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Naked 3

Morning All

It's been a busy weekend for me. I ended up going home for the weekend as last weekend my brother really hurt himself doing jumps in the hills by me (he's 30 and should know better)! Any ways one very damaged pelvis and two nieces later I wanted to pop home and see him and take his little girls off his hands. He's currently in a lot of pain whenever he does anything. He could only manage 30 minutes sat down in a wheelchair before we had to go home. Seeing someone who is normally so active in so much pain from doing the simplest things was certainly hard!

Anyway onto more positive things. When L and I went to a product showcase a few weeks ago I couldn't resist buying myself Naked 3! Could I afford it? No. Was it Necessary? No. Did I need it? No. Am I completely in love? Yes!!!!

This shows Naked 2 and 3 next to each other. They are different enough to need both. As someone who loves naked 2 I do think 3 is complimentary to my skin tone.

I absolutely love my Naked 2 palette. Since buying Naked 2 I have used it so much I've hit pan on a few colours (this was how I justified to myself I needed Naked 3!). You can read my thoughts on Naked 2 here.



The packaging of Naked 3 is similar to naked 2. A metal tin that holds up well to damage and travel. It has a huge mirror in which is always appreciated and a great quality double ended brush. Naked 3 is a rose gold toned theme to it. Naked 3 comes with 4 sachets of primer potion. At first I was disapointed by these but they have lasted well and it's good to try all 4.


The primers really do enhance the colours and make them last even longer. For everyday use I don't usually use a primer as I don't feel it's necessary but for evenings I prefer a more intense colour.



In the above photo is the following colours without and with primer to show the difference. Here are Buzz, Factory, Blackheart and Dust.

Primer really makes a difference to dust as it is a very glittery shadow prone to fallout. I love the sparkliness of it though. Blackheart really intensifies with a primer.

There are a really good mix of shadows in the palette with mattes, glitters, shimmers and frost finishes.


Strange is a perfect all over the lid base matte colour. This is getting a lot of use from me.

Dust is probably my favourite shadow. It is a glitter shadow so there is some fallout and it works better with a primer. It's such a pretty nude sparkle.

Burnout is a frost finish and one I've not really used.

Limit is the perfect neutral crease colour. It's a matte shade so perfect for defining the crease and is light so work perfect for no make up make up.

Buzz is a beautiful rose shadow and works for a smoky eye or I like wearing it under the eye. It's a shimmer shadow and looks so pretty.

Trick is a very yellow gold. I've used this as a liner for a different make up look and under the eyes. It applies well and lasts well with and without primer.


Nooner is a colour I fear I'll hit pan on. It's the perfect crease colour. I tend to layer this over limit if I want a more defined crease. This has replaced my beloved tease from Naked 2.

Liar is a really pretty shimmer colour. This and mugshot work perfect for lazy day make up. They provide a soft shimmer of colour over the lid. Liar is warmer toned than mugshot. I love to just sweep these over the lid.

Factory is a lovely warm brown that I like to apply to the outer V for some definition on everyday make up.

Darkside is a deep grey. It has a small amout of shimmer but is quite matte. I like to layer this under blackheart.

Blackheart is a complete beaut!! A matte black shadow packed with a pink glitter. It looks amazing on the eye and I'm in love with this colour.

Naked 3 is a palette I've used loads. As with the other Naked palettes it can easily be used for everyday or for nights out.


Here is strange on the lid and limit and nooner through the crease and under the eye.


Here I have used darkside to deepen the outer v and dust to add shimmer to the inner corner.


Here is a heavier make up look using naked 3. I love how the colours all blend in so easily to each other and can be built up. The 3 looks I have shown all start from the beginning and are built up.

Although I didn't need Naked 3, it's got a lot of love from me already.

Urban Decay are a brand L and I love. The products are great quality and so easy to use. For £38 the palette comes with a brilliant quality brush and 12 shadows. I do think urban decay palettes are worth every penny.

Have you got Naked 3 yet?

Love M


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