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Review: Origin's Brighter By Nature

We've both previously mentioned an event we went to at the John Lewis beauty hall in November where we both spent a hefty sum of money in Origins resulting in us getting a bag of goodies.
Not that we were bribed with the offer of freebies at all.... ;)

One of the products in the gift bag was the Brighter By Nature face pads which we've both been intrigued by and after finding out there were 20 in the gift set for free (worth £20) we couldn't resist!

Origins Skincare

These face pads are loaded with fruit acids and enzymes to give your complexion a brighter look, effectively a natural glycolic peel effect.

You simply swipe a pad over your cleansed face once a week and leave to air dry before continuing on with any other routine you have.
I've been using mine on a Sunday or Monday for the past few weeks to remember where I am with it!

It says on the pot to use it twice a week but the lady on the counter recommended once a week as we're younger and don't need the effect as much.

(saves you some money too!)

Origins Skincare

The pads are what you'd expect really, the white ones with a dotted pattern in similar to spot remover pads or nail varnish ones.
I love that they're so easy to use and really do stay wet inside the pot, as some of them can dry out so easily.

Origins say:

In one swift-step, Origins clinically-proven fruit-acid complex including Blueberry, Goji Berry and Grape Seed Extract helps peel away dead, damaged surface skin that can age your appearance. Helps uncover more youthful smoothness and radiance. There's no redness or irritation. Added benefit: used regularly the appearance of uneven skin tone and discolourations appear reduced. Skin looks fresher, clearer, brighter, more luminous - naturally.

Origins Skincare

I've found after using them for a couple of weeks now that my skin is brighter and although I have sensitive skin to chemicals and also from stress, I've found that this hasn't irritated the sensitive skin at all.

I wouldn't say it has helped my acne as I don't think it would anyway, nor would i say it has helped my scarring as some people have found.
I do think that it has made my normal skin, that unaffected by acne, appear brighter and more even in tone.
To me this is comparative to Alpha H Liquid Gold in that way.

I would mention though that the smell may put some users off, it does smell strongly of alcohol which I assumed would irritate my skin no end but actually didn't.
There was a cooling effect and slight tingle but minimal if any effects from this.

Origins Skincare

I will be continuing to use these pads on my skin once a week as I believe they do help my skin's luminosity and uneven tone.

What do you think of using fruit acids and enzymes in place of chemicals like glycolic acid? Would you swipe   one of these across your skin for extra benefits?

L xxx

Origins Skincare

As L mentioned we got these in a free gift offer from a John Lewis beauty event if you bought two items. I originally wanted to buy tj thee full size of these after having them used on me during a free facial from Origins. I love the idea of an enzyme scrub for the skin. When we got to the counter they had run out so I was pleased to see them in the gift. I'm loving my ginzing eye cream I picked up but that's a review for another day.

These pads are very similar in appearance to those spot ones I used to use when I was younger. They are dimpled and soaked in the solution.

They feel moist but not overly wet. When swiped across the skin there is a slight tingle feeling. I'm not sure if it's from the pads texture or the solution.

I really like these pads and will repurchase as I think they are good for a clean on your skin as am alternative to a gritty scrub.

I don't see a huge difference in my skin but I do really like these.

Have you used products like this? Im interested in trying something else similar.

Love M


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