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Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stains

A new thing to the UK this week, I managed to pick up a few of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stains whilst in the US. 

I got a pink and an orange colour (Sweetheart Valentine and Rendezvous) for myself and also one for M as part of her birthday box of goodies which was called Smitten.

First up here's mine:

I absolutely love the packaging, the pencils are pretty chunky which means they're easy to hold and use and the simple twist up mechanism that most products have means you can twist up more or less of the product really easily.

I chose without testing them as in America there aren't many places where they have testers.
This is both a good and bad thing, as everything is sealed you know it hasn't been touched by somebody elses grubby hands, but then how on earth do you know which colour you want?!

I've swatched both pencils on my hand to show you the pink and the orange colours, they're a smooth consistency, go on really easily without pulling at all and although the pencils are quite thick you can easily get a smooth line.

The above picture is Sweetheart Valentine, I'm not exactly sure which name it's supposed to be as it must be called Sweetheart in some countries and Valentine in others but it's number 025.

I hate doing swatches on my actual lips as I hate them...but I'm getting over it for this post as I feel you need to see the beautiful colours that they produce!

Here's 025 on my lips and it's a beautiful red pink:

The colour takes a few seconds to fully come out, I applied it and at first didn't see much colour pay off so was a little disappointed when suddenly it was like BAM it had appeared on my lips!

Me and M went out for her birthday last night and I wore this out then, I woke up this morning with my lips still stained pink which is pretty impressive!

I think they last a pretty decent amount of time but I always reapply them to make sure the colour is at it's brightest.

I do find however that for all day I still need to use Vaseline to keep my lips in good condition as it wasn't as moisturising.

Next up is shade Rendezvous or 040 which is a gorgeous orange.

I have never really liked orange shades before, but nowadays I'm genuinely obsessed. 
I'm sat here wearing an orange tshirt, with orangey pink nails and most things I'm lusting after right now are in a coral/orange hue.

Anyways, this is the balm stain on your lips:

I think both of these are amazing colours perfect for ANY occasion. 

You do need to reapply throughout the day but these are definitely going to feature in my handbag for a long time!
In fact, I'm debating going back into the shops today to pick up some more colours as they're just so easy to use.

I can't comment on how they compare to the Clinique Chubby Sticks as I've never seen those, but as the Revlon ones are currently £5.99 (£2 off in Boots and Superdrug at the moment!) these are far more affordable.

What do you think of these 2 colours? Do you like the pencil type lip products?

L xxx

I was so excited when I opened up my presents from L (blog post coming soon) it was like I had my own little American Haul.

L picked me up the shade smitten which unfortunately isn't one that's been released in the UK. L knows me so well. It's a gorgeous bright pink.

I couldn't wait to open it up and try it. I'd seen so much about these lipstains on blogs and knew I'd love them.  The packaging is compact and easy to use. I can apply this without a mirror which I like as well.

If you've seen shades you prefer that are only in America this eBay seller sells them all. They are £7 with free postage!! Bargain. I haven't bought from this seller myself but they are sat in my wishlist and the seller has 99.9% positive feedback so shouldn't be a problem.

When swatched on the hand the colour appears quite pale. But don't be fooled. It's a very instense pink that can easily be built up or left with just one swipe for a paler effect on the lips.

There is a slight minty tingle when you first apply it. Which I love, I love the gently balmy finish to it so it feels light on the lips but has an impressive colour pay of. I think the photo shows it slightly more reddy. In reality it's a fuchsia pink.

Once the balm wears of you are left with the stain from the colour. It's impressive how long the stain lasts on the lips, but it does tend to fade to a liner effect so you do need to re apply.

I'm definitely popping into boots tomorrow to get more of the shades. Rendezvous is on the top of my wishlist at the moment. I'm lacking an Orange in my lipstick collection.

Are you rushing out to get them? Which shades are on your wishlist? The swatches on the boots website make it hard to see the colour in my opinion so I'm not sure how many I'll be picking up. For £5.99 I'll be stocking up.

Love M

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