Saturday, 8 December 2012

Review: Origin's Modern Friction

If you hadn't noticed, me and M are biiiiiiiiiig fans of Origins.

A few weeks ago we went to a Christmas event at John Lewis Beauty Hall and I spent quite a bit of money on some Origins goodies.

I picked up Modern Friction after wanting it for ages, along with the box set of masks and consequently a goodie bag of samples too.

Origins Skincare

Modern Friction is what Origins call 'natures answer to microdermabrasion'

To me this sounds like an amazing all natural way to resurface and smooth my own skin without blasting it with harsh chemicals and leaving it red raw.

Origins Skincare

This product uses rice to buff the skin into looking fabulous.
You apply to to dry skin normally and then wet it afterwards but for sensitive skin can apply straight into wet skin if you prefer.

It also contains lemon juice which we all know is great for use in scrubs due to its lightly acidic properties, just whatever you do do NOT get this in your eye. Lesson learnt!

I massage this all over my face and neck twice a week and have noticed a massive difference to the texture and overall appearance of my skin.

Origins Skincare

After short term use my skin looked brighter and less grey, definitely from sloughing off the most recent layer of skin.
After longer use my skin surface has definitely improved and I can say it is smoother to touch and also looks more refined.

This product is pretty pricey being around the £31 mark but I believe it's worth every penny and my twice weekly use of the 125ml tube has left me with 3/4 left after 2 months of use.

Origins Skincare

Origins Skincare

As I'd spent a certain amount at the origins counter (sucker!) I also came away with this amazing goody bag!
Check out the beauties in this!

This was exclusive to the event and the Brighter By Nature face pads were alone worth £20 so this was an utter bargain.
We've both been using them for the last few weeks and will be reviewing them shortly!

Have you used Modern Friction before? Would you spend £31 on it?
What Origins product(s) are your favourite?
I just love how natural everything is and it all smells DIVINE!

L xxx

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