Monday, 9 April 2012

Review: 17 Miracle Matte Foundation Update

You may remember L's post on this foundation which can be found here. L didn't get on with it so gave it to me, having your best friend who's similar skin tone and type to you is handy. Even though we both have similar complexions we both have different tastes in things and give what doesn't suit us to each other.

When she bought this we were together but as she had spotted it first and it was the last in the shade she got it. We'd already picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation so I wasn't too bothered, like the bright pink packaging definitely drew me in.

When L first gave me it I found the same thing happened as her, the foundation seemed to sit on my skin and not blend in no matter what I tried, but when I went to photograph it for this post I was surprised. I pumped out the foundation, a pretty good colour match for me although as far as a colour range goes I think it's limiting. This was the palest in the range and I found it a little dark.

It's your standard liquid foundation formula, not to runny but easy to work with. I'm not sure whether the foundation as changed while it's been sitting in my bag waiting for me to write this post of my skin has. For the price tag (£5.99) it's not bad.

It's not the best foundation I've ever tried, I find it does take a while to rub into my skin and get a nice finish, it's a foundation you need to work with your fingers. I find it's a little to thick and doesn't skin into the skin well enough to use a brush.

As you can see the finish is quite natural looking (not dewy like I'm used to as the moment but I quite like it). It gives a good coverage and I think it's good for everyday. Some days I find it works others doesn't though and it takes a while to apply.

Have you ever gone back to a foundation and found it actually works well for you a few months later? Have you tried this one? Thanks L for giving me this.

Love M

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