Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Beauty Rehab

Hey all!

I've been writing these Beauty Rehab posts for a long long time now, even though I started them right at the beginning I still enjoy showing you what I've actually been using throughout the month and what I've finished. I'd like to say I am working through my stash but that would be wrong, my stash seems to have ballooned in recent months so I'm going to try and make more effort between now and Christmas!

Here's what I've used up recently:

Beauty Rehab


Friday, 28 April 2017

Beauty Rehab


I hope you're all having a fabulous week, I've been trying to catch up with things this month and have a general life 'Spring clean'. I've caught up with friends, tidied my house and garden, and finished a load of products for a new Beauty Rehab post.

So let's get stuck in and let me share these with you!

Beauty Rehab Empties


Friday, 11 November 2016

Beauty Rehab

Hey all!

Autumn is my absolute favourite month, the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees plus the cold crisp weather, I love it!

It's also a great time to get rid of the old stuff in your own life, so I've been using up as fast as I can. I might start Project Ten Pan soon to try and use some other products up, but I feel like it will take too long!


Thursday, 11 August 2016

Beauty Rehab

Gooooooooooood morning! 

Today's post is so well overdue that I can't believe I didn't overflow my house with empties. This is in fact not even all of them as some were doubled or tripled or even more and I couldn't possibly photograph them all! I've also tried out a new photo idea but I'm not sure it's going to work out, so let's get to it and I promise I'll try harder next time...!



Thursday, 10 March 2016

Beauty Rehab

Hello there!

If you haven't noticed by now we've been making a few changes to our blog, we've upgraded to our own domain name and also changed the layout and had a whole new shake up - we've got our Instagram back and we've finally added Pinterest so we will be having so many new things coming up for you and we're very excited!

To continue with the 'out with the old and in with the new' I've got another update to my Beauty Rehab series. My stash has seriously downsized from it's original mammoth size but there's still more things to work through, here's what I've finished this time:

Rimmel Kate Moss Mascara - i will always love Rimmel mascaras as for me, you just can't go wrong. Good products for good prices, this is another that I've had before and although I don't find there are too many differences between them all they are all great for me!
Lacura Day Care Moisturiser - since moving I've had to consider every purchase, including skincare. I tried out Aldi's as it had so many good reviews and its actually really good, including this moisturiser, thumbs up from me
Maybelline Big Eyes mascara - wasn't a fan of this one, the two brush thing always has me worried but as these were different sizes I thought it would be different but sadly it dried out super fast and wasn't very good
Origins Checks and Balances face wash - still a favourite but sadly out of my budget nowadays, this was one I was saving for trips away for my wash bag, still love it!


Aussie products - as a blanket review Aussie products smell amazing and are always on offer, why would I buy anything else?!
Good Things Argan Oil Cleansing Oil - I also really like Good Things and this worked really well but I do prefer their normal face wash for getting rid of the days grime
Batiste - again another staple, cannot go wrong and no other dry shampoo has lived up to this
Elemis Apricot Toner - a product that many have raved over. I'm not really a toner kind of girl but this smelled fairly good to me and it was nice and cooling, if I could get into the habit of using I'd probably want to use this one


More Aussie, Batiste and Good Things, all great brands!
Alberto Balsam Shampoo - think this is a Home Bargains special, so many lovely smells I always pick them up as they're a great price too
Lush Cupcake Face Mask - chocolatey and great to use, my skin loves anything that comes from a fridge too, I'd get this again when my skin needed it
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - so good for nights out, it has lasted me a while but sadly had to run out at some point


Original Source Shower Gel - I had forgotten about these until I saw them in a shop, the smell is still wonderful and zesty in the mornings so I've bought a stash to inspire me to get up and exercise before work..fingers crossed!
Origins Ginzing Face Scrub - One of the few Origins products I haven't been impressed with, just didn't see any benefits whatsoever so this was disappointing
JPG MaDame perfume - This is my smell, and I still love it almost 10 years after it first came out. I'm pretty sure it's being discontinued so if anyone sees it on offer let me know!! Or I will have to find a new one and that's going to be a horrible task as I'm sensitive to smells...eek!
Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream - wonder stuff, sad to finish it knowing I can't afford to replace it!


