Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Eeeek I'm a Make up Addict too!!

I'm sure you've all enjoyed L's Beauty Rehab series found here, when I saw how much she had I was in shock, always thinking I'd hadn't accumulated that much make up. When sorting my make up as part of my 101 things in 1001 days I wanted to have my make up collection sorted and organised. Last week I began this.

I didn't take before photos of how my make up was stored. I had most of it in the pink make up bag and in another box.

So here is all my make up minus the big eyeshadow palettes. That doesn't look too bad right?? I was shocked when I counted what I had.

I'm now using this for all my face products. I have a shocking amount of 15 foundations. Finding the perfect foundations has left me with a lot of duds and a lot that are too orange. I'm trying to mix them and work my way through. I also have 7 blushes (all bought within the last 6 months as I didn't previously use them) 4 primers and 6 concealers. It'll be a while before I need to buy foundations again.

This was my old day make up bag (actually a pencil case) but now contains lip products. 15 lipsticks which doesn't sound too bad I suppose and 8 lip glosses, seen as I don't like lip gloss I don't know how I have so many. Do you find you accumulate products you don't even use?

The eye make up. This was my most shocking hording. 11 eyeshadow palettes, 2 front cover big sets, 11 single eyeshadows, 6 eyebrow colours, 9 mascara, 14 eyeliners (9 of which are black) I always find I think I need them and buy more. I'm not sure why I don't even really use them much. Finally in there is 22 sets of eyelashes (you'd think I'd wear them daily but I only wear them for nights out, 13 of those sets are cheap ebay ones which I actually get on with but I know some people don't like them. They are great for when I'm broke). How do you store your eyelashes? I like to get more then one wear out of mine so store them in my Thomas Sabo boxes but would like a better storage method.

I don't think I need to buy eyeshadow again! I need to really start playing with my make up more and stop just grabbing my MUA palette. I do have another front cover palette not included in this photo.

Finally onto brushes. I like how these are stored, they are easy to grab. A friend sent me the brush holder as a present for Christmas and it wasn't something I'd thought I'd use but recently I've started to apply my make up with brushes so it's really handy as I can see the brushes and grab them easily.

It's made from clear perspex and is the perfect size to hold all my brushes. I only have 21 of these which is a reasonable amount in my opinion as I like to have double of my brushes so I can get away with only washing them weekly. It doesn't have a holder for my Kabuki brush though. 

How do you store your make up? I need to find a better storage method but my flat is small so these bags easily fit under the bed and I can grab them easily. Do you have any ideas?

Have you sorted out your make up and been surprised? I need to not buy any for a while, except a few more lipsticks, you can never have to many ;)

I'd love to see your make up collections. Link me below if you've done something similar!

Love M

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