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Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere

I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect foundation. I want one that lasts most of the day (I’d say all day but for someone with oily/combination skin this is hard) I prefer a dewy finish but I think I need more of a matte finish to get the lasting power. My final criteria it needs is a medium finish, preferably buildable for when I have breakouts. I’m also extremely pale adding another challenge to the hunt. If you have any suggestions for foundations that you think would be good please let me know. I’m not too worried about price, as long as I like it.

I’d heard such good things about Chanel perfection lumiere I couldn’t wait to try it. I popped down to my local boots to get a sample. After chatting to the lady on the counter I said I was on the hunt for the perfect foundation and that I had combination skin and had heard such good things about perfection lumiere. She agreed it would be best for my skin type so checked what colour I’d be. The lightest in their range 110 buff (no surprise there).  She dispensed a generous amount into a sample pot (enough for 5 days, I love this as I feel it gives you a real chance to see if the foundation is for you, and if you are about to spend £36 on a foundation I think it’s necessary).

What a Brilliant sample size. I hope I can get more like this.

First thoughts, honestly I’ve never been more disappointed. On the first day I moisturised and applied my primer as normal before applying the foundation. I personally think this foundation works best without a primer. The foundation didn’t seem to blend properly and a few breakouts recently have left me with the odd patch of dry skin (which I hadn’t noticed with my other foundation). When I rubbed it in it just seemed to completely highlight these. I think this is down to it being more of a matte finish foundation.

My Skin prior to foundation, I have quite a red tint. Photos are taken on day 5 of use. Forgot to take them earlier  on in the week
Day two I tried it without primer, it blended much better but still stuck into a few pores (again ones I hadn’t previously noticed were bad) and looked bad on dry skin.

After Application
Day three, determined to use up my sample and more determined to love this foundation as I’d seen so many amazing reviews on it I thought it just had to get better. By day three I thought the coverage had got better (at first I thought it was too light for me but it is buildable to a medium coverage) I have naturally rather red cheeks that take that bit more coverage. I was also more used to the finish.

I tried to get a photo to show it collecting in dry skin but by the time I took photos it had almost clearer. just to the right of my nose you can kind of see it. Hard to photo as my camera wouldn't focus so close. 

Day four and Five after using it for almost a week, I’m used to a more matte finish. As my dry patches of skin have gone it does sit much better, but this would limit when I could use it as after any breakout it wouldn't be suitable. I like this and it does last quite well, coverage would be good for spring (in winter I tend to use a heavier one) but for me I won’t be repurchasing. I just don’t think it’s worth it’s £36 price tag. I wouldn’t say it’s much better than high street brands I’ve tried. 

My sample even had a little applicator

I really want to find a nice high end foundation that lasts. Next to try is Clarins ever matte, I’m also planning on trying Revlon colorstay as I’ve heard it’s got good staying power. What’s your favourite foundation? Have any of you tried Mac foundations? Think they will be next if Clarins isn’t what I’m looking for.

Love M 

I only managed to get a sachet of tester from Boots, so my review is a little more brief as I can't comment on it's use over a week.

Firstly for me, the colour was way off what I should have been given. Me and M are similar colours in skintone, with me being ever so slightly darker. 
With this in mind, I was given 2 sachets, 1 of 30 and the other 40, both beige.
Which is obviously completely useless!

I didn't notice this at the time however as I just assumed she would be able to see that giving me an orange colour for my pale skin would look ridiculous.

That being said I decided to try it out anyway...
When I put it on, firstly I noticed that it has a noticeably different consistency to other brands I've used which I'm assuming is because it's more expensive (having not tried one before) but to be honest I'm not sure I liked it.

It went on my skin over my primer fine, nothing special though that would warrant a £36 price tag.
The colour was buildable and gave me enough coverage to cover all of my blemishes but didn't look like I'd caked on a load of slap, which is obviously a good thing.

I can't comment on how well it lasted because as soon as I moved into natural light I realised quite how horrifically orange I was, I looked more oompa loompa than the oompa loompas themselves! I had to take my make up off and start again with my Rimmel Wake me up foundation (review here) which went on altogether more smoothly and is ultimately more reliable.

Overall I wouldn't rate this foundation highly at all, and it definitely doesn't deserve it's £36 price tag.
As my first trial of a Chanel product I was severely disappointed, and I'll be going back to try a different foundation and see if anything is worth the money!

L xxx
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