Sunday, 25 January 2015

Beauty Rehab

Hello there!

This is my first installment of Beauty Rehab for 2015, and I'm off to a good start. I know I say this every post, but I really do want to make headway in using up my stash and create more valuable space. I've got so many drawers full of products and I really don't need them all so instead of throwing them and buying more I'm just working my way through.

Body moisturisers are the worst for me; I seem to be really lazy with them and although I've started using up more and more of them I need to do better!
Same with face masks, I need to use them up before they all go off. I've learnt my lesson the hard way recently as one of my creams had gone off.


Heel Genius from S&G - a product that sadly went off; I went to use it and it smells vile, absolutely disgusting so it had to go. Brand new as well, annoying.
Sugar Crush Body Wash from S&G - Love the smell of the matching scrub but this doesn't quite smell as authentic. Nevertheless a good body wash and I'd buy again in a 3 for 2.
Eau Pure Body Lotion - This was given to me by my aunty from a set, it was nice but nothing special. I liked the twisting lid design but it did get hard to get it out towards the end.
Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash - a favourite, have another already!


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - Amazing stuff, the only thing that saves my hair! Always have more in the sides as I cannot live without it
Good Things Stay Clear Cleanser - a great cleanser for a bargain price, would definitely repurchase if my skin broke out
PhytoKeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray - This was from the Space NK bundle that we got from spending over £150 that they do every year in October. It costs £18.50 for the full size 150ml, I'm not sure I'd pay that but it was a lovely spray that was really lightweight and did make my hair feel better. It also went down in the tube pretty damn fast!
Nip and Fab Dragon's Blood Plumping Serum - love this! Already have another and am really impressed that it's in a 100ml bottle whereas most others are 50ml. Love how hydrating it is.


Lush Ocean Salt Scrub - loved this and would repurchase, quite pricey for a small pot but does a great job using only natural ingredients.
Lush Mask of Magnaminty - another product that I really liked and would repurchase when my skin needs it in a future breakout!
Boots Cocoa Butter - a small pot that was great for travel, wouldn't repurchase as i have too many others and find the smell a bit overwhelming
Nip and Fab Bee Sting Fix Cream - also really liked this, really soaked into my skin and hydrated it. Would repurchase when a deal was on
N&F Dragon's Blood Cleansing Pads - another surprise like for me, I'm not normally a toner-like product fan but these pre soaked pads I've really liked. I have another pot of them to keep trying them out and see if they really have a long term effect


From the Lab Face Primer - no idea what this brand is now as we trialled it before it was officially produced, it was good but sadly separates weirdly and has definitely gone off now!
Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment - this was the most luxurious foot cream I've ever used, such a treat! I'd love a full size tube!
Batiste Dry Shampoo - the best dry shampoo on the planet
Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo - a good dry shampoo, I don't think it's worth the mark up in price from Batiste though


Caudalie Cream Mask - loved this sample! My skin drank it all up overnight and I'd definitely repurchase
Bioderma Atoderm Cream - really good for a night cream/mask and helpful to dry skin over winter. I've had a lot of Bioderma samples but never a full size product and I've never been disappointed so need to invest!
Avon Nail Experts Base coat - an average base coat, did let some polishes through and stained my nails
REN Hand and Body Cream - the sample lasted one full body use and was moisturising, again not sure if it's worth the full price but was nice to try
REN Global Protection Day Cream - unfortunately this brought me out in tiny little spots so had to give up on it but it sounded promising before that!


This was mostly a clear out - the glosses are either really old or going a bit gloopy so getting rid is the best option.
Bourjois 1 Second Volume Mascara - got this in a beauty box, the brush looked interesting and promising but it seems a full bushy brush is the only option for my lashes! Wouldn't repurchase.


S&G Youthful Super Serum - really loved this sachet, super hydrating and made my skin feel fabulous!
Dr Organic Snail Gel - same goes for this, loved the hydrating feeling and would buy this in future, once I've got my head around the snail gel factor.
Revlon PhotoReady contour kit - this has unfortunately gone really weird, you can see in the photo below that it seems to have dried out (even though it was a powder) and loads of crystals have formed on it. I'm a little too dubious to use it with this on it!



