Friday, 31 August 2012

NOTD Barielle Delicate Dancer

I originally posted about the box set this polish came from here

This beauty has been featuring on my nails recently when I can't decide which colour to go for, a nude is always the best option then!

It's called Delicate Dancer and true to the name is a very delicate colour.

I normally like a solid block of whatever colour I'm painting and whilst this polish is very thin, the effect is still really nice and natural.

I've never heard of Barielle before so had no idea if it was any good but I think for a collection of Bridal colours they hit the nail on the head.

This colour is most definitely similar to what I would choose to wear on my wedding day!

The colour did require a few coats but as each was thin it dried quickly and the coats were not streaky.

I will definitely be using this one up over the next few weeks when the weather can't decide what it is doing!
And it will look just as good on toes as it will on fingers.

What do you think of this Barielle nude colour? Are you a fan of peachy nudes or pinky nudes?

L xxx

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