Saturday, 16 February 2013

Review: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

A goooooooooooooood few weeks ago now myself and M went along to a Clarins event at Central Pharmacy in Cardiff.

We met up with the lovely Charli from Charli Dot Dot Dot and Cariad from Cariadity and had a great night playing with the Clarins products, having make overs and hand massages as well as some lovely nibbles and drinks.

As Clarins are a well known brand for their skin care I couldn't help but talk to them about my then troubled skin.
They suggested I try the Lotus Face Treatment Oil, which although is an oil is aimed at troubled and problematic skin...perfect for me!

If you remember I had been using Skinetica to get rid of my spots but it did not help much with the scarring.

After getting over my initial reluctance to use an oil on my skin I got well into applying 2/3 drops of this in the morning and the same again at night.

As you can see it contains Rosemary and Geranium to balance oil and purify skin, and Lotus extract to refine the skin.

This oil has been great for me.
I love the bottle and the fact you only need a tiny amount, I'm barely down to the bottom of the Clarins word  after 2/3 months of use.

The oil is also quite a dry oil considering how liquid it is, it sinks into the skin quite quickly and even though I apply it in the morning before a day of work it doesn't leave my skin oily and shiny for the day.

The dropper is really easily controlled as well so you can judge how much you need really easily.

As for the results my skin has felt so much more hydrated and my skin has become more even in tone.
It has definitely helped with the scarring though unfortunately I don't have any pictures to prove it!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with oily skin and blemishes, anyone with scarring and also anyone with combination skin as it hasn't caused me to break out but my skin is hydrated.

This was a random purchase but I'm pretty sure it was a good one!

Have you used anything from Clarins skin care before? I would definitely consider purchasing more, let me know what you'd recommend!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Me and M were lucky enough to win tickets to London Fashion Week, so we will be in London all weekend.

Let us know if any of you will be around, and I'm sure there will be a post to come on it soon.

We're so excited!!

L xxx

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