Saturday, 13 February 2016

Urban Decay Revolution Sheer Lipstick in Liar

Morning all!

I have a lovely quiet weekend planned, as a single girl Valentine's Day isn't high on my priorities so I will be spending my weekend catching up with everything I need to. I have so much to do and am really looking forward to doing everything I want to, and probably continuing pancake day well into the weekend too!

Without further ado, let's get onto the main reason for the post: Urban Decay Revolution Sheer Lipstick in Liar.



I tried this lipstick after receiving a tester sachet when repurchasing my favourite liquid liner from UD. I think these testers are awesome, they give you such a great opportunity to try new colours and see if you like them or not.
On this occasion I have only tried the one so far but it's having a 100% success rate - I've bought it!



The Revolution Lipsticks are defined by UD as 'Creamy, Badass Luxury' and I would have to agree. The packaging is badass and the range of colours are too, the lipstick is super luxurious and leaves your lips covered with pigment and hydrated.
Their Pigment Infusion System helps to deliver the super colours they have available, and in this range there are 20 - I want (NEED) them all!

The composition of the lipsticks includes jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter and it shows, they barely touch your lips and the colour is there without any effort. This also stops your lips from drying out and the colour lasts so much longer.



So what colour is Liar? It's a pinky-brown nude, its very warm in colour and has a creamy and luminous finish.

It's really wearable and is perfect for work, weekends and anything in between. I've been wearing it a lot and it seems to work for every occasion. You can see it on me in the images below:


2016-01-10 13.19.30

I really like the finish, it's polished and has a good sheen but it looks natural. I feel like it warms my face up too and is so easy to slick on it and lasts so well that I find myself using it often.

2016-01-10 13.19.51

So what do you think? Have you seen Liar, have you tried it?

What do you think of Urban Decay;s Revolution lipsticks?

I've been really impressed with the colour range, the pigmentation and the lasting power. You can pick up one of these lipsticks for £15.50, which is a pretty good deal I think!

L xxx


Friday, 26 September 2014

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace Lipstick and Lip Liner

Good morning!

It's almost the weekend hooraaaaay!

And with a new weekend means a new lipstick - obviously.

I'm a rather big fan of Tarantino and his weird and wonderful ways; there's nothing more classic than Pulp Fiction, I've always wanted to wear a white shirt and black trousers on a night out and hit up the dancefloor. It's even more of a must now that I have the official Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace lipstick and liner from none other than the absolutely amazing Urban Decay. It is bordering on obsession with my collection but hey ho, I could be a drug addict and that's clearly a lot worse mum ok??



The packaging is spot on, matte black and with the PF logo on it. The lipstick itself is a Revolution Lipstick which we already know from the lovely Native lipstick we were given previously is a top quality, super pigmented and creamy lipstick that just lasts and lasts. The colour itself is the most perfect blood red shade that Mrs Mia Wallace sports in the film in her totally badass ways.




The packaging itself is pretty badass and is a black gunmetal shade instead of the lighter pewter colour of the normal range. The lipstick bullet itself just looks so creamy and perfect, it was hard to use it the first time as it was so pristine but alas, that feeling didn't last long and I soon had it on my lips!




My absolute favourite part of all the packaging?





The most infamous quote of the entire film goes right from one end of the box to the other and honestly, opening this up was one of my favourite 'ooooh' moments. Make up really does excite me that much, and details like this even more so. Studying forensics is all in the details and these always impress me.



As for the lip liner, in the exact same packaging the 24/7 liner helps to create a pout worthy of Mrs Wallace by preventing feathering and defining your lip line for the lipstick to be placed on top. I don't own a red lip liner and this one has been invaluable now that the weather is turning a bit colder and the darker lip colours are coming out. And it really does glide, no dragging on the skin whatsoever!




The colours are perfectly matched as you would expect and you can see them swatched on my hand below with the colours from the matching eyeshadow palette I also had to snap up. See how perfect the line is from the pencil:


I've been wearing this lipstick and liner a few times recently and have been super impressed. Honestly, once they're on and have dried they do not budge, not even the tiniest little bit.

The photo below was taken after the NYR event in Bristol a few weeks ago. I had eaten, drunk, talked and drunk some more and 6 hours later my lipstick still looked as perfect as when I first applied it:


Excuse the excitement; drinking on trains seems to get me quite giggle!

Even when I'd had a few more cocktails and got home later without reapplying once the colour was still completely perfect on my lips. It looked like it had stained my lips but using micellar water the colour came right off.


I'm 100% obsessed with this and cannot leave it alone. This time last year I just about wore red lipstick on occasions but now my collection has grown to about 8 dark red and berry shades!

This Mrs Mia Wallace is such a classic colour and the liner is perfection, no dragging and defines the lip line with ease.

