Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spend, Save, Splurge: Dry Shampoo

I am a complete lover of dry shampoo. I don't know where I would be without it. Since having extensions and my hair being a bit damaged from over hair dying and use of products, I try to only wash my hair twice a week (I know some people will think it's gross) it's all my hair needs. It's good for the hair to have time to produce it's own oil rather than wash it every day. Most people are surprised when they see me hair is on day 3 or 4. 

I tend to use dry shampoo on the third day just to freshen it up through the roots. It's great for giving hair a bit of a refresh. I'm also lazy when it comes to washing my hair. I hate drying it. My hair isn't even that long so I don't know why.

I've tried a fair few brands so I thought it was time I did a spend, save splurge on dry shampoo. Is it worth paying the extra? You can read my other Spend, Save, Splurge posts here

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First up is Superdrug Shampoo which retails for £1.99 for 150ml. This can sometimes be picked up for buy one get two free. What an amazing offer. When I saw it I snapped it up. I love the scent of this dry shampoo and it comes in a variety of different scents and has one for brunettes too.

For me though this is the worst dry shampoo I have tried. It didn't seem to absorb oil at all of have the slight powder feel I've come to expect, which in my opinion is needed. This seemed to act more as a spray refresher for my hair in terms of scent rather than helping to make it look a little cleaner. I haven't really used these that much as too me they don't really do much. They work as more of a body spray for the hair for me.

They can be purchased here and are currently on offer for 2 for £2.99.


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For spend I've chosen Batiste. This retails for £2.99 for 200ml or £4.99 for 400ml. I've used Batiste for years now. It's the dry shampoo I always go back to. I love it. It does a great job at refreshing the hair in terms of smell. It comes in a variety of different scents so there is one to suit most tastes. It also absorbs any excess oil in the hair great. It comes out slightly white but if applied lightly and brushed through it isn't noticeable in the hair. This is great for all hair colours.

Batiste is great for making the hair last an extra day. I'm currently using the Tropical one which can be purchased here for £2.99


 photo 20130219_195527_zps54593977.jpg

Lastly I've chosen Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo. This retails for £1.99 for 50ml. So for 200ml like the batiste would cost £7.96. The small bottle is great for throwing into your handbag for any use while on the go. It has a neutral scent to it. It really absorbs the oil in the hair but I do find it is very white. In the picture you may be able to see the whiteness of this product. I think in darker hair it is really hard to blend the powder into the hair.

It can be purchased here for £1.99.

In my opinion Spend  wins today. I love batiste. It does the job great and for me I don't see the point spending any more on it. 

Do you use Dry Shampoo? What's your favourite?



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