Monday, 25 September 2017

Make Up Revolution Red Carpet Lipstick

Hey all!

I've just got back from a fabulous trip to Croatia, I went sailing around the islands for 8 days and visited a few extra places in addition. I had the best time and it makes me very sad to be home but I've been making the most of the colder weather by changing up my wardrobe and make up pronto!

We're both huge fans of red lipsticks but there are so many shades and finishes it can be hard to find one that's perfect for you for almost any occasion.

However for me I think I have found the one!

Image from TAM Beauty website


Monday, 3 July 2017

Make Up Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks - Part 2

Hey all!

I recently wrote a post on the Make Up Revolution Renaissance lipsticks, and there were so many pictures I had to split it! So you can find Part 1 by clicking here, and you can find Part 2 below:


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Make Up Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks - Part 1

Hey all!

I've been sharing some of these photos for the last few weeks and I've no idea why it's taken me so long to share the full post.

The Make Up Revolution Renaissance lipsticks came out a little while ago and are allegedly dupes for the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. There's a full range of 20 different lip colours in the Renaissance range compared with 12 of the CT Matte Revolution lipsticks, 11 in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. range and 17 in the Hot Lips range. I'd love to buy all of them (addicted to buying sets!) but at £24 per lipstick this isn't in my budget....ever!

So I obviously looked into the Renaissance range:


Monday, 29 May 2017

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Moxie

Morning everyone!

Hope you're having a great bank holiday weekend! The weather has been hit and miss as usual but I'm hoping the final day isn't going to be too rainy!

Today's review is of an MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer this time in Moxie, I've previously written about Reckless (the perfect Taylor Swift style red!) and Firecracker (the perfect deep wine red for the winter months) so now I thought it was time to share this one too.


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sleek Matte Me in Old Hollywood

Hey All

Lately I've been very spendy so expect a few hauls coming up!! I was meeting some friends in town the other day and have 30 minutes before they arrived and accidently ended up in boots and superdrug and before I knew it I'd bought 2 lipsticks, a lipstick palette, an eyeshadow palette, a contour palette and a nail varnish. Clearly a lack of self control that day ha!

I tend to go to Superdrug more these days as they have a great selection of cruelty free brands (NYX keeps me going to boots though!). With the weather getting colder I'm getting drawn back into the darker shades and can't seem to resist the liquid lipsticks everyone is loving at the moment. As soon as I swatched old hollywood on my hand I knew I was going to buy it. It's such a deep red colour and perfect for the colder weather.

Sleek Matte Me Old Hollywood Review

Sleek Matte Me Old Hollywood Review

It comes in the traditional lip gloss packaging with the doe foot applicator you would expect for a liquid lipstick, It's really easy to apply direct from the applicator and get that straight line to the lips. It dries really quickly. I love the colour and love how easy it is to apply but it's not my favourite formula. For me it's too drying and does the flaking off the lips from the middle and leaves staining around the lip line. I prefer more mouse like formulas like the NYX lip lingeries and the liquid satins. 

Sleek Matte Me Old Hollywood Review

Even though I'm not sold on the formula the colour is so amazing I will definitely keep wearing it. It just needs reapplying throughout the day to keep the colour looking it's best.

Have you tried the Sleek Matte Me lip products? Any tips on stopping it being so drying?

Love M



Saturday, 13 February 2016

Urban Decay Revolution Sheer Lipstick in Liar

Morning all!

I have a lovely quiet weekend planned, as a single girl Valentine's Day isn't high on my priorities so I will be spending my weekend catching up with everything I need to. I have so much to do and am really looking forward to doing everything I want to, and probably continuing pancake day well into the weekend too!

Without further ado, let's get onto the main reason for the post: Urban Decay Revolution Sheer Lipstick in Liar.



I tried this lipstick after receiving a tester sachet when repurchasing my favourite liquid liner from UD. I think these testers are awesome, they give you such a great opportunity to try new colours and see if you like them or not.
On this occasion I have only tried the one so far but it's having a 100% success rate - I've bought it!



The Revolution Lipsticks are defined by UD as 'Creamy, Badass Luxury' and I would have to agree. The packaging is badass and the range of colours are too, the lipstick is super luxurious and leaves your lips covered with pigment and hydrated.
Their Pigment Infusion System helps to deliver the super colours they have available, and in this range there are 20 - I want (NEED) them all!

The composition of the lipsticks includes jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter and it shows, they barely touch your lips and the colour is there without any effort. This also stops your lips from drying out and the colour lasts so much longer.



So what colour is Liar? It's a pinky-brown nude, its very warm in colour and has a creamy and luminous finish.

It's really wearable and is perfect for work, weekends and anything in between. I've been wearing it a lot and it seems to work for every occasion. You can see it on me in the images below:


2016-01-10 13.19.30

I really like the finish, it's polished and has a good sheen but it looks natural. I feel like it warms my face up too and is so easy to slick on it and lasts so well that I find myself using it often.

