Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Review: Benefit Rockateur Box O' Powder

I was so excited when I heard Benefit were bringing out a new blush. As a huge fan of their Dandelion box blush (reviewed here). I'm a fan of softer colours on my cheeks usually so I thought this would be one for me.

As soon as I heard Swansea was having a one day sale of it I headed on the train down as I really wanted to try it. The benebabes there made me need a World Famous Neutrals palette. See my review here

It comes in the typical box like all Benefit blushers and I'm always surprised how well they last in my make up bag. This is the 'provocative one' hence the packaging have a lace print.


There was some controversy when this blush was released and people found out it only contained 5g of product. I didn't know before this that benefit box blushes aren't all the same size. They vary between Dandelion 7g, Hervana 7g, Hoola 8g, Coralista 8g, Sugarbomb 8g, Bellabamba 8g, and Dallas 9g. (these are the current amounts advertised on Benefit website). Though it is a lot less Benefit released a statement stating it was due to different ingredients used in the blushes and to keep them all at the same price. This didn't bother me and due to how much I love Dandelion and the fact it lasted over 6 months before I hit pan and that was being used 5 times a week I wasn't too worried.


Rockateur comes with the new shaped brush. I love the brush with dandelion and use that over others but I prefer this one. It's angles at the tip to make it easier to apply to the cheeks.


It also contains a small mirror which I have come to think is more of a gesture as it is a little to small to use in my opinion. I love that this is an embossed blush and has rock imprinted in it and has a a sparkle over it. This doesn't translate onto the cheek though which I like.


To me Rockateur is a mix between coralista and dandelion. It has more of an orange tint than dandelion. It;s really soft to the touch and sits well on the skin and lasts all day.


On the cheeks it translates to a natural colour, and has a great pigmentation. One sweep and I'm done which is always great for the mornings. I do think as the colour doesn't require building up it should last well. I really love how it looks. It's the perfect inbetween orange and pink blush, not overly shimmery but looks healthy and lasts!


Here it is on outside. It makes my skin look so healthy and works well against the very light tan I have.

The size issue doesn't bother me too much. It's a really pretty colour on the skin and I love the way it looks. I'll update on how well the product lasts. 

Will you be picking up Rockateur? Does the amount of product bother you if it's a great colour and lasts all day?

Rockateur can be bought from the benefit website from August 22nd.

Love M


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