I'd suggest you all run out and get it asap if only for the beautiful packaging, they cost £15 for the lipstick and £13 for the liner. Money well spent if you ask me!

Did you buy anything from the Pulp Fiction collection? Do you love the reds closer to the winter months?

L xxx


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick - Catfight

Evening All

Hope you've had a great bank holiday weekend. A few weeks back we shared our thoughts on the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the shade Native (review here). When we went to an event for the Electric Palette this was another of the items I decided I had to purchase.



I loved the formula of the lipsticks but Native isn't a colour I wear much anymore. I very much a brights on the lips girl. I find nude shades don't suit me very much any more. I won't go into the packaging too much but I do love the gunmetal colour and embossing on it.



I went for the shade Catfight, after seeing it swatched on Nina's hand there was noway I wasn't having it. It's a shade my totally ridiculous necessary lipstick collection is lacking. Most of the red colours I own are blue toned. I love the warm pinky tone of the shade with enough red to make it not too pink! (I'm great at describing colours!)





One swipe of this lipstick leaves the most amazing pigmentation on the lips! It's got a subtle sheen to it and just glides onto the lips. Another bonus is it makes my teeth look white. I would say I could do with a lip brush to apply it. Something about the shape of the bullet makes a bright colour hard to apply tidy! It may be me. The lipstick does look different colours in different lights. The first two photos on the lips are from my camera normally and the last one is from the camera front facing. I would say the swatch is most true to colour.

These lipsticks last amazingly well and for a bright colour fade pretty well. There is a slight ring around the lips but nothing as bad as some. They aren't drying either which is always a plus.

They retail for £15 which is reasonable for high end lipsticks! As I have previously said I wouldn't have looked to Urban Decay for lipstick before but I love the formula and would put them on par with MAC!

Have you tried Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks?

Love M



Sunday, 6 April 2014

Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil and Revolution Lipstick*

Afternoon all!

We've got a joint review for you today. From our visit to Urban Decay's event a few weeks ago we were given a Revolution Lipstick and a 24/7 Lip Pencil both in the colour Native.


The Revolution Lipsticks are classed as 'Creamy, badass luxury' which sounds pretty awesome to begin with.
They are rich buttery lipsticks with the usual colour payoff you would expect from Urban Decay products.

The cool custom designed gunmetal outer case is very sturdy and looks really cool, giving you a badass looking lipstick. It's chunky, easy to find in your bag and unlikely to get scratched, battered and broken.



I love how they've got the UD logo stamped on the top of the case, it looks really cool and the font is pretty funky.


Native is a pale pink colour that would be perfect for day at work or night with smokey eyes.

The Pigment Infusion System which is unique to UD gives it 'super creamy texture, insane pigmentation and superior colour dispersion and extended wear'.
Maxi Lip defines and hydrates lips making them look plumper and fuller and they also contain a blend of jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoas butter and shea butter to keep lips hydrated and soft.



The amount of lipstick in the tube is also pretty impressive, I can imagine as you only need one swipe of product each time this would last quite a while.

Any lipstick is best paired with its respective lip pencil, and obviously having matching lip pencils UD have solved this problem completely.



Native lip pencil is also a pale pink colour matches the lip stick identically.
The 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencils stay put through anything, defining your lip line and priming your lips for the colour to be applied on top.

They are long lasting, waterproof and creamy, never dragging along your lips.



Having the barrel of the pencil shaded the exact same colour as the product makes it super easy to find them in your make up bag and they don't half look pretty as well! Imagine the rainbow of reds and pinks you could have!


Do what do they look like when used together?

Below I have applied the lip pencil onto my lips and you can see that its a really creamy formula and provides the perfect base for a lipstick or gloss to be applied over the top.



The above picture has the Revolution lipstick in Native applied and you can see how creamy and hydrating this is with an amazing colour pay off. It lasted really well on the lips too and I had a few hours of the hydrating creamy finish before eating took most of it away but the colour still stayed on my lips.

The 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencils are £13 and are available in 16 colours, the Revolution Lipsticks are £15 and are available in 22 different colours.
Looking at the range I'd love to try some brighter ones for the summer, Streak is a gorgeous coral pink and Obsessed is a super girly bright baby pink and I'd love them!

Have you seen the new colour ranges? What do you think of lip pencils?

L xxx

Hey All

Hope you're having a great weekend. I'm just enjoying a post gym chill out. This weekend has flown by for me!

It's fair to say L and I both love Urban Decay but until we went to a recent product showcase I wouldn't have thought of Urban Decay for lip products. I wear one of my Naked palettes everyday and don't think I could be without them.

I love the gun metal and purple packaging of the lipstick and the metal means it's robust in my handbag. So far so good as well with the lid not coming off! Lipstick covered in bag fluff is something no one wants!

