Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Boux Avenue

Hey all!

I've been on a bit of a spending spree thanks to the money I got for my birthday. Now that I've bought a house (post coming soon!) I wanted to spend my last lot of birthday money on myself and a few treats, so underwear was clearly top of my list!

I went straight to Boux Avenue, my favourite underwear store for basics and treats.


I wasn't disappointed when I got there. The first item I saw was this beautiful oriental print bra and knicker set in a balconette style.

I love prints from other countries especially oriental ones and this one with a black base and the pink and gold coloured flowers is beautiful!


This Amber Oriental set comes in at a pricey £28 for the bra and £16 for the matching knickers - which by the way are HUGE. I mean I've never owned knickers this big and this pretty, it kind of goes against everything I've ever been taught. The knickers are in the style of a 50s bikini bottom, they are high waisted and I didn't realise this at the time of purchase, it was only when I got them home that I realised they were as long as they are!
They are also a bit pricier than a usual pair at £16 but they are a treat after all!

There is a thong also available which I might have bought had I seen it on display and this costs £14.


Next I bought the Lauren Balconette bra which is brand new in and is currently on offer. You can purchase the bra and matching bottoms for £30. Unfortunately (again!) the only bottoms available at the time was the thong which wouldn't be my first choice but nevertheless I have a rule on buying underwear without matching knickers so it was the thong this time!

I do love the Cardiff store but it seems it wasn't as well stocked as it normally is.


The thong is still really pretty and a change for me, but the knickers would have been my first choice. Maybe it's a good excuse to go back....?

I also couldn't resist another deal they had on, 3 for £12 knickers!


These are normally £6 each so a really good deal and I always pick up a few when I can. They seem to last so much longer than other brands and they're so pretty!

I absolutely love Boux Avenue and I always find that their products are the prettiest, at reasonable prices (apart from maybe those big knickers....) and they're really good quality. The basic tshirt bras I bought a few years ago are STILL going strong even though normally I would have had to replace them by now.

Do you like Boux Avenue? What are your favourite products? Do you like the choices I made?

L xxx

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