Saturday, 22 December 2012

Review: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturiser

I have bought a few things from Vichy and loved all of them so far.

I have since been and bought the Normaderm moisturiser I previously posted about here and really quite like the feel on my skin, the effects, and the price which the product costs.
On top of that there is normally a deal on with skincare in Boots or Vichy often have a deal themselves which are worth waiting for.

On my latest trip I picked up the Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturiser.

As you can see from the box, it is made from the thermal spa water that other Vichy products are made with, free from parabens and can provide up to 48 hours of hydration for sensitive skin.
This I am loving the thought of!

Especially as it was made 'light' and so effective when used on normal/combination skin which i currently have.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light

Another ingredient in this moisturiser that is VERY important in hydration is Hyaluronic Acid.
Even though the acid name sounds scary, it's actually a great product for drier skins and a must have during the harsher winter months.
If you haven't read about it before, it can hold up to 1000 times it's own weight in water and so when applied to your skin can provide a much needed source of hydration throughout application and a while afterwards.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light

My skin worries are seemingly endless, but as my latest Skinetica post has hinted, i may have found something that can actually help! Check back next Thursday when I have the full review planned for.
On top of this I have been applying this Vichy moisturiser to combat the increased dryness I've been experiencing recently and in order to fight off any further dryness, whilst hopefully not overloading my skin either.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light

In all honesty, this cream has been a dream and I've loved it.
The pot has quite frankly disappeared (even though it has actually lasted a good 2 months of usage morning and night).
It sunk into my skin really fast without leaving a greasy layer but my skin has not been dry in the slightest.
Having skin that needs hydration is odd for me as I've always had oily skin, and so I think this product would be perfect for anyone who is worried their oily skin will react to increased hydration.

I honestly love it and will be repurchasing before my contract at Boots ends ha.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light

I am trying to think of anything that might be negative to say about this.....
But I honestly cannot think of anything.

Aside from the 'if onlys' such as a bigger pot and cheaper?! But this pot is worth every penny and I will be repurchasing, that should say it all really shouldn't it??

Have you used many products by Vichy? What do you think? What's your favourite?

Have you changed to a more hydrating moisturiser for the winter months?

L xxx

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