Monday, 27 August 2012

Oops I went shopping again!

Today I had to pop into Primark to get my gorgeous little niece's birthday present. (she know has her first pair of black skinny jeans, wardrobe staple) I love the clothes for little girls in Primark it's cute on trend and her mum tells me it's good for wear too! Her first pair of skinny jeans I got her lasted her 18 months!! She's so girly already I love it. At 3 she's obsessed with nail varnish and I've just got her children's nail varnish (rumour is it comes out of carpet).

Enough of my blabbing on about her. (I'd share a photo but her mum doesn't want photos of her online so you'll have to trust me that she's cute!! ha). Primark is usually hit and miss for me. I usually only find one thing lately and I'll put it back down to the long queues. Today I went first thing to avoid these. If you saw my August wishlist post you'd have seen I was eyeing up lots of gorgeous Kurt Geiger shoes ready for my holiday. When I saw the flip flops all half price in Primark I thought I should save myself some money and pick these up.

I love the jelly type material one these shoes. I have some French Connection ones similar to these that I literally wear all the time so I'm hoping these will be as comfy. Plus I adore the gorgeous bow detail and charms and for £2 who could resist. I wish they'd had the black in my size!

I've been wanting dolly shoes like this since seeing the Vivienne Westwood collabortion with Melissa for the AW09 collection and seeing the gorgeous leopard print ultragirl bow flat (I'm desperate for a pair of these). I love how simple they are and I'm hoping they will be super comfy. Another bargain £2. I really want these in a coral colour.

 This is the last pair of shoes I bought today and the most expensive. I splashed out an extra pound on these!! For £3 I thought they would be great for in the sun perfect with dress for day wear and the bow detail will make them pretty enough for evenings. I'm going away with my other half and as he's the same height as me heels are a no so I try to find pretty flats with sparkly detail and these fit the bill. I tend to favour this type of flip flop at the moment and recently realised I know have no traditional flip flops!

I was looking for a black strapless top but couldn't see them in Primark (if you know where to get cheap plain tight ones please let me know) but couldn't resist picking these up. Vests are a staple and you can never have too many. I tend to favour my select ones I bought a few years back but they have since changed the style so I'm back to trying to find my perfect vest. At £2 each I picked them up in the colours I wear the most.

Since picking up my sunglasses in last weeks haul I've been looking for a case. I wasn't prepared to spend £8 on the ones in Topshop. Now this print isn't great but for £1 my sunglasses won't get scratched in my handbag and it's big enough to fit most styles in.

I couldn't resist these at the till for £1 I thought they were worth a try and after biting all my nails a few weeks ago looking at my nails is bothering me. I was surprised when I got home to find they came with glue. I didn't expect much from it but it works just aswell as the elegant touch ones I'm used to.

I love false nails and used to wear them a lot before growing my natural ones. I love how quick and easy you can have a perfect mani for days. This pattern is so cute and they had a great variety of styles. My only complaint is the nails are a little large for my fingers. I have the smallest ones on and could have done with smaller. I would definitely re purchase though. If you like false nails give these a try.

Then as it was raining I thought the best thing to do would be stroll through boots to escape the rain (What was I thinking) I should have got wet I can never resist buying in boots. I like using these Lee Stafford products honestly I don't know if they work but my hair is a bit longer now and I've just had it highlighted and they are great for conditioning. I only pick them up when they are on offer as they are £7.99 a pot but are currently on £3 for £12

As it was the mega points event and you need to spend £15 to get 10 points to the £1 I picked up a mini shampoo and conditioner for my holiday. I usually use John Frieda when I have blonde hair but they didn't have the one I wanted in the minis so I'm hoping these Trevor Sorbie ones will be good. They were £1.99 each and had 75ml in compared to the other brands having 50ml.

So that's all I bought today. Now I really need willpower to stop shopping!!

Have you picked up any bits in the last of the sales?

Love M


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