Global Beauty Care Vitamin C Day Cream - this felt wonderful on the skin and moisturised well but sadly kept bringing me out in spots so it wasn't for me
Lacura Serum and Eye Gel - both amazing and both repurchased, Aldi have done super well here and I can't stop telling everyone about how good they are, get these! Just don't forget to leave some there for me too!
Ojon Hair Mask - vile. There's no other word for it, who wants a hair mask that smells like decades old stale coffee and cigarettes with a bit of damp thrown in?? Made me want to be sick :(
Chantecaille Mascara - can't see me ever buying this as I believe it is outrageously expensive, this was from a sample bag from Space NK. It was a lovely mascara and so was the brush (I meant to keep it as a spare and give it a wash but must have been to eager to clean up...oops) but at somewhere between £40 and £60 I just have to pretend it doesn't exist
Lush Mask of Magnaminty - a favourite of mine and got me into Lush products, I permanently have a tub in my shower and use it as much as possible!

So that's my round up, I tried to keep it short and sweet but there were quite a few to get through.

What do you think of my empties? Have you tried them all? Were your thoughts the same as mine?

Let me know!

L xxx


Friday, 16 October 2015

Beauty Rehab

Hey all!

I've got my first Beauty Rehab since moving out - it's been a weird kind of obsession keeping all my empties whilst I've moved and decorated but I've succeeded. What's annoyed me even more was the fact I no longer have my lovely white desk at my parents house, so nowhere to photograph them. hmmmph.

So instead I've taken some pretty awful photos on a dark rainy evening on top of a super old blanket chest in my living room - with boxes full of stuff to sort in the background. It's not ideal but it was time to sort through them all!


Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation - I loved this when i purchased it as my skin must have been a lot better. Nowadays I'm always tired so need a lot more!
Estee Lauder Double Wear - loved this, would definitely repurchase
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - hated this, keeping the bottle for Back 2 Mac. The finish was awful!
Vichy Dermablend - also love this, it's a long term staple in my make up bag and I have another 2 as back ups!
Rimmel Stay Matte powder - love this too, why pay more when this powder is as good as Mac if not better


Dr Bronner's Citrus Orange Soap - love the smell of this so much, I'd repurchase from TK Maxx or similar as it's much cheaper
Aussie products - love love love Aussie and would repurchase always!


Batiste Dry Shampoo - love this stuff, saves me on a weekly basis when there just isn't enough time for washing hair! Always buy them in bulk in every scent, and especially the dark one
Aussie Dry Shampoo - to be honest this was pretty awful. it was like a well scented hairspray, but stickier, it wasn't a dry shampoo at all which was disappointing
L'Occitane Conditioner - considering this is quite expensive for a conditioner it was pretty average. I'm not fussy with hair products at all but it took me forever to use it up as it made my hair feel like straw
Nip and Fab Detox Blend Body Wash - this was also pretty average which was a shame as I love their skincare line


Nip and Fab Deep Cleansing Fix - talking of Nip and Fab, this is a great buy! Even better when it's on offer, its a cleanser mask etc etc wonder product!
Vaseline deodorant - I wouldn't normally bother sharing my deodorant but I always find these cans disappointing, supposedly compressed but realistically I don't think they are at all
Boots Nail Polish Remover - this was great, full of acetone so not ideal but worked a treat on glitter!
Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion - I'm embarrassed to think how old this bottle is, look at that old packaging! Still a favourite with me though, the best tanning moisturiser