Last image!
Collection Lasting Concealer - loved this initially but unfortunately now I've tried Nars this one just doesn't compare. I have a spare of this so will use it for work until its gone, but Nars is just amazing.
Caudalie Polyphenol Eye and Lip Cream - this absorbed really easily, wouldn't repurchase as I have others I'd prefer for my sensitive eyes but it was really good.
YSL Lipstick - was given to me by a friend but was a weird gold colour that I just cannot wear! Time for the bin
L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - lovely product and I would repurchase and I'd especially buy the magazines that come with a sample of this

Have you been using up your products recently?

This is all from Christmas onwards, so I feel like I'm on a roll but possibly thats just wishful thinking!

L xxx


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Beauty Rehab

Hello there!

I'm back with another beauty rehab post today, I've been churning my way through my stash and although there is seemingly no avail to the end of my products I am somewhat working my way through as I haven't bought any more products so it must be decreasing right???

I have to say that i really enjoy writing these posts, it's a great way to show progress through your stash, revisit products you may have forgotten about and remember if you wanted to repurchase them or not.

I also think it's great to have a nosy at what other people have been using up too!


Simple Soothing Shower Gel - this was bought for me at Christmas and it took me a while to get round to it but it's a lovely 'simple' product. I'd repurchase if I ever run out of shower gel!

Aussie 3 Min Miracle Conditioner Luscious Long Hair - I don't think the variations in the 3 Min Miracle range make any difference but the different conditioner types do vary in smell and consistency so I think it's just a matter of working out which one you prefer. I will always repurchase these especially as they're always on offer somewhere!

Vita Liberata Tinted Self Tan Gel - Love this, worth every penny though I try to buy during the 1/3 off promotions (£15 then!) really lovely even tan in a believable colour. Already repurchased!

Batiste - I do not need to say anything about this product! Already have 3 more cans in the sidelines!


Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - Love how thick this product is and was a lovely surprise how good the skincare range from Benefit was. I have a mini of this to keep me going for now!

Origins Ginzing Face Cream - WONDERFUL smell and amazing results, just cannot go wrong with Origins for my skin, it drinks it up! Will repurchase when I've worked through some more.

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer - love this product and is my favourite primer for the price. Will surely repurchase though there are a few i want to try in the mean time


Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask - given to me and I loved it, wouldn't repurchase as I'm an Origins lover and have lots of Drink Up mask to use but it is a lovely product that has made me want to try a lot more from Clarins in the future.

Barefoot Orgasmic Body Lotion - this was really nice but seems to have gone a funny smell! Wouldn't repurchase.

Balance Me Cleans and Smooth Face Balm - this came in a beauty box so it was great to try it out. I've always enjoyed every Balance Me products that I've tried and am definitely interested in trying out more in future.

St Tropez Tan Optimiser - love this really fine scrub but I don't think the price is reflected in the effects from the product and I'd personally prefer a Soap and Glory one for a better smell!


Garnier Ambre Solaire spray tan - Great tan that's super easy to use, dries quickly and doesn't produce an orange or streaky colour. Always my back up tan!

S&G Greatest Scrub of All - lovely small grained face scrub that would be a great alternative to more expensive scrubs especially when they're in the 3 for 2 deal. You cannot lose with Soap and Glory!

L'Oreal Micellar Water - a lot of these micellar waters are very similar but I did like this one and I would repurchase.

S&G Peaches and Clean Face Wash - used to love this and still do like it but I'm not sure that my skin still does as it did break out a little towards the end of the bottle. I will be sticking to my Origins one for now.


Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub - I don't think an expensive scrub is worth the pennies and any kind of scrub is fine by me! This one had the typical cocoa butter smell but it wasn't too overpowering. Wouldn't repurchase as I'd prefer a different scent.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque - there is NOTHING better than this hair mask and I really need to save up for the pot and save my hair from its dry and nasty existence it's currently living! NEED.

Coral blush - if I could find where this blush came from I'd be over the moon, it's a perfect dupe for Coralista (my all time fave) but unfortunately it's so old I have no idea where it came from!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - always the best, always repurchased.


Skin Life Serum - another beauty box product, very nice thin moisturiser that my skin constantly drank up. Was lovely but i believe it was expensive!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara - I always think Rimmel mascaras are great value for money but this one unfortunately seemed to go very thick very quickly and my lashes looked quite clumpy so I wouldn't repurchase this one.

Benefit They're Real mascara - love this mascara as the brush is really good at getting every lash. I was lucky enough to win some minis in various make up events so have a few to keep me going but I'm not sure if I'd spend over £20 on it as I'm a germ phobe and throw my mascaras out after a max of 3 months! So I can't really justify it at the moment.

