Thursday, 12 July 2012

Review: Almay Smart Shade Primer

I recently posted about my buys from America where I bought a little more than planned...haha

One of my buys was the Almay Smart Shade Colour Correction Primer:

I saw it whilst on a trip to Walmart and couldn't help myself.
I've always wanted to try the Stila one and this one was only $10, I couldn't refuse!

Besides, the colours look so pretty in the bottle!

The purple is apparently to help with skin brightness, and the green is to calm redness.
I was hoping that whilst I was in America this would help even my skin tone when I wasn't wearing make up.

You can see on my hand where the pump dispenses and even amount of the clear gel, purple gel and green gel. 
As you can see I've called it a gel as it's definitely more like a gel consistency than a lotion, paste or cream, which is what I'm used to with primers.

It mixes in pretty well, as soon as you start rubbing it in, it seems to melt and feels quite watery but it sinks in quite quickly.

After it's rubbed in you can see that my skin is a bit shiny but it does sink in after a few minutes.

In terms of colour correction it really does work, it calms the redness and gives my skin a brighter tone.

I'm not sure how it would fair at keeping my make up on my face all day as it isn't designed to absorb oil etc that I definitely need in a primer for a full day.
But as my skin has improved quite a bit over the time I was away due to not wearing make up and getting some sun I think it's pretty good for me!

If you don't have too many blemishes and aren't worried about oily skin then I would definitely recommend you try this.

I'm not sure if you can buy this primer in the UK yet as it was new out in America and I can't find it online with other Almay products on Amazon, but I'm sure it will be soon.

What do you think of Colour Correction products? Do you have anything from Almay?

L xxx

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