Good Things Argan Oil Facial Serum - this tube disappeared overnight, I need to buy this in massive tubs!
Origins Drink Up mask - this is great, I'd repurchase purely for the smell but the effects on my skin are pretty awesome
Lacura Aqua Complete Serum - a super buy for the £3.99 price tag from Aldi, definitely worth slapping on and I have a few variations of it in my drawer
Elemis Pro-Radiance Cleanser - this was a lovely product to try as I'd never used Elemis before, a great cleanser and I'd love a full size if I could afford it!
No7 Facial Wipes - always in my stash somewhere for saving me when the day has been so long


Effaclar Duo - already repurchased during my trip to Paris, an absolute essential!
Lacura Beautifying Serum - on my second bottle, enough said!
Tigi BedHead Some Like it Hot - not sure if this serum really works but it was a lovely serum that didn't coat the hair and leave it feeling plastic or dry
Gilchrist and Soames Shower Gel - wasn't a fan of this smell, wouldn't repurchase


Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara - pretty good mascara but I still find Rimmel the best for the price
Benefit Roller Lash - i love Benefit mascaras, they are definitely the best for me and I'm one of those people that likes both this and They're Real, unfortunately just cannot justify buying it at the moment - this makes me very sad and I'm saving up Boots points
Models Own Nail Polish - I loved this champagne gold colour and cannot believe it's dried up! Will need to buy another
Benefit Porefessional - love this and have kept my minis for travelling so I can get through airports without hassle!
Real Techniques Expert Face brush - sadly this one has died on me and the bristles have started to fall out as you can see. Not much point in keeping it now! Will repurchase another when I'm feeling spendy

So what do you think of my empties? Have you been using up lots or have you been hoarding like I used to?

I think with all of my empty foundation bottles I'm due a treat of a new one don't you think???

L xxx


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Beauty Rehab

Hello there!

Before moving house I worked my butt off to work my way through any last products that I could get through before packing up. I think I did pretty well but my stash still seemed to overwhelm every other type of stuff I had! Ah well - it was always going to be a large part of my life wasn't it?!


Dove Summer Glow Lotion - This is always my favourite tanning moisturiser, doesn't smell half as bad as some of the others I've tried and is a good colour
Garnier Micellar Water - This was great, I would definitely repurchase as it was a good price too. Took off my mascara easily and didn't leave an oily residue
Label M Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner - this worked great for thickening hair but it did feel dry afterwards, great for a Saturday night but not regular use


Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - Still like this, it melts onto skin and removes make up. It's quite expensive though so will be holding off for a bit
Nip and Fab Glycolic Serum - I really liked this but it took me four different bottles to get one that worked....and a small bottle at that. Maybe I'd repurchase on a deal
Nip and Fab Dragon's Blood Serum - Loved this, this was my second bottle and I'd repurchase again, sinks in great and is a full 50ml
Origins Checks and Balances - Always my fave face wash, need to use my one sparingly until I can buy another!
Nip and Fab Glycolic Face Pads - Expensive for what it is but I do think these helped clear my skin. Possibly I would repurchase on a 3 for 2 deal 

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo  and 3 Minute Miracle - always my favourite hair products as they are so cheap but work so well with my hair
Nip and Fab Energy Boost Body Wash - wouldn't repurchase, average shower gel for an inflated price
Garnier Ambre Solaire Tanning Mist - Another favourite, the best tanning mist for face and hands for me, so easy to use
Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo - awful dry shampoo, acted more like hair spray, amazing scent though so I was disappointed with this


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - love this, need to repurchase asap!
Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Gel - great smell, lovely product, would repurchase
Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion - Great product for bad skin days and useful as a double cleanse, I'd repurchase when I break out next
Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control Primer - can't comment on the blemish factor of this but the primer was great, and NEVER gave me the rolling bits that others do, big fan of the texture of this


Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Best powder for the best price, have 2 as back up!
Algenist Eye Renewal Balm - this was pretty good even for my sensitive eyes, loved the balm texture
Origins Ginzing Moisturiser - loved this, never been disappointed with a Origins product, need to repurchase!
Mac Mascara - this was average, I'd prefer Rimmel for a much cheaper price

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara - possibly the most disappointing mascara from Rimmel but it's possible that it was due to it drying out and going clumpy
Eve Lom Eye Cream - very thick and luxurious, not in my price range unfortunately!
Kiehls Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream - this was lovely and indeed lightweight, I'd consider buying
Lush Full of Grace Serum - love this and my skin feels so much more hydrated

No7 Eye Make Up Remover - Great when getting the No7 vouchers, very useful product
Una Brennan Superfacialist Oil - really liked this to remove the first layer of make up in a double cleanse, it all seemed to melt off
Garnier Ambre solaire Tanning Mist - see picture above
Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Eye Serum - really like this product and it sinks in lovely, Dr Organic are a great brand
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate - a great oil, I'd love to try this out full size as the tester only allowed 3 nights worth. I think it would be worth the money

Nip and Fab Dragon's Blood Cleansing Pads - not sure about these, I did like the extra hydration but not sure if they were worth the money
Good Things Manuka Honey Cleanser - another great product from Good Things, they are definitely my go to high street brand and I will be back for more
Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo - super impressed with this product, SAVES MY LIFE during the week. Batiste is the best!
Toni and Guy Glamour Hairspray - perfect handbag sized spray and works great to hold hair in place

What do you think of my empties this time? I worked so hard! The last few images are taken on my desk on moving day so apologies for the poor quality, everything was so last minute

Have you been using up products recently? What have been your favourites?

L xxx


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Beauty Rehab


It still feels like a somewhat endless task using up products doesn't it?

Especially if you are one the individuals like myself who seems to have bought nothing in months and still have a ridiculous collection....oops. 
Here's the latest installment of Beauty Rehab - I wonder if I ever will get to the bottom of my stash?


Aussie 3 Min Miracle - If you haven't noticed by now that I'm a complete addict for this stuff then you've been reading the wrong blog. Totally obsessed, my hair loves it. If I don't have 3 in my stash I panic.
Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo in Tapioca - I liked the scents in this range but the product itself feels more like hairspray than dry shampoo which is such a shame
Batiste - still the best, it's unbeatable in my opinion
Wilko Nail Polish Remover - cheap and cheerful, why pay more??


Lancome Foaming Purifying Cleanser - not sure I'd repurchase this but it was great value for money as you needed so little to wash with
Nip and Fab Glycolic Cleanser - really like this, would repurchase but need to be careful with my dehydrated skin. Great value when on offer and smells good!
Dr Organic Coconut Hand Cream - REALLY great hand cream, will repurchase when my next has run out. Sinks in fast, no greasy residue, great price
Good Things Manuka Honey Moisturiser - this was also a good purchase and I'd rebuy this one too, another with a good price and often in 3 for 2 deals in Boots. Manuka Honey is a fab moisturiser!
Aussie 3 Min Miracle - 2 in the same post, clearly I'm addicted!


Dove Beauty Finish Deodorant - not sure what the beauty finish was about but the smell was vile, no repurchasing here
EOS Organic Lip Balm - love love love, whyyyyyyyy are they so expensive in the UK!!
A bit gutted that the nail varnish in the picture have all dried out, Nails Inc Black Taxi and China Glaze Snow Flake were favourites of mine.


