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Nip and Fab: Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix

Hey All

I'm currently sat in bed in massive amounts of pain after completing the Cardiff Half this morning so thought I'd share with you something L and I are currently loving while the other half slowly potters around tidying. A cheeky Chinese is on the way soon.


When I was browsing debenhams the other day I spied a lot of Nip + Fab stuff massively reduced. Que me immediately ringing L and seeing if she wanted some too. Most of it worked out about 75% off. So far from all we've tried we are big fans!


We are both skincare fans and have always tried to have a proper skincare regime and believe that prevention is better than cure. A serum is something I've been bad at using but been trying to recently after we went to a Neal's Yard Remedy evening and it was mentioned that serums are good to use pre moisturiser as they penetrate the skin and moisturise the under layers.


As you can see from the box the claims it offers. It claims to blur wrinkles and contain viper venom to help minimize the look of them. As my wrinkles are pretty non existent I can't comment on if the serum is helping them.

It's a clear gel like formula that sinks into the skin and leaves it feeling non greasy. My skin has approved of using this as of late and it hasn't broken me out in spots. My skin feels smoother and more hydrated from adding it too my routine.

It's also lasting pretty well. A little goes a long way! The viper venom and bee sting things always intrigued me with their claims of plumping abilities. I'm really glad I tried this one and will be repurchasing at full price!

Have you tired any of the viper venom range? I'm loving the Eye Fix.

Love M



Hello there!

As M has said, we're lovers of skincare (and pretty much every product really!) but prevention of wrinkles and the like is very important to us. Finding the perfect skincare that doesn't break you out but provides enough hydration and helps fight the signs of ageing is pretty exhausting to find. There's so many elements!

This Viper Venom serum instantly drew me in because of the name; I'm always attracted to Venom, Bees, Dragon's blood etc and I cannot wait to try the new range from Nip and Fab with Dragon's Blood in, how freaking cool. I've also heard lots about the Glycolic acid products too so will have to try them once I've worked my way through a few more things.


I always get a bit confused with the random names of the patented products in these but they are pretty cool. Liftonin Xpress smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and Syn-ake is inspired from the venom of the Temple Viper which I assume has a positive effect on skin though it doesn't actually state what it does? Maybe it's the plumping effect.

I love the packaging design, monochrome with an acidic green accent always looks good and perfect for a snake inspired product. The tube is pretty sizeable and will be easy to squeeze out even the last drop.


I've been applying this morning and evening and have noticed a really good hydrating effect on my skin, it drinks it up almost straight away and doesn't leave a greasy residue at all so it's perfect in the morning before a long day and at night. I do find the base requires moisturiser after it as my skin can feel a bit weird otherwise but this isn't an issue for me as this is an additional step before my moisturiser anyway.



The nozzle also makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product and the tube allows you to know how much is left unlike pump style products.

I've been a fan of the results, fingers crossed it is preventing any lines and wrinkles from forming. I'm lucky that i don't have many yet...but I'm sure there are some lurking on my forehead ready to spring out as soon as I forget to apply some hydration!

We've been using this in conjunction with the rollerball Viper Venom Eye Fix which we will also be reviewing soon so check back if you're interested in the full range.

Have you tried many products from Nip and Fab? What's your favourite?

I have SO MUCH on my list!

L xxx

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