Friday, 31 August 2012

Review: Origins Zero Oil Moisturise Lotion

On one of my recent Origins splurges I picked up the Zero Oil moisture lotion as my skin is generally quite oily and I'm always trying to beat the shine.

However my skin being the fickle thing that it is decided to dry out so although I have started using it on my whole face, I now only use it on my T-zone as everywhere else needs a little more hydration.

First off as its oil free its a great moisturiser for those who want to beat the shine and it moisturises without leaving any excess on the skin and quite frankly it disappears!

It also leaves quite a nice base as it mattifies the skin too.

As you can see on the packaging it has Saw Palmetto and Mint which gives it a really nice clean smell and makes you believe that it won't be breaking you out, which it doesn't. 

I also love that its non pore blocking (non-comedogenic) and non-acnegenic so you're almost guaranteed to see great results if you purchase and use this moisturiser on your oily skin.

My skin on my t-zone definitely feel hydrated enough when I use this and I love that in the morning it gives you a matt effect which helps with oiliness for a good few hours for sure.

Unfortunately for me my skin has done a complete 360 on me at the moment and is currently in need of extra moisturisation which is totally unlike it so I've got myself a sample of the Make a Difference treatment (oil free though!) to see if it helps.

The ladies are always lovely on the Origins counters I've been to and are so helpful and always give out a sample of the product you are lusting after if you're not sure about buying it.

I always find it a pleasure to go back which is obviously what they want, but it never feels like they're trying to take your money which other counters should take note of!

I will be continuing to use this as I have for the past few weeks as it works perfectly on my T-zone and I have to admit that maybe my pores are even shrinking which would be an epic bonus!

Look out for tomorrows post with another of my Origins purchases which is a HG product for some people, including me!

Do you have a favourite Origins product? Have you bought any recently or are lusting after anything in particular?
I'm an Origins junkie for sure!

L xxx

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