St Tropez Body Moisturiser - love this but wouldn't pay full price for it. The moisturiser sinks in really fast and doesn't leave a film on your skin, the best kind of product
Rimmel Wake Me Up - love the glow and always go back to this but the colour just isn't right on my unless it's summer so the colour range is a bit frustrating.
Radical Eye Cream - This was from the Space NK bundle that we both got last October, it wasn't bad I just felt that others were better
Sarah Chapman Skinesis Dynamic Defence - I liked this but the cost puts me off, it was lovely but I feel like others work better for my skin


Balance Me Radiance Face Oil - Quite liked this, would consider buying the full size
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - wouldn't buy these full size, they feel like they have too much silicone in for me but there are other versions of the primer that are better for me
REN Cleansing Milk - Didn't like this, my skin came out in spots unfortunately!
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser - also not a fan of this. Some things just don't work!
Murad Oil Control Mattifier - loved this, perfect for summer and would 100% recommend for those with oily skin


Benefit Coralista - love love love this blush, already panic bought another at Christmas.....JUST in case!
Benefit They're Real Mascara - another love, I can't wait to get another one of these when I've used my stash up
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - all of their mascaras are great, I'd happily purchase both or either of these!
Benefit That Gal Primer - I'd prefer Porefessional to this but as a travel size product it's been a good tester
Real Techniques Buffing Brush - sadly this one has started to literally fall apart. It's sad as you can't buy this one individually which is quite annoying really!

See anything in my empties that you've been using up recently?

Just have to keep ploughing through the excessive products and ONE DAY maybe I will get to the bottom!

L xxx


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Beauty Rehab

Hey everyone!

It's that time again when I've almost filled another bag full of empties and need to share them with you. Again I've been pretty good but my stash just isn't going down, facial skincare seems to take up so much of it and you just can't pile it on or use it up like you can others like body moisturiser!

So without further ado here's my recent empties:


Clarins Cleansing Cream  - quite a good sample to try though I'm not sure I'd purchase the full size,felt a bit greasy which is surprising as my skin is on the dry side now
Vichy Densifying Care - honestly, I'm not sure what this is but I used it as a moisturiser. It was quite nice but I've never seen anything like it in the shops!
Benefit Porefessional - another travel size used up, I'll need to stock up somehow for my future travels! It's a great primer for all round
Rimmel Brow This Way - the high street version of Benefit's Gimme Brow, admittedly not as good but for my minimal budget whilst I'm saving it has been great. I've bought another to keep me going!


Antipodes Reincarnation Exfoliator - I have really liked every product I've tried from Antipodes but this one did feel a bit on the safe side, as a scrub it had more of a powder texture so was a very light scrub. Wouldn't repurchase but does smell amazing!
Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask - I need this in my life again, I must repurchase it but I'm using it as an incentive to use up all my other hydration masks and oils!
Rimmel Stay Matte - still the best powder out there for me, works a charm and doesn't break the bank, winning.
Models Own 4 way Nail Block - Can never go wrong with one of these blocks, makes me have natural looking manicured nails, perfect for work.


Sachet central this month!
Bb Color Minded Shampoo and Conditioner - really liked these and have miniature versions to try soon!
Rodial Stem Cell Facial Oil - REALLY liked this, shame about the £60/30ml price tag which means that I will never be able to afford it :(
Kiehls Cucumber Toner - as someone who can take or leave toner I was surprised how refreshing this felt though I can't say I would purchase the full size
Philosophy Keep the Peace cream - can't say this was for me, felt too perfumed and my skin didn't have a positive reaction
Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - Really liked this when I had a full pot of it, the minis are great for travelling
StriVectin Antioxidant Defence Lotion - this was a lovely sachet too and my skin drank it up, haven't tried much from Strivectin before so would like to try more


Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum - this was a nice serum and my skin seemed to drink it up but the tester was really stingy. Not sure I'd purchase this
Jurlique Rosewater Mist - not a toner fan but I can't say this did anything for me
REN Global Protection Day Cream - not a fan, my skin didn't like this as it felt greasy and brought me out in a few spots
Vichy Dermablend - love this foundation, looks so natural on my skin and I have already repurchased