Bioderma SPF 50 sample - Bioderma are one of the best at what they do and having tried this product I can't disagree. Easily absorbed and hasn't irritated my skin at all. Would repurchase if i was going abroad.

So what do you think of the products I've used? Are any of them your favourites?

Hopefully I can work my way through even more next time. I've just had a super clear out in my room of books, uni work and other crap that I've accumulated. It would be great to have some additional space in my room rather than fighting for it all the time!

Are you any good at keeping control of what you're using?

L xxx


Friday, 18 April 2014

Beauty Rehab

Good morning!

Another Beauty rehab update for you today. I've been ploughing through my stash and moving it around a lot to try and make space and encourage me to use more. It's a long and slow process but I've got into a sort of routine now and clearing things out regularly is a must do as there are always things you can give away and make more space,which is something I could definitely do with!


Origins Ginzing Eye Cream: Loved this and the pinky tone which is lovely, sad to finish it but have a sample one to use.
China Glaze Pool Party: One of my faves which was unfortunately not closed after its last use...its hard as a rock! Gutted, will repurchase in future.
Origins Drink Up Intensive mask: Love this, still have sample sizes from Christmas sets to keep me going.


Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer: This wasn't bad but for the price and size totally not worth it. I'd easily use one in a few small weeks and i find Revlon to be better
Vichy Dermablend: Super fave foundation, already repurchased 100% recommend.
MAC Studio Fix Fluid: Love this though I hate the smell, good coverage and thick enough to cover serious blemishes.
Benefit Hello Flawless: I can't make up my mind on this one, I love the brightening dewy effect it gives but it doesn't last long enough for me whatever primer i use.


NSpa Hot Cloth Polish: This was a great alternative to Liz Earle's original one and I'd definitely purchase this as it is very similar for a much smaller price.
Liz Earle Skin Tonic: This surprised me how much I liked the routine and the smell of the toner but to be honest I don't feel like it did a lot for me, but I'm not a toner lover anyway,
St Tropez Bronzing Mousse: Love this, hate the price but you get what you pay for! Love the colour and it lasts, already repurchased.


Batiste Dry Shampoo: Love this, have a stock ALWAYS
Ojon Revitalizing Mist: Helps to condition hair and detangle it but I don't think its worth the price tag, there are cheaper alternatives in my opinion.
S&G Clean On Me: Absolute mammoth size shower gel, gorgeous smell and lasts a lifetime. I always feel like its an accomplishment to finish it! And I always seem to have another in the sidelines...


Collection Illuminating Concealer: Wasn't a huge fan, much prefer the Lasting Perfection one as its a lot thicker and I prefer the wand.
S&G Thick and Fast Mascara: Massive brush that reaches every lash, good for the price and even better when you get it in the Christmas set every year!
Revlon PhotoReady concealer: Loved how easy this was to apply, just draw onto your face! Blends easily and covers everything.


Powders are a it of a thing for me obviously!

Bourjois Mineral Powder: Contains a sponge for portable travel but i wasn't a fan and the smell was a little off putting (very powdery and old woman like!)
Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder: Loved this, first time I've used a loose powder and I'd definitely repurchase.
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder: Didn't finish this as it became coated after use and to be honest it wasn't good enough for me to try and scrape the top off and try again.

So there you have, this was what I managed to use up and get rid of this month.

What have you been using up? Do you agree with my views on some of these products?

L xxx


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Beauty Rehab

Hi all!

I've got another installment to the Beauty Rehab series I've been writing for the last two years now. I can't believe it's that long!
It was my aim to have downsized my stash by now and i never thought I'd still be writing them as I assumed I would have worked my way through the majority by now. I obviously need to up my game and get a move on using stuff up. I haven't actually bought many products for a long time, but i do think Christmas/Birthday sets contribute greatly and also I do seem to acquire products that some people no longer want so that doesn't help!

I'm hoping to move out as soon as I've got myself back on my feet financially which is probably at least a year away, I'm giving myself the rather large target of getting rid of as much as possible....i.e. almost all of it by Christmas. I need to get a move on!


La Roche Posay - Toleriane cleanser is a gel cleanser and I absolutely loved it. So easy to use when you come home from a night out and want more than a face wipe but cant be bothered with a muslin cloth. It's ideal and I'd repurchase.

Label M - Honey and Oat conditioner. This goes with the shampoo i finished in a previous post; probably the first time I've finished a shampoo before it's conditioner! This smelt warm and comforting and did a god job of being a daily conditioner.

