Monday, 16 April 2012

Lipstick Monday's MAC Angel

I've decided to start posting my favourite and most used lipsticks.Until recently I didn't wear lipstick much but now I wearing it everyday so I like to see swatches of lipsticks and the how they come out on lips, so I thought I'd share my lipstick collection with you all.

Starting with a favourite of the bloggers and one I keep grabbing at the moment. Mac Angel

It's a gorgeous creamy pink shade, it's perfect for a neutral everyday lip. MAC lipsticks smell amazing too. They retail for 13.50 each. If you keep your MAC empties, once you get 6 you can get a free lipstick.

Such a pretty shade. It lasts a few hours, I always use my Lush lip scrub in the mornings to make sure my lips are smooth. Sorry for the blurry lip photo, my phone won't focus on them.

The swatch on the hand looks quite sheer but as with MAC lipsticks the colour has a good pigmentation. I have naturally pinky red lips and this makes them a pretty nude shade.

Do you own MAC angel? Do you like lipstick posts? I love finding new shades.

Love M


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