White Company Shampoo and Conditioner - these were from a set of testers given to me, I still stand by my statement that shampoo and conditioner need not be expensive
Stile One Step Primer - really liked this but it's expensive for the effects that it has, I've used cheaper with the same effects so I wouldn't repurchase right now
Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense - this was light and didn't weigh my hair down but didn't feel any positive effects either!
Nip and Fab No Needle Fix Serum - full post coming on this one soon but I personally prefer the Dragon's Blood serum from N&F


No7 Brush Cleaner - This was sometimes useful but tended to leave a film on the brushes so I gave up in the end, made them far too oily
St Tropez Body Moisturiser - lovely moisturiser pre tanning as it's so light, would buy this if it wasn't more expensive than other moisturisers that do a similar job
Aussie Color Mate Shampoo - Aussie is my favourite hair brand, their 3 min miracle is my favourite conditioner and this shampoo is also on my repurchase list
SachaJuan Hair Repair - this was a lovely conditioner but nothing on the 3 min miracle mentioned above, wouldn't repurchase


JPG MaDame perfume - I have 2 bottles in the sidelines, favourite scent EVER
S&G Slimwear - Not sure this does anything at all to help reduce cellulite but extra moisturisation can never be a bad thing
Nioxin Scalp Treatment Spray - I think has gone off courtesy of the weird smell, can't comment on the effects of this one
Nip and Fab Cleansing Oil - after finding out this has mineral oil in I've been avoiding using it on my skin so it's just going to go in the bin now


Nars Creamy Concealer - new fave concealer, hydrating and good coverage, already repurchased
Nip and Fab Viper Venom Eye Roll On - really liked this, would repurchase when I finish some others in my stash
Caudalie Polyphenol Protect Fluid - not sure if this was a serum or not but it was lovely and hydrating, as an extra step with SPF I'd consider buying this
Caudalie Polyphenol Anti Wrinkle Defense Serum - another lush serum, my skin drank it up and felt really hydrated, would consider purchasing this

I have definitely been a busy bee finishing these up. As a quick life update I've just bought a house this week (SO SCARED AND EXCITED!!!!) so now using up my stash has become a huge priority so that I don't have to lug it all with me when I move all my stuff out!

I'll be starting working my way through more samples so the volume of products can be reduced as much as possible, big efforts are needed!

What have you been using up recently? Have you been getting through products at this rate?

L xxx


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Beauty Rehab

Hello there!

This is my first installment of Beauty Rehab for 2015, and I'm off to a good start. I know I say this every post, but I really do want to make headway in using up my stash and create more valuable space. I've got so many drawers full of products and I really don't need them all so instead of throwing them and buying more I'm just working my way through.

Body moisturisers are the worst for me; I seem to be really lazy with them and although I've started using up more and more of them I need to do better!
Same with face masks, I need to use them up before they all go off. I've learnt my lesson the hard way recently as one of my creams had gone off.


Heel Genius from S&G - a product that sadly went off; I went to use it and it smells vile, absolutely disgusting so it had to go. Brand new as well, annoying.
Sugar Crush Body Wash from S&G - Love the smell of the matching scrub but this doesn't quite smell as authentic. Nevertheless a good body wash and I'd buy again in a 3 for 2.
Eau Pure Body Lotion - This was given to me by my aunty from a set, it was nice but nothing special. I liked the twisting lid design but it did get hard to get it out towards the end.
Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash - a favourite, have another already!


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - Amazing stuff, the only thing that saves my hair! Always have more in the sides as I cannot live without it
Good Things Stay Clear Cleanser - a great cleanser for a bargain price, would definitely repurchase if my skin broke out
PhytoKeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray - This was from the Space NK bundle that we got from spending over £150 that they do every year in October. It costs £18.50 for the full size 150ml, I'm not sure I'd pay that but it was a lovely spray that was really lightweight and did make my hair feel better. It also went down in the tube pretty damn fast!
Nip and Fab Dragon's Blood Plumping Serum - love this! Already have another and am really impressed that it's in a 100ml bottle whereas most others are 50ml. Love how hydrating it is.


