Monday, 18 November 2013

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Dark Night Waterl-Oops

Hope you've all had a great weekend. I've spent a long weekend with the family so it's been lush and chilled. I popped to my local town with my mum on Friday to pick up a few bits. Since dying my hair lilac I've been wanting more purple toned lip products. I've got a colour in my head but struggled to find it on the high street. I've spent a lot time looking through the different stands but when I found this one I had to pick it up.

Dark Night Waterl-oops (random name!) is one of the reformulated their moisture renew range and bought out some new colours. Diva Red is one of my favourite reds so I was excited to try other colours in the range. 


I prefer the new packaging as the old one seems to look tatty in my make up storage now and the purple colour is peeling off which won't happen on this. It feels sturdy enough at the moment so no lids coming off in the handbag hopefully.


Dark night waterl-oops is such a pigmented colour. Rimmel lipsticks I've tried are amazing for this. I love that one swipe gives such a strong colour.


I love the colour of Dark night waterl-oops. In the swatch it shows it's more pink tones. The colour can be applied with more of a dabbing motion and smudged a little to get a gorgeous softer colour. It really reminds me of Mac Rebel which was another selling point for me as I've wanted that colour for ages.


Here it is built up on the lips. Excuse my slightly wobbly line as I've been at my parents I didn't pack a lip brush. I think dark lip colours look much better applied with a brush. It gives such a gorgeous purple berry tone when applied directly from the bullet.


When applied from the bullet it is gives a soft glossy finish and does feel moisturising on the lips and lasts really well. It is smooth to apply and doesn't drag.


If smudged out or applied lightly I did find it to be a little drying on the lips but nothing a bit of lip balm before application wouldn't fix.

Have you tried the new moisture renew lipsticks? Would you brave a dark colour?

Love M


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