Monday, 16 December 2013

Review: Lush Twilight Bath Bomb


Hope you've all had a great weekend. Mine has been spent moving. I've learnt the hard way never live in a fourth floor flat with no lift. My parents kindly came to move me but both got tired quickly and as they had a drive back to Somerset I did most of the second load. I'm now rather achy. But it was good training for Tough Mudder.


As I was so achy I decided to pop to Lush on Sunday and pick myself up a bath bomb as a treat and enjoy a relaxing bath. I tend to easily get stuck in a rut and not try new bath bombs and bubble bars in Lush so I decided to chat to one of the ladies and take a suggestion.


I fancied something relaxing and she suggested Twilight and Christmas Pud. I went for Twilight after it was demonstrated for me. I was so impressed with how bubbly it was.


Twilight is a pretty pink bath bomb with stars imprinted in the top. I wanted something lavender to really relax my achy muscles. I loved the soft smell of this and the fact it wasn't overpowering. 

When the Twilight hits the bath it fizzes away pink. It leaves an impressive foam for a bath bomb.


Once part of the outer core has cracked blue starts to fizz away. I love that on mine some of the shell stayed intact longer than the core so the blue really fizzed away.


The bath was left the colour of a Twilight sky with a silver glitter running through!! So So So pretty, but best of all for me. No staining on the bath or messy clean up.


This is a really big bath bomb and gave a nice effect in the bath as well as leaving it rather bubbly for a bath bomb. It left my skin really soft and with a subtle scent. It also doesn't leave you glittery.


This is definitely one I'll be repurchasing!! As it is one of the larger ones it does retail for £3.25.

Have you tried twilight?

I'm such a bath person and love to have a good relax once a week with face packs!




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