Lush Ocean Salt Scrub - loved this and would repurchase, quite pricey for a small pot but does a great job using only natural ingredients.
Lush Mask of Magnaminty - another product that I really liked and would repurchase when my skin needs it in a future breakout!
Boots Cocoa Butter - a small pot that was great for travel, wouldn't repurchase as i have too many others and find the smell a bit overwhelming
Nip and Fab Bee Sting Fix Cream - also really liked this, really soaked into my skin and hydrated it. Would repurchase when a deal was on
N&F Dragon's Blood Cleansing Pads - another surprise like for me, I'm not normally a toner-like product fan but these pre soaked pads I've really liked. I have another pot of them to keep trying them out and see if they really have a long term effect


From the Lab Face Primer - no idea what this brand is now as we trialled it before it was officially produced, it was good but sadly separates weirdly and has definitely gone off now!
Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment - this was the most luxurious foot cream I've ever used, such a treat! I'd love a full size tube!
Batiste Dry Shampoo - the best dry shampoo on the planet
Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo - a good dry shampoo, I don't think it's worth the mark up in price from Batiste though


Caudalie Cream Mask - loved this sample! My skin drank it all up overnight and I'd definitely repurchase
Bioderma Atoderm Cream - really good for a night cream/mask and helpful to dry skin over winter. I've had a lot of Bioderma samples but never a full size product and I've never been disappointed so need to invest!
Avon Nail Experts Base coat - an average base coat, did let some polishes through and stained my nails
REN Hand and Body Cream - the sample lasted one full body use and was moisturising, again not sure if it's worth the full price but was nice to try
REN Global Protection Day Cream - unfortunately this brought me out in tiny little spots so had to give up on it but it sounded promising before that!


This was mostly a clear out - the glosses are either really old or going a bit gloopy so getting rid is the best option.
Bourjois 1 Second Volume Mascara - got this in a beauty box, the brush looked interesting and promising but it seems a full bushy brush is the only option for my lashes! Wouldn't repurchase.


S&G Youthful Super Serum - really loved this sachet, super hydrating and made my skin feel fabulous!
Dr Organic Snail Gel - same goes for this, loved the hydrating feeling and would buy this in future, once I've got my head around the snail gel factor.
Revlon PhotoReady contour kit - this has unfortunately gone really weird, you can see in the photo below that it seems to have dried out (even though it was a powder) and loads of crystals have formed on it. I'm a little too dubious to use it with this on it!



Last image!
Collection Lasting Concealer - loved this initially but unfortunately now I've tried Nars this one just doesn't compare. I have a spare of this so will use it for work until its gone, but Nars is just amazing.
Caudalie Polyphenol Eye and Lip Cream - this absorbed really easily, wouldn't repurchase as I have others I'd prefer for my sensitive eyes but it was really good.
YSL Lipstick - was given to me by a friend but was a weird gold colour that I just cannot wear! Time for the bin
L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - lovely product and I would repurchase and I'd especially buy the magazines that come with a sample of this

Have you been using up your products recently?

This is all from Christmas onwards, so I feel like I'm on a roll but possibly thats just wishful thinking!

L xxx


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Beauty Rehab

Hey there!

I thought I'd end the year on a Beauty Rehab post; I've been working hard to use up my stash over the last few months. Body products suddenly seemed to be taking over my life so I've been working through them and trying not to replace them. I was doing well but now facial skincare appears to have taken its place. Nothing like being prepared though right?!

So let's get started on the mammoth collection of empties I have this time:


Label M Protein Spray: loved using this and as someone who doesn't dabble in many hair products that's a pretty big deal!
Korres Shampoo and Conditioner for coloured hair: Bought in Waitrose, expensive but did last longer than other shampoos and conditioners I've used, would repurchase as a treat or when it's on offer.
Batiste: Nothing better than the original dry shampoo! Always have a stash of this
Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel: Bit of a sickly sweet smell for me but extremely thick and luxurious and was a lovely present, wouldn't repurchase though.


