Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nars Blush in Orgasm

Hey there!

A few weeks ago I spent probably what is termed a 'ridiculous' amount of money in Space Nk. It was my first ever purchase from them so I thought it was fitting I picked up my first ever Nars product....or should I say five products! Whoops!



I went for it, and I thought after hearing so much about it for such a long time I had to pick up the Orgasm blush.

The packaging is monochrome and obviously a good start for me. It's made out of rubberised material which sadly gets dirty from make up the easiest out of any other product I've ever got my make up covered hands on. It's infuriating but I'm having to get over it and allow my fingerprints to build up on it. Sigh.



The Orgasm blush is a pinky corally blush with a beautiful rose gold shimmer; it's so flattering I can barely believe how easy it is to pile on in the morning in a rush.

In some ways its pinker than i would have imagined, but a quick swirl with a brush and this can be blended out for a very light wash of colour or piled up (it's really pigmented!) to give you a sexy glow of which i would imagine that's where the name came from!



On the skin with a quick swirl using a Real Techniques blush brush and here's the effects, without and then with flash:



Super flattering, subtle shimmer, perfect glow for every day wear. I think I've actually found a rival for Coralista which is saying something as someone who has lots of blush products and only uses the one. Sorry coralista but I imagine you're going to be having a holiday for the next few weeks!

I'm really impressed with my first Nars product and for £22.50 for 4.8g I'm pretty happy with the price too. It's great quality and I'd recommend it to anyone. I also snapped up another blush in my haul along with 2 lip pencils and a concealer so I'm sure they will feature in the reviews very soon.

Have you tried Nars? What's your favourite blush?

L xxx

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