them didn't. We could tempt them out with food but not very fair. We since think they don't like our floor tiles. The fourth time we built a fort of boxes in our lounge and covered the floor with towels but still used the big box they were used to as it feels like a safe place to them. After a while they were hopping all over the place and have come to explore us now. One thing we took from the book was not to push rabbits. They will come to you when interested. We pick ours up to let them in the house but then let them come to us.



We feed our boys timothy hay, pellets and fresh veg. They get 25g per kg of weight of pellets in the morning and a selection of fresh veg in the evening and fresh hay added morning and night. The book mentioned above has a great list of foods they can and can't have. Ours love broccoli!


Here's dumbldore debating if that piece of broccoli is worth leaving the box for. Something we didn't reaslise they'd go through so quickly is toys. We buy them lots of wooden and willow toys (I refuse to buy them animal treat stick sweet things as they aren't good for them, we opt for carrot as a treat) as they are great for them to chew on and help keep there teeth in shape and prevent boredom.

The last thing we got for them was an animal heatpad. You pop it in the microwave and it can stay warm upto 10 hours. As it's awful weather at the moment we wanted to give them something extra. They're also only £14.99 on amazon.

They run around like crazy, binky all over the place (this is scary to see for the first time as they run around like a lunatic then bounce up and down but apparently it means they're happy!!) then collapse down to chill.

We are loving having them and they have been health checked, vaccinated and insured. (all part of the deal in me getting them, C hasn't had a pet before and wants all things covered which I agree with!). We have had some issues with humping (dumbledore once humped harry's face!! poor boy!) but we've been assured it's normal and they are establishing dominance. They don't fight so it should also all calm down a bit once neutered too!

So there's a quick introduction to my little guys! Do you have any pets?

Love M


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