Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OOTD Dogtooth Work Dress

Hey all it's hump day!! I have an exam tomorrow so I'm not all that happy to be half way through the week!!

Here is my second OOTD post. This is a work outfit. I'm very lucky in the fact I can wear what I like to work within reason. 

I'm trying not to overly wash my hair still. It seems in much better condition if I let it go three days. This does mean if I haven't gone swimming by the third day I tend to put it up. For that you can't beat a bun ring (I've done a tutorial on that here) I like to accessorise mine with Dainty Rose Glitter Bows (you can pick them up here) I've mentioned Dainty Roses lots on this blog. I have bought a lot from Lisa. 


On my lips I decided to wear Mac Angel. (review here). I've forgot about it a lot lately and want to start wearing it more again.


I love loading up bangles. L is much better at arranging them than me. They are so easy to wear and I like to load up on jewellery if I have a simple dress.


Rings are definitely my thing when it comes to jewellery. I have loads. I rarely leave the house without them. I love this one. It does tend to hurt my finger a bit after a while though. It looks go so it's worth it. A quick search on eBay found these which are similar. Two stacked up would give the effect.


I love these. I've wanted leopard print pumps for a while. I picked them up from Tesco last summer. They could do with replacing so I'm eyeing up these. I'm loving the bow on these.


I love to add a pop of colour to plain outfits and this two toned green double wrap belt is perfect for that. It adds shape too. I picked this up from ASOS a while a go. You can get a green skinny belt here for £5. It looks a similar colour.


The dress is form next and a favourite work dress of mine. I love the cowl neckline which makes it suitable for work. It's a great length too and I can ware it bare legged in summer. I also go to Next the day after the sale starts and stock up on work dresses. They tend to have a few I like and have great prints. 


They also fit great. I've mentioned a few times my curvy bottom half. It can make dress shopping hard, my waist is an 8 and my hips can be upto a 12. I find next dresses generally fit in an 8 and are more roomy on the bottom half.

Where do you go for work wear? Can you wear what you like?

Love M



Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hair Tutorial : Bun Ring

A bit of a different post today. I have recently discovered my shoulder length hair is now long enough to go in a bun ring! This was a very happy day. I love bun rings, the hair looks really chic and it means my hair can literally be done in 2 mins. I thought I'd share how I do it. I find this style works best on non straightened or day old hair.

This is what you need. A normal bun ring (mine still isn't long enough for big ones.) Kirby grips, a normal hair bamd, hair brush and the little plastic bands. Like snag free ones, you can get them from Claire's Accessories and they are sort of like elastic bands.

Next put it up in a pony tail with the normal band. Here you can see my hair is quite short and fine.

Then place your bun ring over the pony tail and tilt your head forward.

When your head is titled forward spread the hair around the bun ring so that it feels like most of it is covered. Use one of the snag free bands and place over the bun ring (I love these as they stretch enough to only need to go round once and hold the hair perfectly).

Then gently pull your bun ring outwards a bit so the band gets fully underneath and the excess hair starts to go under the bun.

Usually with a bit of a gently pull on my bun ring all the excess hair gets tucked under. Any strands that are still out I just wrap around and secure with grips. I then add two grips either side to keep it held down.

I like to add a bow or flower to mine for decoration. This one is from Dainty Roses, this is the small size and is £3.50 I love them for adding a bit of sparkle.

Then finally I apply hairspray to get rid of all the fly aways. It's such a quick and easy hair style once you get the hang of it. I use it so much now. It's great for days when your hair is bugging you and you just want it out of your face. 

Are you a bun ring fan? If you have longer hair Claire's Accessories have larger bun rings for £5 and online company Sleep Rollers do the really big ones for £15.