No7 Protect and Perfect Body Serum - This was donated to me and I did enjoy using it until the top starting to come apart and it started to dry out so I can't really give this a review as it was still full! Pooooooooor packaging.

Origins Zero Oil Toner - Surprisingly loved this, really good at absorbing oil for the day and although I'm not a toner fan I would consider buying this again to keep my oil at bay.


Antipodes Divine Oil - already repurchased as 3 days without it made me cry. So much love for this oil!

Lacura Aqua Complete Serum - Enjoyed this especially for the bargain of £3.50. Would repurchase.

Murad Pore and Line Minimising Hydrator - This was really nice and was so light it felt like a serum, can't say that I'd repurchase though for the £49.50 price tag as I just cannot afford that on a regular basis!

Skin Revivals Facial Cleansing Oil - this took a bit of getting into as I'd never used an oil cleanser before, but it was GREAT at removing eye make up especially mascara so I persevered and used this every day to remove it before cleansing with my normal one. Wouldn't repurchase at this time.


Benefit They're Real mini mascara - LOVE. I save my minis like a kid saves sweets.

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Lip Balm - so battered you can barely read it, the sign of a well used product! Would definitely repurchase!

Rimmel's Scandaleyes - I liked this initially but i think other Rimmel mascaras work better on my lashes, sometimes this clumped together for me.

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder - I know there's some left in's done that funny thing where its got a coating on it from usage and I just can't be bothered to try and salvage it. I personally prefer Stay Matte to this.

Origins Starting Over moisturiser sample - Enjoyed using this in the nights but not sure my skin needs this much just it for when I'm older!

Origins Andrew Weil Mega Bright serum -  I've never met a serum from Origins that i haven't liked and this was no exception. If only it was cheaper I'd snap it up regularly!

Revlon Nearly Naked - Took me a while to get into this, think it was probably because my skin wasn't good enough at the time but I soon loved it. I would repurchase in future after I've worked my way through some of the others in my stash

Eysilix eye cream - This was a funny one. Didn't love it and i wouldn't repurchase because my eyes seem to be sensitive to it on random occasions, but it did hydrate my eye area and my under eye bags did lessen somewhat.

So that's what I've been using up recently, are any of these your favourites? Have you loved or loathed any of them? Are you working your way through your own stash?

I need some serious focus over the next few months!

L xxx


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Fast Face

Hello loves!

I'm sure we've all been there, that moment in the mornings when you're waking up from a dreamy sleep and suddenly BAM you realise that you've got exactly 10 minutes before you have to leave the house.

Ugh those mornings are a terror!

I'm one of those people that has to get up and leave ridiculously early for work every day as I have an hour's drive to work in the morning so most of the time I've made my lunch, set up my breakfast and laid out my clothes ready the night before. For this I have been thankful so many times!

During the dreaded mornings that I conveniently fall back to sleep after my alarm has gone off I admit I do grab a face wipe and slap on whatever moisturiser my hands can reach and that's it for skincare.

As far as make up goes I'm a speedy one for work as it is but here are my top products for a 'fast face'

1) Vichy Dermablend - one of my faves that I've just had to repurchase after panicking about my other foundations just not doing the job.
This blends perfectly with a buffing brush to give flawless skin whatever condition it's in and its my fail safe.


2) Stick concealer - Currently using Revlon's Photoready concealer. Super blendable and easy to just drawn on your face wherever you need it and its so creamy and hydrating. Undereye bags and spots be gone!
I just blend it in with an Expert Face brush and I'm done in 10 seconds.


3) Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder - I have the oily T-zone that brings about shine on a daily basis so I always need to set my face regardless of how late I am. A quick swirl of this and I'm good to go.


4) HD Brow Kit - I cannot deal without brows but when in a rush it can be a problem. I use the same brush every day for my brows so its pretty much pre-loaded with product and i just have to run the brush through to make sure that any loose powder isn't colouring them. Any specific shaping is normally missed but if anything this part is what takes me the longest out of my whole face, sharpie brows or wonky brows are a no no!


5) Bourjois Bronzing Powder - Also using a pre-loaded Kabuki brush I apply this to attempt some sculpting of my face. (I do wash my brushes regularly FYI but they do get a little loaded sometimes). This bronzer cannot be overdone on my face so its super easy to slap on and blend in seconds!