For me lately I'm more of a bright lipstick type of person so this colour is a little pale on me. I have been using it more this week though as after dying my hair pink some reds are hard to pull off.

Native offers a perfect nude pink shade. I do love this colour for date nights too as it doesn't look too over the top. As with all Urban Decay products the pigmentation is amazing. One swipe gives opaque creamy comfortable colour. It seems to melt onto the lips so doesn't drag.

Lip liners are definitely lacking in my collection so a nude one was much needed. I love that it matches the lipstick. I have also found it works with other nudes I have which is great. For everyday I don't wear lip liners. I just can't sacrifice that time in the morning. I do love the clean look it gives to a lipstick though and how much I can define my cupids bow when using it.

These two pair together amazingly and with all Urban Decay products have great pigmentation. I love pairing it with Beso Naked gloss to warm the tone up and give a full glossy finish. I can't wait to try more of the lipsticks now and I'm already eyeing up the amazing Venom!

Love M



Sunday, 16 February 2014

Urban Decay Product Showcase

Morning lovelies!

Hope you're not feeling too delicate this morning, I went out Friday night and came home at 5am and was feeling less than perky yesterday so today is going to be 100% productive!

Starting the day off were writing about our trip into Cardiff Debenhams the other evening where we met the lovely girls at the Urban Decay counter for a few hours of make up chat, playing with products and generally having a fun time. There were only 6 of us there at the meeting which was lovely as although we'd met the majority of the other bloggers (Georgina, Nina and Helen) it was great to meet Shelley too and get to know everyone a little better.



The main focus of the events was Naked 3 which I'm sure all of you have seen and heard about over the past few weeks and it is obviously a gorgeous must have palette for everyone due to its super flattering rose gold shades. However we were also there to check out the new Naked lip glosses, the Naked Skin foundations and loose powder as well as their BB cream, B6 spray and so many others!



It was like a sleepover party with all of your friends bringing their make up around, my hand was covered in swatches and I managed to get it all over me in an attempt to try everything...oops!

The Naked lipglosses were a big hit with both of us, the packaging is gorgeous with the cut out design and the range of colours is pretty good. My favourite one was Streak purely because I'm a coral girl at heart but I can honestly say that every colour is wearable and beautiful! Some are more shimmery than others, some have more colour than others and some are just beautifully nude. M's was Beso which she has already mentioned in a post. She's more of a plum/dark lip colours.


I'm sure you'll be seeing posts from us when we've been using them a lot more as they're so versatile and have so many good ingredients and effects that they warrant their own post!

What I love is when brands make things completely unique, and on a beautiful stand at the corner of the counter was a selection of cupcakes each called a different shade of the Naked lipglosses and I ended up with Walk of Shame....were they trying to say something? Haha. The icing was amazing and if I hadn't have been going for tapas for a friend's birthday I'd have taken home another!



It was great fun to play around with the products and M had her brows done by the lovely Haddie (isn't her blue hair amazing?!). It was lovely to see all of the kits as I'd never seen the brow box before nor the Naked Skin loose powder and I'm fast becoming a loose powder fan!



One of the items I couldn't wait to have a go of was Naked Flushed. I know its been out for a while but I still hadn't had chance to have a go with it and I can certainly tell you it's a beautiful palette!
I often stay at friends and travel at the mo and carrying a bronzer, blusher and highlighter separately can be a pain but this is all in one and perfect for any occasion. The blusher and bronzer are so pigmented you need a tiny amount and the highlighter has been so finely milled that its like a veil on your skin, lots of love for it!



Also on hand were the new Naked pencils, each matching a palette and they're all double ended which is a really great idea. Using their brushes was also a really good opportunity as although I've tried the eyeshadow brushes in the palettes I'd never tried the Optical blurring brush which I've heard so much about and its gorgeous!


Unfortunately as the time our goodie bags were stuck on a palette inside a lorry so we had to go back to collect them the day after. But who cares about the wait the goodie bag was so unbelievably generous that we're both still a bit shocked at the contents!

We were super lucky and we're given 6 full sized products including 2 Naked lipglosses, a Revolution lipstick, 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil, Naked Flushed palette and their B6 Complexion Prep Spray. Totally overwhelmed!



We both also picked up a few goodies on the night; M bought herself Naked 3 and I bought the 24/7 blending brush and the Naked Basics eye pencil and have been loving the results with them.

I'm sure you'll see posts from both of us in the future with reviews on all the products. We cannot believe how generous they were to us and how much fun the evening was too. Knowing that Ud products are so amazing anyway (we now own 7 of their palettes between us including the whole Naked family) we will guaranteed be back for some more in the future!

Do you love UD? Have you picked up anything from the Naked range? Which is your favourite palette?

Thanks so much to Haddie and Ffion for a wonderful evening, it was a pleasure to meet you both and you've given us some great tips and tricks!

L and M xxx

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