Love M



Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dainty Roses: A third haul

A third Dainty Roses Haul for you today, As I'm sure you can guess I'm a big fan. I love the stuff the lovely Lisa sales and I'm very fond of the glitter bows. They really brighten up an outfit. Hair accessories get forgotten all to easily. Posts can be found here
I was excited when my box come. Everything comes wrapped in ribbon and tissue paper. I love touches like this. They really make all the difference to me, and a lovely hand written card.

Inside the tissue the items are professionally wrapped in little bags to protect them even further.

I saw on twitter a few months back lisa had started making slightly bigger bows and had new colours. I was instantly sold but had to wake till I had some money. These are all sorts, pastel pink and petrol (which is definitely my favourite) can be purchased from here
I also got some new mini bows. I photographed my old bow with the new bow to show how good quality they are and how they last. The old bow is at the top. I ordered these for my niece as she was loving mine and Lisa kindly sent me two extra for her in my order. She was so happy when she opened them.
Look out for @daintyrosesxo twitter as she regularly runs great offers and stocks the amazing harry potter snitch necklace found here. Everyone comments on my bows, this gunmetal shade gets the most compliments!

I finally couldn't resist these cute tie bracelets. They are dainty and perfect for every day. I love the little triple heart. These were on offer for only £1 so I had to get three.

What do you think of my haul?? Have you ordered anything from Dainty Roses? If not check it out for brilliant different necklaces. I need some new ones. The rings are amazing too! Can not recommend this site enough!!

Love M



Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Second Dainty Roses Haul

You may have seen my first haul here, I absolutely love this website and this type of jewellery. I'd expressed to Lisa (the owner of dainty roses) that I really wanted the Golden Snitch necklace she tweeted me to let me know it was back in stock.

I just couldn't refuse, it's such a cute necklace and one I know I'll wear lots. It was £12.50 which I think is reasonable as it has a cute clock inside which I think adds a different useful touch, as when my phone runs out I have no way of telling the time. I use my phone so much it does die most days.

 How cute is this, I love the way it looks on. I'm not a huge harry potter fan I just really liked this necklace. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think it's cute of too much?

 Lisa was also kind enough to send me one of her new brooches. It was a lovely surprise when my parcel came, it's a gorgeous baby blue, I can't wait to wear it.

 While I was ordering I had to get more rings, after how much I loved the blue one from my first haul, I decided to do a 3 ring goody bag which cost £6.50, I think these rings are really nice for the summer. I think I'll be getting lots of wear out of the white one. I love wearing rings, I only wear one on each hand though so I try to alternate them lots so I get lots of wear out of my increasing ring collection.
One final photo of it just as I love it.

What jewellery websites do you buy from?

Also if you order before sun 15th you can get the free glitter bow brooch too!

Love M


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dainty Roses

This is a brand I saw on Twitter. They sell the cutest Jewellery and regularly have great offers on their twitter account which can be found here.

They were running an offer on Friday night that I couldn't refuse. Four cute glitter hair bows for £6. On the website they have deals like 5 rings for £10 I couldn't resist as I love so many of the designs. The catch is they are 5 random ones. I love this aspect as it meant they were a surprise.

I ordered late Friday night and they were sat waiting for me on Tuesday. I love the attention to detail in the wrapping of the items and the little bows.

How cute are these little bows! I love how sparkly they are. 

I was so pleased with the rings I received, on twitter after ordering I mentioned I loved the cats ear one and was told that she would make sure I got one of those, I was so excited to see what others I received.

When I opened the packaged, I was so pleased with the selection! How cute is the cat ring. I love the blue stone one aswell, it's perfect for summer!! 3 of the rings are adjustable as well which is really handy. The deer unfortunately doesn't fit me but is being donated to L. Here they all are. What do you think? I've not tried a double ring before, but I really like this one.

I'm already eyeing up my next purchases from the website. I love finding great Jewellery sites. She does the most amazing Golden Snitch necklace from Harry Potter that opens up to a cute watch. Found here, next time this is on offer I'll be purchasing. What do you think of my purchases?

Love M


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