Sunday, 7 October 2012

Review: Mac MSF in Soft and Gentle

When L broke my Mac virginity back in March this was one of the first products that caught my eye as we browsed the counter. I was drawn to the pretty shimmer and was just discovering highlighters and the wonder of them at this point. This is a hugely popular Mac product and well known in the blogger world and in my opinion one well worth the hype.

It is my beautiful Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. Excuse the messy package it is now 6 months old.  It retails for £21.50 (here). It's a soft powder with a baked texture. For the price you get loads of product. After using it every day since the end of March I'm just losing the dome shape now. So it really is going to last you a long time.

Soft and Gentle is the a warm golden slightly pinker nude skintone shade. It just adds the most beautiful lift to the skin. It's a slighty shimmery highlighter but you won't look like you're covered in glitter heading to a school disco (who else thought the glitter all over was a good look)

Look how pretty. And you can see here how it's nowhere near pan yet. I definitely think you'd get at least a years wear using it every day. I like to dust it on my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose (with a very gentle hand) and under my brows. 

The mandatory swatch there for you. This photo is taken without flash!!

Here is a light dusting of it on the cheek for every day :)

Have you tried Mac MSF? I really want to try Lightscapade. It looks amazing!!

What's your best highlighter? I've found liquids just can't compare to this!!

Love M


I was given a highlighter powder for my 18th birthday from a family friend which was a limited edition Dior highlighter. It's in a silver case with a key ring style brush attached to the side and contains both silver/pink and yellow/gold highlighters and it has always been GREAT.
I still love it and have used it for every outing since my 18th and is still nowhere near pan whatsoever.

This combined with the fact I own high beam for a more subtle shimmer I never thought I'd actually need another highlighter for a looooooooooooong time.
I mean 6 years of usage and it barely looks like it's been used, why would i need to buy one if I've got this?

This was until M came to mine to get ready for our Reunion night out and I tried the MSF for the first time.


i couldn't believe how tiny the shimmer particles were and how easily they blended with the rest of my make up.

i genuinely couldn't believe how much of a 'glow' it gave me with one sweep across the cheeks and down my nose.
From the photos of the night you can clearly see in every single one how lush the effect is and quite frankly as soon as I get a job it will be one of the first things I will be buying!
(Along with some more Liz Earle!)

Have you tried it?
I tend to shy away from things that have been hyped up as I hate having the same as everyone else.
But I will be making an exception for this!!

L xxx
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