Friday, 16 March 2012

Cocktail Hour!

Me and M decided to go to a new cocktail bar which conveniently has a 'happy hour' style price reduction until 8pm, meaning their cocktails are only £4 woohoo!

We decided, in the name of blogging of course, that we need to frequent this little beauty a little more often! So we took it upon ourselves to test a few drinks we hadn't heard of before.

This week's is a French Martini.

I'm not sure I've ever had a martini before, aside from adding in a martini-esque type spirit to a alcohol heavy cocktail bowl at uni!
So this was interesting for me.

This is a photo taken from the menu of the ingredients:

I absolutely love Chambord (black raspberry flavoured liqueur) and it's a relatively new addition to my wish list for my future alcohol cabinet but already a firm favourite!

All of the ingredients are shaken up with ice and poured into the typical Martini glass, usually one that has been chilled in a freezer to keep the drink cold.

(As far as I know, the measurements are 2 parts Black vodka, 1 part Chambord with 2 parts pineapple juice)

This was an unbelievably nice cocktail, I did wonder if the pineapple juice would overwhelm the black raspberry flavour but it didn't at all, and I fully enjoyed the drink...could have easily had more ;)

Once you have the ingredients they're easy peasy to shake up and look amazing served up in the martini glasses

What's your verdict? Would you try this cocktail? Have you tried it before?

I'm almost converting from long drinks...not quite yet tho ;)

L xxx

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