2016-01-10 13.19.51

So what do you think? Have you seen Liar, have you tried it?

What do you think of Urban Decay;s Revolution lipsticks?

I've been really impressed with the colour range, the pigmentation and the lasting power. You can pick up one of these lipsticks for £15.50, which is a pretty good deal I think!

L xxx


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Collection Lip Liner in 5: Damson


I've been meaning to write this post for a veeeeeeerrrrry long time, as I've been wearing this Collection Lip Definer all winter - well since October time seeing as we haven't really had much cold weather yet though I hear it is making an appearance this weekend...

If I'm being honest with you all, I never used to see the point in a lip liner. But ever since coming across the Urban Decay liners and realising how much better lipstick looks with them I've been sold - the Mia Wallace was my first and it's a staple that i use often now. However at £13.50 they aren't always something that you can splash out on.


The Collection Lip Definers come in at a super cheap £2.79 which is absolutely perfect when it may be a colour you are testing out or something you might not wear very often.

I've mentioned before that I'm still in the process of recovering financially after buying a house - if I'm honest I don't think that ever really happens but Urban Decay is certainly on the 'win the lottery' list for now. So I picked up Damson from Boots one day and couldn't wait to give it a go to compare the results.

First off I would say that the twist up mechanism makes life super easy, you never run out as you just need to twist up more so it's great for on the go. The only downside I can foresee is when you have one of those really precise lines to be drawn which may need the help of a sharpener which this one can't use, but you can create a sharper edge by drawing at an angle, you just may need some practice.



After this I couldn't see too much difference in the pigmentation between UD and this offering from Collection, I was really impressed by how the colour turned out and you could definitely layer it for a more dramatic look.

See the results for yourself below:



In fact, the only downside I could see to the lip definer at all was the longevity. It lasted very well, impressively actually considering its tiny price but it did start to look a little patchy and dried my lips out faster than the UD ones. To me though this isn't really a downside because I tend to use the lip liners to line my lips and give a better shape before applying lipstick, which I would no doubt reapply anyway, and could replace with lip balm if necessary once my lips were stained.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone who asked! After looking into the range a bit further so I can pick up more of them I'd have to say I'm disappointed purely because there only seems to be 3 of what?! Collection! What on earth are you doing?!
Everyone needs more than three lip liners....tut tut!

I think they need to get a move on and make more, I can't say I wouldn't buy the Urban Decay 24/7 liner as a treat for myself but I would certainly pick up these without a second thought!

What do you think of the Collection Lip Definers? Have you tried the other shades? Do you wish they also had a few more shades to add?

I imagine with the Kylie Jenner trend for super size lips they'd make a small fortune if they had more!

L xxx


Sunday, 28 June 2015

MAC Lipstick in Syrup

Hey there!

I've been working my way through my stash for an extremely long time - saving up my empty MAC products so that I can do the 'Back to Mac' deal that they have going on is one of my favourite things.
I love going into the shop with my empties and coming out with a free lipstick!

There are so many more lipsticks that I need to try and Syrup was the most recent addition.




MAC describe Syrup as a cloudy pink, it's a muted down soft pink with a lustre finish. It's quite a sheer finish, and so because of that is the perfect workwear lipstick. It can be built up and layered to give a deeper pink on the lips, it's also really moisturising and as so you can wear this all day without getting those dreaded flaky lips that can happen with matte finishes.



It's super comfortable and easy to wear, what's not to love!

It's almost a contender for a 'your lips but better' shade. When I was choosing my lipstick this time I tried a few that others rave over but unfortunately they just didn't seem to look right on me at all. This pinky shade seemed to make my skin look brighter which is always a bonus!


Here's a few snaps with the lipstick on:

Soft pink, super wearable, comfortable and flattering on many skin tones I would imagine.

Syrup is a winner in my eyes!

Have you bought Syrup? Which has been the latest lipstick to add to your collection?

I've no idea what I'd choose next! Any suggestions for your favourite wearable day shades like this?

L xxx


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde Park

Hello there!

It's no secret that I'm newly obsessed with Nars having kept my wishlist at bay for such a long time, the flood gates seem to have been opened. I can't even begin to tell you how many blushes I now want, not to mention their Virtual Domination palette and their lip products are also highly rated by myself. You can see my previous review on the infamous Cruella lip pencil here, and this review is on the Satin lip pencil Hyde Park.

I bought this from the Space NK website; I'd never seen it in reality and pretty much bought it because the shade looked like something I'd like and get a lot of wear out of and the name was appealing. Who doesn't love a London named product??



