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Urban Decay Oz Palette: Theodora

I'm sure the world of bloggers own at least one Urban Decay palette (I own 4...) and the Oz palettes will be no exception.

When these bad boys came out I obviously needed one of them And by one I obviously meant both (!)


I was lucky enough to get the Theodora palette as one of my presents from my parents for my birthday.
I was massively excited and knew that I obviously needed to purchase the Glinda palette with my remaining birthday money to complete the collection.
A post on this will be coming up soon I can assure you!


The box contains the palette itself, a Super Saturated Lip Stick in the most beautiful red and also an instruction card which details how to create Theodora's face, played by the beautiful Mila Kunis.


Anything magical generally catches my eye, particularly all of these adaptations of childhood fairy tales.
I loved Hansel and Gretel, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White and the Huntsman!

I love the outer packaging for this, the dark and stormy colours with some celestial clouds look mystical and take me back to my childhood, who doesn't want to be a princess??
I love even more that theres a goody and baddy, a palette for all your moods and possible eye make up creations!


As for inside the palette:


There are a range of nude single colours and then two separate duo colours containing and black and a gold, and two varying sage green shades.
In the centre is also one of their 24/7 black pencil eyeliners which was a surprise for me as I only knew about the palette and lip pencil initially!


Here are the colours again in natural light. I do love the arrangement but part of me wonders why there isn't a space for the pencil too. It would be so much easier if you could carry them all together in one case and know that you have a look sorted if necessary.


You can see the palette and the corresponding names on the back of the original box in the above photo.

Names like Beware and Bewitch always make me want them more, they sound much more mysterious don't you think??


Having tried 'lip sticks' like the Revlon Just Bitten lip stains I was dubious about the pencil type lip stick but it actually is just that; lipstick in the shape of a pencil.


It's so soft and glides right onto lips with great colour pay off, it's really soft and moisturising too and I can see me getting a lot of wear from it.


You can see the colour when applied to my lips in the photo below. It's a great 'true' red and will suit all skin tones. You can easily draw the colour on using the pencil and the lipstick isn't hard on your skin at all like others are.


In fact the only issue I can find with this lip product is that it may even be too soft, as the pencil has in fact gone flat after a few uses and I'm a bit stumped as to how to get it back again. Sure, i could sharpen it.....but I'd have to buy a new one to accommodate its larger size and then I'm not sure it would sharpen well as it's so soft?! Dilemma!

So here are a few photos I've taken with my make up done using the Theodora palette on various occasions.
I've used the Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Theodora lipstick both times for the sake of continuity and all the eye shadows are from the Theodora palette!




The above three were completed using the duo eyeshadow called Jealous, along with Broken as a base and inner eye shade and West for the outer corner and crease.

The three pictures below all show the look created with Broken again as a base and inner eye colour, Beware and Bewitch as the main shades and West again in the crease:




I love how they're both so wearable and the red lip colour makes my teeth so white!

This is a great palette for those just starting out as the nudes and browns can be worn by anyone and the black/gold and green duo shadows are great ones to experiment with. They're staple colours in anyones make up wardrobe and i order you to buy this!

For £35 you get 6 shadows (8 really!), an eyeliner and a lip color making each item a bargainous £3.50.
They're also limited edition so don't miss out on these!

Which Urban Decay palette is your favourite?? Glinda will be coming up in a review soon!

L xxx

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