Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Review: Benefit Dandelion

I was lucky and for Christmas my other half cleverly consulted L on what I would like. L gave him some ideas and I'd been hinting after this blush a lot after purchasing Erase Paste (Review here) and the girl on the counter using it on me. I'd said Feeling Dandy to him most mornings for about 2 months as that was a Christmas Gift Set version I wanted. Bless him, when he went shopping he'd forgotten the brand so wondered round boots asking different counter girls for Feeling Dandy, unfortunately it had all sold out by the time he went shopping. I don't mind though as I've ended up with a bigger version of the blush.

I've never had a benefit blush before but had used a few of L's when I've been doing my make up round hers. At first I was sceptical of the cardboard boxes as I thought they'd get damaged and look tatty quickly. 6 weeks in and it still looks pretty good. I like that it's a flip back lid as it won't get lost and that it has a mirror in. 

I personally love the brush that comes with it. It's not the softer of brushes but it is amazing for applying the blush. The shape of it makes it really easy and I use the brush most days over my Real Techniques Blush Brush. I keep the little tray that comes with it to keep the brush and the blush separate.

Dandelion is a gorgeous soft pink colour. It is perfect on my rather pale skin. It goes on really easily and while it's pigmented it's perfect for building up. This blush is also perfect if you don't where blush much or are new to it as you can't over do it. As much as I love my Sleek Palette of blushes where they are super pigmented I have to be careful. With this it just looks like a gorgeous natural flush.

The swatch shows the gorgeous colour of it. It looks amazing on the apples of the cheeks and literally has been on my face almost everyday since I got it. I probably pick this one 9 times out of 10. 

As you can see it just gives a little flush of natural colour to the cheeks. I also have my Liz Earle Bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks. Another love of mine. I'll be reviewing it next week!

I literally couldn't be without this now. Dandelion Retails for £23.50 which is a reasonable price for the quality and you get a little brush too. The Feeling Dandy gift set I really wanted is on £24.50 and you get a smaller Dandelion Blush, Dandelion lip gloss, and mini's of high bean and posie tint. These set would be great gifts!

I really want to try another benefit blush. I love the look of 10 and Benefit Watt's Up. What is your favourite?

Love M


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