Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Wishlist

I can't believe it's May already. Doing these wishlists are making the year feel like it's speeding by. Aprils wish list can be found here.

So how much did I buy from Aprils wishlist. I got a claireabella bag, photos to follow soon as it hasn't arrived yet. I got the polo bag which can be purchased from here. I will do a blog post when it arrives. The originals are being released this week and I'm hoping my OH will be able to get me one as a birthday present.

I did get Fanfare and I love it. It's the perfect your lips but better shade and I've worn it most days since purchasing it. Sorry Angel you now take a back seat.

As for the tangle teezer I've decided to wait a while after purchasing a brush specifically for extensions off ebay for a bargain £2 mark. This is specifically designed with loops so it doesn't catch on the micro rings.

So onto May's wishlist.


Skinny jeans are back, I need to replace my black ones and after purchasing some dresses from New Look that I now want to return I've decided to just buy them. I'm hoping to pick up a new pair of the perfect black skinny jean.

I'm hoping 32inch will be long enough, normally I'm a 34inch but they don't seem to be showing them online. If not maybe I'll finally get some coloured skinnies.

Make up

As I know have £10 worth of points on my beauty card I think I may treat myself this month to a MAC eyeshadow and lipstick.

I'm currently deciding between these four. High Tea, Lady Bug, Ravishing and See Sheer. Do you own any of them? What one would you pick?

As for the eyeshadow I'm deciding from these. This will be my first eyeshadow so I'm thinking a neutral brown, I've swatched satin taupe and sable in person and love both. Do you have any I've picked or a different shade you'd recommend?

Hair Care

I want to try a new heat protection spray and have heard so much about the GotToBe Guardian Angel one. I have the hairspray in this range and it's amazing. Have you tried it? What heat protection spray do you use?


After L sent me a photo of the new Soap and Glory sit tight intense I knew this was something I'd have to try. We are both huge fans of the original sit tight (review found here) being a pear shaped girl any weight I gain goes to my bum and very top of my thighs so I find myself in a constant battle to get rid of it. I can't wait to try this, expect a review once it's been purchased. I love the little massage balls it now comes with. Are any of you guys eyeing this up to. At £16.50 it's not cheap so I'll be waiting for 3 for 2.

Another wishlist done, another expensive month it seems. There is always stuff I want and I'm not good at resisting. What's on your list for this month?

Love M

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