Nip and Fab Cleansing Fix Oil: No longer available to buy from what I can gather but actually works well at removing make up - not convinced though as it contains mineral oil so I'm worried it will make me break out
No7 Brush Cleaner: had lots of hope for this but unfortunately you need to use a lot of it to get make up off and sometimes it still wasn't enough. Useful for emergencies but baby shampoo is always the best!
S&G Righteous Butter: Finally down to my last 2 pots of this (eek!) it's a fabulous body butter and smells divine I'm just not patient enough to sit and let it sink in sometimes! Love it.
Dove Summer Glow Lotion: the best one for me and my pale skin, usually go through bottles of this but I've been embracing my pale skin for the last few months. (seeing photos at Christmas parties has brought me back to my senses though...)


Lush So White Shower Gel: Kindly given to me from Lush Cardiff at an event, was a new product to me and I loved the apple scent as some are overwhelming me, I'm so not adventurous with scents!
Nivea Facial Wash Gel: Made my skin drier as I no longer need products for combination/oily skin it would seem! Definitely need something more hydrating nowadays!
Neutrogena Deep Clean Daily Scrub: Unfortunately not a product available in the UK, this was sent to me from a friend in America and I have treasured it until now!
DGJ Berutti Oil: Hair products don't seem to have any effect on my hair, this one smelled lovely and did add shine but didn't seem to help the condition long time. 


Dr Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum: I love an eye serum, this one sunk in easily and I'd consider repurchasing on a Boots 3 for 3 deal.
Laura Mercier Silk Creme: already repurchased; the perfect second skin look, and although it's pricey it does last a really really long time as you use so little.
Clarins Body Wash: A sample given to me, not a fan of the smell so wouldn't repurchase. It smelt herby which was weird!
Origins MAD Cleansing Milk: I prefer a foaming wash but this was great on days where my skin was feeling sensitive so it was good for my gym wash bag.
Nip and Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix: Loved this and would repurchase, probably will when I run out of my other 6 or so serums...(oops)


E45 cream - massive allergic reaction to this, used it for ages so no idea why but won't be repurchasing!
Origins MAD Plus Rejuvenating Moisturiser - love love love! Hoping to get a Christmas gift set of this to fill my stash back up....
Nip and Fab Bee Sting Fix Eye Cream - this was ok, not the best eye cream and I was disappointed with the amount of product inside the pot
Origins High Potency Night A Mins - another love, I have another in the sidelines...
Lush H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment - I thought this worked well but the huge pot only covered my hair 2 or 3 times so the price and value might be a bit off, would like to try others


L'Occitane Shea Lip Butter - this was quite hard so wasn't great on chapped lips but really moisturising when it melted a bit, wouldn't repurchase
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - lovely, would repurchase
Benefit Porefessional - love the mini/travel sizes, extremely useful!
Benefit They're Real - again another love, but I wouldn't purchase it on its own, value is much better in a set and it's often in's a Boots points kind of purchase!
Lancome Hypnose mascara - love their range of mascaras, their Christmas sets are great (fingers crossed)
Caudalie Polyphenol Detox Oil - loved this, will need to buy it in full size to fully get the benefits!


Rimmel Wonderfull mascara - not sure the Argan oil makes a load of difference but it was a good mascara and Rimmel always seem to be the best for me
Boots Brazil Nut body butter - love these small pots, great for travelling!
Boots Nail Block - the cheapest and the best, always pick these up in 3 for 2 deals
Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder - Always have more of these, the best pressed powder for the money, would never use any other

Phew what a way to end the year, so many pots and tubs I've gone through and still so many more to go!
Fingers crossed I'll carry on ploughing through at this speed for the rest of the year. What have you been using up over the last few weeks?

L xxx

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