Hype Park is described as a 'cardinal red' which to me sounds a lot more red than this. I would say it's more of a berry toned red and whilst I haven't tried other lip pencils from the Satin range to compare it to, I loved the more hydrating and lip balm feel to it than was expected. you could easily wear this pencil as a wash of colour and top it up with lip balm, or layer it up which is my preferred way of wearing it.

It's a gorgeous colour for almost any skin tone and for me personally with my dark hair and pale skin it's an absolute winner for the upcoming winter season.



The pencil style is super easy to use especially on the go, you just need to make sure you have sharpened it recently as otherwise you'll be a bit stuck! It;s the only downside I can find to the pencils as a whole as on the go it can be difficult to find a sharpener and this is where a traditional lipstick would have a major advantage.

That said, they're easy to apply and the colour can be built up with a few layers leaving a lovely stain after a few hours of wear and I didn't find that it settled into lines too badly either, though this does always happen eventually.


The photo above shows the berry colour and below is the lip pencil on my lips:



In my personal opinion sometimes I feel I need an actual lip pencil to line and fill my lips as something this can be a bit translucent as you can see in the image above. I just feel this kind of colour and look requires a clean and defined line.
The colour however is one of my favourites and it's now one product that always seems to live in my handbag. I wore it to a wedding recently and loved it, was so easy to apply and was even appropriate in the day time:

2014-09-20 17.15.33

In short, I love it. I definitely want more of the lip pencils from Nars now I know where I stand with finishes. The set from Space NK for Christmas, the Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret holds 5 of the lip pencils in a smaller size and I've definitely got my eye on it. 

It contains Cruella and also Iberico(intense matte coral), Yu (shocking pink with cool undertones), Descanso (tea rose with satin finish) and Torres del Paine (peach coral with satin finish). Cruella and Yu are part of their normal range whilst the others are limited edition. I need to get my hands on this set as Torres del Paine looks beautiful! 

Have you tried any of the Nars lip pencils? Is the gift set on your wishlist? What colour is your favourite?

L xxx


Friday, 31 October 2014

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

Happy Friday lovely people!

I've got a lovely quiet(ish) weekend lined up where I'm meeting some old friends for lunch and aside from that it's going to be relaxation and bliss on the cards.....and a whole lot of catching up on tv! This new job has taken up a lot of my time doing extra reading and trying to keep up with my gym and classes so I'm looking forward to catching up with everything else.

A few weeks ago both myself and M nabbed ourselves one of the Space NK Gift With Purchase bundles that I haven't even begun to get through; free stuff is so much fun. But obviously we had to spend £150 to get said gifts and this became my opportunity to snap up some much raved about Nars products. I'd never used any whatsoever before this so had quite a wishlist and proceeded to cross some of them off; I've previously posted about the infamous Orgasm blush - post here - and now you can read my review of the nearly as famous Lip Pencils.


It didn't take much convincing for me to add this to my basket, Anna from VDM who I'm sure you all MUST be aware of always looks gorgeous wearing hers so as we are the same colouring it was a no brainer.

Cruella, as if I could leave it after seeing that name! Brings back all the memories of the oh so glamorous Ms Deville and the colour is perfectly fitting.



It's a matte lip pencil, there is also a satin and a velvet gloss lip pencil range (come back for a future review of a satin pencil also!) and so I snapped up one from each range for comparison purposes....obviously.

The pencils themselves are typical in NARS design with monochrome packaging but have the added advantage of having a coloured base; this would be great when choosing between nude, red, pink etc but may be problematic with differentiating between reds...however I don't own enough of them at this point to worry about that!


The Lip Pencils are super easy to use, I have used liner with this one as I have a similar colour to match it but they haven't bled a single time i've used them so are good enough to use without one. The colour is so pigmented and although the matte did feel quite dry on application compared to other lip products, it didn't actually dry my lips out any further.




Clearly they are easy to use, you just need a larger sharpener to get the pencil in (rumour has it UD's Grindhouse is the best - added to wishlist!) and it's so easy to apply the colour that you could even slick on a layer whilst on the bus - though you'll definitely need to check you are in the lines for a colour this bold!

So how does it look on?

These photos were taken with minimal make up apart from the lip pencil and I love the slightly vampy look!




I love the colour, it's a perfect red and I can see me wearing this a lot in future. Even though these photos were taken in natural day light the colour in reality did seem to be darker than the photos show but nevertheless you can see the finish.

I was really impressed by the wear time of these lip pencils too. I'm sure I went a good 6 hours without the need to reapply and that was through multiple meals/snacking/drinks and I think i reapplied purely for the feeling of knowing there was something on my lips!

I would fully recommend the matte range and am tempted to look at the other colours but must resist for the next month or so.....

The Matte Lip Pencils come in at £18 for 2.4g of product and are available in 21 colours.

Have you tried one of the matte lip pencils? What's your favourite colour? Any recommendations for future NARS purchases??

L xxx

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