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Bloggers Unite to Loose Weight

After asking on twitter whether you would prefer a post on tan or my progress on my couch to 10k post I wrote a few weeks back (link) I was contacted by Holly from Holly's Beauty Box to see if I wanted to be included in her weekly  bloggers unite to loose weight  posts. I thought this was a great idea and I think being involved in a group and documenting your progress weekly helps you to achieve your goals. I find I feel more guilty if I do gain weight if I know others are following my progress.

These's are the Do's and Don'ts suggested by Holly and if any of you fancy joining this too you can get in touch with Holly via her blog (linked above) or twitter (@holly1986)

  • DO's
  • Do highlight your aims in terms of health, maintaining weight loss, losing weight, eating better, toning up. Whichever your aims are, highlight them. 
  • Detail your plan - how you hope to achieve your target. 
  • Detail your moods within each weekly vlog and blog entry.
  • Do award yourself! theres bound to be something you really want, a dress or something, so detail what that will be and upon achieving your target  award yourself with your item of choice!
  • Make sure youre completely honest, your vlogs are also helping other people and they need to see the highs and the lows!


  • The rules are, no-one states their start weight! 
  • Dont fail to vlog on a weekly basis or its unlikely you'll stick to it
  • Don't lie in your vlogs! youre only lying to yourself! 
  • Don't make unrealistic goals.

My aims

I should mention I originally started trying to run back in June and get my fitness up but didn't match my diet with it. For the past 5 weeks I've matched a healthy eating plan and exercise and have so far lost 10lbs. L and I also send each other motivaional photos of gym quotes or bodies we want. Seeing amazing photos of Kelly Brook makes me want to put the chocolate down ha. I love her toned curvy shape.

So my aims are for regular exercise. I am for everyday, it's rare this will happen and usually I will exercise between 3 to 5 times a week. In the evenings sometimes I don't feel like it and if I really am tired I won't push myself. The exercise I am to do is a run or Jillian Michaels 30 day Shread. 

Food wise I use My Fitness Pal app which is an app I would recommend to everyone and anyone. It's so great to track what you eat and calorie count which is something I wouldn't do with out it and the support from others using it is great.


As mentioned above I run. I find road running a great form of exercise to really burn fat. Back in June I struggled to run for a few minutes now I can run for at least 35 minutes solid or 3 15 minute runs. The key is to start slow. The couch to 10k app is another great one to follow. I followed solidly for 6 weeks then did my own thing. It's great for non runners as the first week is run for a minute walk for 90 seconds and you do that 8 times. sounds easy right? If you've never run it'll make you out of breath. As I said by week 6 I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't want to do solid 20 minutes of running and kept finding myself an excuse not to do it. I decided to then do my own thing. This started off doing 6 minute runs 2 minute walks and I just increased the run time as I felt ready and kept the walks in. Some days I now run 10 minute blocks some days I'll run for 35 minutes. With running do what you want. Have upbeat music, carry water and plan your route before hand. Once you start actually running what you think is a long distance doesn't actually turn out to be that long.

The other exercise I do is Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I use this as my toning tool. It's a simple concept exercise daily for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is all it takes but my god it's harder than you'd think. I end up a sweaty mess. She works by doing 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs and this is repeated 3 times with a 1 minute warm up and cool down. This is great for if you are short of time and need inspiration to keep you going. All you need is weights (I picked them up from TK Maxx and a mat, I use a blanket) and the dvd is cheap on Amazon. I add extra sit ups to this work out now. On Tuesday I did the level two for the first time. Hello plank pain ha!!


With the app I try to stick to 1200 calories before exercise and it's surprisingly easy to do.  My breakfast is either cereals or yoghurt and fruit and a black coffee. Lunch is green tea with salad, soup or left overs and Dinner is usually a slimming world recipe or one of The Hairy Dieters recipes. I fully recommend this cook book. I will include a recipe a week on here. Snacks I have more fruit or veg, humous, crispbreads, chocolate or a frozen muller light.

Freezing muller light kind of makes me feel like I'm having ice cream. I also keep a big bar of chocolate in the fridge and if I want it I'll have 4 squares a night. Diet coke is also only 1 calorie for a sweet treat.


I weigh once a week on Tuesday and don't peek at my weight before this. If I've had a bad week I'll still weigh as it's important to know where I am.

This week I will be going to celebrate a friends birthday. If I have an occasion like this I won't log my calories for the day but will pick healthy choices like having gin and tonics and will do extra exercise. For weekends if you want treats have them. For the rest of the week it'll be sticking to my food plan.

I also plan to run three times this week. I really want to up the exercise as my holiday is in 4 weeks and I aim for my thighs to not touch in the middle. Being pear shaped makes me feel really out of proportion and I'd just like a toned lower half and smaller arms.

On holiday I will be exercising still but not worrying about food. Long term I want to maintain healthy food and exercise to feel happy and confident with my body.

Hope you like this post and I'd be interested in reading yours if you are sticking to something like this for inspiration.

Love M


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