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NOTD: Olympic Inspiration

Day 8!

This is a collection of Olympics inspired nail art from the both of us.

As I type this I'm sat watching the gymnastics! I love the Olympics, I sit day dreaming, I love watching the gymnastics and swimming the most. I always joke to my mum she let me give up on activities too much as a child, she wasn't a pushy parent in the slightest we chose what we wanted to do and when we wanted to stop. I like to think if she had pushed I'd have been good at something by now ;).

So I decided it was about time I tried a tape manicure. I love the look of them. I'm current waiting for nail tape to arrive in the post, but as it's an eBay special from Hong Kong I know it's not coming any time soon so I thought I'd give a DIY one a go and use sellotape.

This type of manicure requires patience and time. Perfect for doing when you are sat watching the Olympics.

I started by picking the colours I wanted (the colours of the Olympic rings and the GB flag) and cutting as thin as I could strips of sellotape. You need lots of these, between 3 to 4 per nail.

This is part of wear patience is needed.

Next step is to paint the nails in the colours selected. I decided on my thumb and ring finger to be Great Britain flag colours and did random marbled spots on them. For the other fingers I did the colours of the Olympic rings in the order they occur.

You don't need to worry about being too neat.

Next step is to apply strips of tape to the nails. Make sure your nails are really dry before you do this stage of you'll end up ripping paint of as you peel them later. I did this on some nails.
I do them diagonally in a random pattern. Thin strips and four per nail I found looked best.

Next pick the colours you want to go over the top. I choose black for flag colours and white for the Olympic ring colours. Don't worry about being too neat. Just make sure it;s well covered.

Once that coat is completely dry remove the tape carefully and in the opposite order to which it was laid down to avoid excess tugging. As you peel back strips you'll feel if there is another on top. Now to clean them up with a cotton bud and apply top coat.

 The finished effect. I can't wait to try this again. I've seen it look great with a gradient neon nail and black on top. What do you think of the tape manicure? Some of my strips were too thick. I think the middle nail looks best. Do you have Olympic nails?

Love M


It's my first proper time at nail art and I totally went for it!
I spent my time during the opening ceremony doing mine so I could get as much of the stuff in as I could!

I thought the ceremony was completely bizarre and crazy and by the end of it I totally loved it!

The music, Mr Bean and good old Bond and Queenie were amazing!

So anyway onto the nails:

This is look no.1

I had so much fun doing this. Originally I didn't even own a blue and I've no idea how this happened but I had to buy one ha.
Union Jack in gold (as we're going to win some!), a medal, my attempt at a torch...., proper union jack and the olympic rings on a gold glitter background.

I used a mix of China Glaze, Models Own and Rimmel colours. 

This was my favourite nail! When I didn't have a blue I tried it out and loved it!
I'm going to be wearing this on my thumb for the entire time the Olympics are on!
I used Model's Own Champagne for this with the white from the Barielle Bridal Collection.

My 2nd look is a lot less complicated:

I simply painted my nails with the same gold (determined were going to be winning some medals!) and then painted each nail a different colour from the Olympic rings starting a few millimetres above the cuticle.

This lets the gold from underneath shine through which looks amazing!
And it's really easy to get a smooth curve after a few tries.

Hope you like my Olympic nails!

L xxx

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