Saturday, 4 January 2014

Mane 'n Tail Conditioner

Good morning!

I hope your new year has started off with a bang, I'm going hard at the gym for the next few weeks to kick start my health regime and up my fitness ready for a long list of challenges set out for this year.
Aside from that work has been so quiet I've spent all my time cleaning and moving boxes...full of paper! My shoulders and back were absolutely killing afterwards!

During my shopping trip in Liberty at the beginning of December I picked up a product that has probably made it onto many blogs over the past year but I hadn't managed to get my hands on it.

The Original Mane 'n Tail Moisturizer is a conditioner originally created for horse hair.
That's right..................horses.


Why on earth would you want to use horse conditioner I hear you think?
Well not only is this a horse conditioner but also a conditioner for humans and a leave in conditioner.

It has been recommended by many a woman for its hydrating properties and ability to help keep long hair in good condition and grow longer.



The conditioner is in a white plastic bottle with a yellow and blue label on, not the normal type of packaging for a product that catches the eye of bloggers and beauty journalists.

They claim this is an exclusive thick, rich formula to achieve longer, healthier looking hair by working 5 ways;
1) Conditions and fortifies hair
2) Helps prevent hair breakage and split ends
3) Natural oils to prevent scalp flaking
4) Moisturising against environmental effects
5) Keeps hair tangle free



All this for only £7 for 335ml which is almost 100ml bigger than your average bottle.

Having used the conditioner over the winter months when my hair was feeling rather awful, I can safely say that this product is pretty handy. It does not overload my hair whatsoever and leaves it feeling soft and manageable, it does fight tangles which I suffer with a lot with my very long hair and it is generally in a much better condition.

I would consider repurchasing this again in future once I've worked through some of my stash. I've got rather a lot to be working through for the time being but I'd recommend this to anyone with long hair that needs a boost over the colder months.

Have you tried the Mane 'n Tail range? What did you think of using a horse product?

L xxx

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