Friday, 3 August 2012

NOTD Sally Hansen 080 Glitzy Gal

I picked this nail varnish up quite a while ago now and have been meaning to share it for a while. It's Sally Hansen Glitzy Gal. I'm not to keen on the name it seems a bit cheap to me. (if a name can sound cheap) But the polish more than makes up for that. It's a gorgeous grey glitter that's kind of matte with a variety of different shades and sizes of glitter. 

Look how amazing it is after one coat. It's literally so packed with glitter it's opaque in one coat. Pretty impressive I think.

After two coat you have a solid glitter appearance. It shimmers but it's not overly sparkly. It's more of a dull glitter but I love this. It feels quite rough on the nails so needs a good top coat. Don't think this will make the glitter super sparkley. It doesn't but I like that. 

Complete with top coat you can see how the light hits the silver in the polish and gives it a glitter while the grey stays matte looking. It's such a pretty polish and I feel comfortable wearing this for day wear. I sometimes feel a glitter polish is too much.

Is it a pain to remove? I honestly can't comment. When I apply a glitter I apply a layer of top coat a day so after 3 days I can usually peel off each nail in one and then just remove the few left over bits.

I'm keen to try more Sally Hansen polishes especially now they are more easily accessible.

Have you tried them? Any colours to recommend?

Love M


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