Monday, 2 July 2012

July Wishlist

This month is a little different for me as it's my birthday month so I'm hoping to get a few bits for my birthday and resist spending as much as I really need to save.

Last Month's post was a short wishlist as I hadn't got much from May's list. I Got the Rimmel lipstick I wanted which I'll be doing a post on soon as it's gorgeous. I'm still trying to decide on the eye cream as I'm wondering if origins is better. What eye cream do you use? Any recommendations? The gorgeous bag is still sat in my eBay watch list. I absolutely love it but I'm resisting buying for the moment.

So for this month. L has told me I really need to wait to buy any non essential make up till Oct as everything in America is so much cheaper. So my next few wishlists will be mostly make up free. Octobers one will be jam packed though.


As it's my birthday I'm currently searching for the perfect dress. Where am I looking?? None other than eBay. I'm hoping to win one soon. Here are a few of the styles I'm eyeing up. If you know of any great sale dresses let me know :)

 These are my top three dresses in my watch list at the moment. Photos all from the eBay sellers.


If you've been reading my lipstick posts you may have seen I dyed my hair red. It lasted only a few weeks. It was too dark and after a bad hair cut I couldn't stand it so used colour b4 on it (if you are interested in a review on this let me know, it's great stuff) I've regretted dying it loads as my hair before I really liked. Unintentionally I had extended roots and highlighted tips and liked how it looked. Now I want extended roots again. I'm considering doing it myself but not sure how. So any tips appreciated.

If I do it myself I'll be grabbing for Nice and Easy. This is always my go to home hair dye. What's yours?


For Christmas I received a mini St. Tropez set. I've been so won over by the amazing lotion tan I need to get more. I'm hoping to pick this up from Debenhams and use some of my beauty points towards it. I've typically been a mouse girl when it comes to tan but I've definitely been converted now. It's currently in the blue cross sale which makes me want to purchase it now. It's only £25.53 for the big 240ml bottle at Debenhams. I'm impressed with how a little goes far. My mini 85ml bottle has done me at least 6 applications.


I'm always lusting over one nail varnish or another. At the moment I really want some Models own nail art pens, the Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix and Indian Ocean Beetlejuice. I think my next models own order will be a bit one.

The website does great offers where if you buy 5 you save £7, found here


I keep meaning to place an order with ELF, I've personally never tried any of there products but after reading blog the other day and seeing the review on the ELF make up mist and set spray I knew I had to place an order soon. I'm very keen to try a setting spray.

Image from her blog, here is the link to her review Her latest post is also the famous in blogging world eBay blush palette that sits  in my watch list still.

Any products from ELF you'd recommend for me to include in my order??

What's on your wishlist?

Love M


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