6) Mascara - This changes quite often as I'm a germ phobe when it comes to eyes and am very OCD about throwing my mascaras out pronto. Currently using Rimmel Scandaleyes for work as its super easy to use, doesn't clump and coats and separates my lashes easy peasy.


I couldn't quite make it into a 5 minute / 5 product face as others have but I'm pretty sure an extra one won't make too much of a difference!

Do you have many of those dreaded late mornings? What would your face essentials be?

I'll be honest I'm much more likely to slap on some eyeshadow quick to define my eyes and step on it at 80mph to get to work.....but that's probably not an appropriate suggestion for keeping your life in tact is it!
You should definitely forgo the make up and drive within the limits....

L xxx


Friday, 20 December 2013

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer


Hope you're all looking forward to the big day now...I am so excited I cannot wait. Christmas is my favourite time of year. It doesn't feel quite as exciting as it used to be as this year I'll be working full time still, with only Christmas Eve and Boxing Day off. But I'll still be making full use of my time off by eating a whole tonne of food and watching cheesy Christmas tv specials!

Over the party season I've been turning to cream concealers to cover my under eye bags and blemishes.

The PhotoReady concealer from Revlon has been my go to products.


I've picked it up in my usual colour - Light. I'm assuming there must be an even lighter colour as this is 002, but luckily for me Revlon have a wide enough colour range that 002 is actually a good colour on me!
This is great news as over the winter I can get paler so I'd like to pick up 001 for those days and also for the times my undereye bags are quite unstoppable.


The packaging for the concealer is nice and simple, black twist up style container and a clear lid. I like clear lids but they never stay clean or clear, mine is dirty and cannot be cleaned inside and scratched to bits from being in my make up bag. Ah well, when will companies learn its not just about looking good in store!


I quite like twisting these type of products up and using them as a stick, its quick, easy and almost fool proof. I apply this super quick in the morning, a quick triangle under each eye and dots where my blemishes currently are and then i buff it in with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush.


As you can see on my hand above the colour match is pretty spot on and it blends in without a trace.

You can see my fave below on one morning application, triangles on the under eyes and dots on my spots!



And below shows it blended in (so much better!)



I'm so pleased i picked this up in a 3 for 2, I otherwise might not have done and wouldn't have known how lovely and easy it was to apply and the great effects it has.

This retails for £6.49 and I'd definitely recommend getting them in a 3 for 2 deal, Revlon have some great products. not only the cult Lip Butters but I'd 100% recommend the PhotoReady primer, nail polishes and Colorstay foundation.

What's your favourite Revlon product? Do you love this concealer? What's your favourite?

L xxx


Friday, 29 November 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Happy Friday!!!

This is a rather late post that I didn't actually think i'd be writing as it has taken so long.


I picked up Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation as soon as it came out (no idea when that was now!). The promise of coverage that looked 'nearly naked' was very promising and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I chose colour 130 - Shell.

However after using it for a few days I was back to my usual foundations because the coverage wasn't enough and my face looked awful, so it was consigned back to the foundation box and forgotten about.


Having decided that i need to stop buying more and start using up it has recently come back into my life as I was determined not to waste it and my money. I started off by mixing it with other foundations so it was thicker and provided more coverage, but after applying it one day alone I suddenly realised the effects that everyone else had been raving over!


The bottle itself is glass which is lovely and luxurious but doesn't have a pump which is a little irritating. It means I end up pouring it out onto the back of my hand which can be a bit of a nightmare as I'm clumsy first thing in the morning.

That aside, I apply it with my Real Techniques buffing brush and after a few minutes of blending I really love the effect it has. My skin must have improved enough that it only needs lower coverage to look uniform, which is lovely and shows my hard work is paying off!

Emma Stone's skin in the adverts looks amazing and I'd love to look as naturally beautiful as she does.

My skin is nowhere near that good and god knows I get some lovely outbursts at the moment which don't seem to have any reason but in between those moments, I use this foundation and here are the results:



I have no other make up on in these pictures apart from the Nearly Naked foundation, so excuse my non existent eyes, brows and lips, ghost anyone?!

That said, the foundation has blended seamlessly into my skin and there's not a tango tideline nor a cakey catastrophe in sight. I'm actually amazed how well this blends now.


I do think that having slightly drier skin helps with this product, for oily skins the product would just slide off which is what was happening to me before, and then not cover enough of my blemishes.

I apply this everyday without primer as it seems to stick to my skin and stay well enough without, which is a money saver in itself!

