Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Nars Blush in Torrid

Morning pals!

I've clearly become obsessed with a bit of Nars and I cannot stop wearing my new blushes; to the point that I actually end up wearing both of them on my face at once. What of it eh?

Today I've got a review on Torrid, a gamble I took when on the Space NK website and I guessed based on its orange colour that I would love it (and a quick search on Temptalia of course)



Again, I love monochrome and the packaging for this is pretty but the rubber gets SO dirty that it never stays pretty for long at all. It's a shame but as my make up stays in my wardrobe without anyone to see then it doesn't matter too much....




The blush is described as a coral blush with slight shimmer. The shimmer is so fine that sometimes it barely shows which is perfect for me for work; I don't mind a bit of it but to be known as the girl with disco ball cheeks probably isn't what I'd go for! Torrid can be gently swept on for a flattering glow or piled on for some seriously pigmented colour.

You can see some swatches of all Nars blushes on Temptalia here, you can instantly see why I chose the colour being a lover of Benefit's Coralista.



For work I tend to sweep it onto my cheeks for more of a glow effect, I've taken some photos of this below:


I love the effect it gives my skin, its a really subtle wash of colour that gives a lovely glow for day time, and I'm sure with a heavier hand you could really get some colour onto your cheeks as the product is so pigmented. I think the price is pretty standard for blushes nowadays and the fact that they are so pigmented means that you really don't need a lot at all so it will last. It also lasts whilst on the face too, i never need to touch it up throughout the day which is perfect for me.

I used to look at other people's blush collections and wonder why on earth they had so many from Nars but now seeing as I've bought near on 11 blushes in the last few weeks it is safe to say it's my new obsession!

Here's Torrid on my skin with a flash:


You can see the subtle shimmer but it's not glittery at all, I think maybe I even prefer this to the beloved Orgasm blush I also bought at the same time!

At £22.50 these blushes are actually cheaper than the Benefit Box o' Powders but still pack just as much of a punch. I feel like I've been missing out in the blush world!

I would certainly recommend for anyone to buy a blush from Nars now that I know the quality and pigmentation is top notch, I will be certain to add my collection as soon as I can. The Virtual Domination palette for Christmas time looks amazing; if only I could find a few £100 to spare!

What is your favourite Nars blush? Do you have a favourite finish? Are you discovering blush is just as good as eye products for changing your look like I have been??

L xxx

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