Monday, 19 March 2012

Review: OPI Nail Envy

Some of you may remember I picked up a bottle of OPI nail envy back at the beginning of February. Found in the blog post here. I really wanted to give this a good go before I wrote a glowing review of it.

I am now about half way through my bottle. I apply it as the instructions state, two coats on the first day then another coat every other day. Then after a week take it off and start the process again.

My nails before were peeling and very thin and weak.

My nails before

I can honestly say from using this they have improved so much. I wouldn't say my nails are super long now but they are so much stronger and the peeling of them have decreased, there has been less breakages of them. The tips also appear whiter, I'm not sure if this is just coincidence. Once this bottle has finished I will definitely be repurchasing. It really is worth the extra money and better than any others I've tried.

My nails now. Seeing the difference between the photos has surprised me!

I still tend to paint my nails once a week as I think they look boring without being painted. I picked mine up on ebay in the matte version (only as it was cheaper, I'd prefer the shiny version but it's much dearer) I purchased the Matte version from this seller and it's only 6.49 now. 

Have you tried OPI nail envy? Is it something you're considering?

Love M

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