Are you a fan of Nearly Naked? Which other products in the range do you like?

What's your favourite Revlon product? I'm such a fan, if only they wouldn't test on animals!

L xxx


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Everyday Favourites: Make up


I've decided to start sharing some of my favourites with you all. I find it easy to forget the things I use everyday and love. I thought I'd start by sharing some of my make up favourites.

Bourjois Intuitive Liner (Review)

I've always been a gel liner girl and if I was using liquid liner I would use the ones with the pot rather than the felt tip style. This liner has completely converted me. It's so easy to use and I love the triple dot tip so it can be used to add thickness to your lashes or as a liquid liner.

Urban Decay Naked 2

I've actually never reviewed this on the blog. As there are so many reviews on it I didn't bother. I was one of those of those people who loved the MUA palettes and thought spending £36 on a palette was stupid and couldn't be worth it. In America last year I picked this one up and was so impressed. My poor MUA palettes don't get a look in. I use this most days. I love all the colours in it and have hit pan on some. It's so easy to use and can create loads of different looks. Definitely worth the money. I'm drooling over Naked 3 now.

Revlon Colour Stay in Buff (Review)

I recently rediscovered this. When I first tried it I instantly loved it. I had two bottles so when I used one up I left the other one until I had used up more of my products. I've recently been using it again and I love it. The colour choice is amazing for pale girls and the coverage is perfect. It doesn't cake and lasts pretty much all day on me. It great all rounder.

Benefit BrowZings (Review)

I look back at old photos before I used to fill my brows in and they look so pale. I love a good defined brow and think it makes such a difference. The powder and wax combination is great and easy to use. I don't personally use the brushes provided as they are small and annoy me. The lightest shade is perfect for me and my ever changing hair colour. I use this most days now and I'm definitely addicted.

Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer (Review)

This is literally a must have product for me. Since Christmas last year I'd say I've worn this 97% of the time. It's amazing. It's matte, the perfect colour and blends onto the skin flawlessly and lasts. I love using it to contour and bronze and I've only just hit pan now.

Benefit Dandelion Blush (Review)

I have only started using blush in the last 2 and a half years. As someone with naturally rosey cheeks I always used to use foundation to cover them and thought applying blush over the top was stupid. How wrong was I. I love blush now and this is my all time favourite. A soft pink colour with the softest shimmer and it's great for me as I can't go over the top.

So that's my must have make up items. Are any of these on yours? What are your make up items you can't go without?

Love M



Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Revlon Lash Potion

When the Lash Potion first came out I couldn't resist going to pick it up. The almost sparkly like packaging, pink lid and just general prettiness drew me in. Especially as it was on a 2 for £10 offer when it first came out and it was £9.99 on it it's own. The other item I picked up was Mauve it Over lipstick which I absolutely love (review here).


Lash potion is meant to me a volume and lengthening mascara. What more could a girl ask for. Knowing L didn't get on with grow luscious I was a bit dubious.


As I already said above I love the packaging. It's girly without being tacky. It just makes me think of magic almost and then makes me think the mascara must be amazing!



The brush is my favourite type of brush. I'm definitely a bristle over plastic brush type of girl. I just find they work much better on my lashes. It's a standard size and shape brush. Nothing fancy or initiative here.



Here is two coats of the mascara. The first picture shows the lift it gives my lashes. I wash surprised by this. I hadn't used eyelash curlers yesterday when I took the photos to show the curl it gives. I love how it perfectly separates the lashes and doesn't clump.


I find it gives my lashes a good amount of volume for everyday without it being over the top. It's easy to apply without clumping and definitely helps them to appear longer. As the day goes on I do find my lashes become more fluttery and some of the mascara does come off. One of my bad habits is picking at my mascara at the end of the day and this is one of those that does come off. So rubbing tired eyes with this on does give my slight panda effect.


I do also find I can only wear this as a top lash mascara. Not a huge problem for me as for ages I always used a different bottom lash mascara. I find it leaves black smudges in my concealer if I apply it to my bottom lashes. As the photo above shows I also find it transfers to my upper lash line and is visible if I wear it and I'm not wearing eyeshadow. 

I do like the effect of the mascara but it's tendency to transfer does put me off. I will probably pick up the waterproof version to try at some point as it is a good everyday mascara that gives reasonable volume, curl and length all in one which can be hard to find.

Have you tried Lash Potion? Did you have any transfer issues?

Love M


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